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Organisation : Me Asean Educational Academy
Exam : Asiad National Olympiad
Document Type : Sample Question Paper
Category or Subject : 9th Class Sample Paper

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Asiad National Olympiad Class IX Sample Question Paper :

Mathematics :
1. Which one of the following is divisible by (1 + a + a 5) and (1 + a 4 + a 5) individually?
A (a 2 + a + 1) (a 3 – a2 + 1) (a 3 – a + 1)
B (a 4 + a + 1) (- a 3 – a2 + 1) (a 3 + a + 1)

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C (a 2 + a + 1) (a 3 + a2 + 1) (a 3 + a + 1)
D (a 4 – a + 1) (a 3 + a2 + 1) (a 3 + a -1)

2. The line passing through the points (-2 , 8) and (5 , 7)
A cuts Y -axis only
B cuts both the axes
C does not cut any axis
D cuts X -axis only

3. In a DABC, if AB is the longest side, then for any point P in the interior of the triangle, which of the following is correct?
A PA + PB < PC
B PA + PB = PC
C PA + PB > PC
D Can’t say

4. A race car driver kept track of the number of laps he drove in the past 5 days. If median of the numbers is x, then the day corresponding to x + 3 is
A Sunday
B Friday
C Saturday
D Thursday

5. 70 tickets of a lucky draw were sold. If the probability of Krish winning the draw is 1 , 14 then the number of tickets bought by Krish is A
A 5
B 10
C 15
D 20

Science :
1. A body covers 20, 22, 24 and 26 metres in 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th second, respectively. Then, which of the following conditions is true?
A The body starts from rest and moves with a uniform velocity
B The body starts from rest and moves with a uniform acceleration
C The body starts with an initial velocity and moves with a uniform acceleration
D The body starts with an initial velocity and moves with a uniform velocity

2. The diagram given below shows the process of osmosis.
Diffusion of a solvent through a semipermeable membrane from a region of low solute concentration to a region of high solute concentration is known as osmosis. In the above diagram, which molecule is showing the process of osmosis?
A Sodium molecule
B Protein molecule
C Water molecule
D All of these

3. In which of the following conditions, the distance between the molecules of hydrogen gas would increase?
I. Increasing pressure on hydrogen contained in a closed container.
II. Some hydrogen gas leaking out of the container.
III. Increasing the volume of the container of hydrogen gas.
IV. Adding more hydrogen gas to the container without increasing the volume of the container.
A I and III
B I and IV
C II and III
D II and IV

4. Observe the given organism carefully. Identify which of the given statements relates correctly with the organisms?
A This organism is Porifera and diploblastic, but coelomate and has tissue level of organisation.
B This organism is coelenterate found in warm places and uses pseudopodia for locomotion.
C This organism is a coelenterate and have a central cavity or gastrovascular cavity.
D This organism is a ctenophore and have two tentacles on it.

English :
DIRECTION FOR Q (1-6) Read the passage carefully and select the option that you consider the most appropriate answer to each question.
Most of us are now aware of the damage which our modern way of life is doing to the environment. This includes the harm which we are inflicting on many animals. Indeed, we are in danger of wiping out some species, if we have not already done so.
1. The writer says ‘we are in danger of wiping out some species from this world’ because of
A human greed
B natural process
C process of evolution
D killing by hunters

2. The word ‘Extinction’ in the second para would mean
A total wipe out
B no more existing
C natural death
D mass killing

3. Why should you not buy a product made of ivory?
A It is made by killing the elephant (wildlife).
B Very expensive
C Not eco-friendly
D It does damage to national income.

4. The expression ‘Animals die to make profits for human’ would mean that
A animals die for betterment of human.
B animals are killed to make money by selling their skin product.
C animals die so that humans get more place to stay.
D animals die so that humans may live.

5. Do you agree with the writer when he says that it is difficult to stop the killing of an animal for commercial purposes because
A people do not follow laws
B no strict punishment is there to stop this practice.
C greed prevails over human beings.
D no consideration for animals.

Reasoning :
(Q. Nos. 1-2) In each of the following
questions, a series is given. One term of this series is missing. Identify the missing term from among the four given alternatives.
1. 1, 2, 5, 16, ?
A 50
B 64
C 60
D 65

2. 5Q8, 8P6, 11O4, 14N2, ?
A 50
B 64
C 60
D 65

(Q. Nos. 3-4) From amongst the four alternatives, determine which term completes the second pair in the same way as the first pair.
3. 27 : 9 : : 8 : ?
A 6
B 4
C 2
D 10

4. ARM : ZBQSLN : CAT : ?

5. A term of the series given below is wrong. Identify the wrong term.
5, 7, 10, 14, 20, 25
A 10
B 7
C 20
D 25

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