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Organisation : Me Asean Educational Academy
Exam : Asiad National Olympiad
Document Type : Sample Question Paper
Category or Subject : 8th Class Sample Paper

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Asiad Olympiad VIII Sample Question Paper :

Reasoning :
Directions (Q. Nos. 1 – 2) From amongst the four alternatives, determine which term completes the second pair in the same way as the first pair.

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1. CM : EO :: PR : ?
a QT
b RS
c RT
d QR

2. 5 : 10 :: 26 : ?
a 51
b 40
c 50
d 37

3. The next term of the series 3, 7, 15, 27, ? is
a 43
b 42
c 44
d 40

4. A term of the series given below is wrong. Identify the wrong term.
2, 3, 5, 8, 11, 13
a 2
b 8
c 11
d 13

5. Three of the following four are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which one does not belong to that group?
a Chair
c Paper weight
b Table
d Sofa

English :
Directions for Q (1-5) Read the passage carefully and select the option that you consider the most appropriate answer to each question.
The Story of Aspirin
Before people started using aspirin as a drug to .
relieve pain, there was willow bark. About 400 BC,
Hippocrates, the ‘father of medicine’, advised chewing it to ease the pain of childbirth. For centuries, people all over the world knew of its power to treat headache, fever and inflammation. However, they did not understand why it had this power.

1. What does the first sentence of the passage tell us?
a People have always known about both willow bark and aspirin as pain relievers.
b People used willow bark to ease pain before aspirin was developed.
c Long ago, people knew how to use aspirin to relieve pain.
d Since ancient days people knew how to extract aspirin from willow bark.

2. In the second sentence of the passage, the word ‘it’ refers to .
a drug
b medicine
c aspirin
d willow bark

3. According to the passage, Hippocrates knew
a why willow bark could ease pain
b how willow bark could be processed
c what willow bark could be used for
d All of the above

4. The word ‘wonder’ used in the third paragraph is nearest in meaning to .
a marvellous
b admiration
c surprise
d sensation

5. According to the passage, “The wonder drug, aspirin, was born!” when a young German chemist .
a was able to produce acetylsalicyclic acid
b was able to prevent his father’s arthritis
c used acetylsalicyclic acid to reduce his father’s pain
d produced a drug combining salicin and acetylsalicyclic acid

Science :
1. Which of the following factors affect the natural habitat of endemic species?
I. Destruction of their habitat.
II. Increasing human population.
III. Introduction of new species.
IV. Introduction of same species.
A I and II
B II and III
C I, II and III
D I, II, III and IV

2. The polymeric material suitable for
(I) disposable tableware like plates for hot meals or coffee cups (II) moving plastic components in a machine respectively are
A A and B
B B and E
C E and F
D A and C

2. The polymeric material used for making
(I) containers for high volume production line of acids or alkalis and (II) laboratory volume measuring instrument, respectively are
A A and F
B F and A
C B and E
D E and B

3. The material suitable for (I) clothing fabrics and (II) supermarket carrier bags, respectively are
A C and D
B A and C
C E and F
D A and B

4. Select the correct match.
A Lightning conductor -> Electric current
B Seismic zones -> Weak
C Moving charges -> Earthquake
D Earth’s plate -> Protection

5. Consider the statements given below and opt the option that declares them correctly either true (T) or false (F).
A. Prokaryotic cells do not have cell nucleus.
B. Genes are responsible for inheritance.
C. An electron microscope magnifies objects over 500,000 times.
D. Cells arise from nutrients.
E. Chromosomes are made up of DNA.

Mathematics :
1. The product of a rational number and its multiplicative inverse is always equal to
a 0
c -1
b 1
d its reciprocal

2. The value of m for given expression
3 m |3 |3 =3 4 is
a 6
b 5
c 1
d 0

3. Which of the following numbers has no reciprocal?
a 1
c 0
b 1
d 5

4. Two numbers are in the ratio 4 : 5. If sum of these two numbers is 27. Then, the product of numbers is
a 190
c 225
b 180
d 240

5. If the measure of two adjacent angles A and B of a parallelogram are in the ratio 3 : 2, then the measure of the angle opposite to angle A is
a 72°
c 90°
b 108°
d 144°

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