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Organisation : Me Asean Educational Academy
Exam : Asiad National Olympiad
Document Type : Sample Question Paper
Category or Subject : 7th Class Sample Paper

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Asiad Olympiad VII Sample Question Paper :

Reasoning :
1. Country is related to President in the same way as school is related to
A Teacher
B Peon

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C Principal
D Students

2. In the following question, find the one letter that will complete the word in front of the circle and begin the word after the circle. The same letter must fit into both sets.

3. In the following question, find the two words, one from each group, that together make a new, meaningful word. The word from the first group always comes first.
A 2P
B 3R
D 2R
4. Choose one letter that can be moved from the word on the left to the word on the right, making two new words Range Owe
5. Pick up the correct option that makes the given series complete. ……… AAAAAAA A AA

6. If T ? 52, Q ? 13, J ? 9, A ? 3 and U ? 31, then find the value of following expression. A ? J ? T ? Q ? ?

7. 79 is related to 63 in the same way as 21 is related to
A 2
B 3
C 1
D 0

English :
DIRECTION (Q. Nos. 1-5) Read the passage carefully and select the option that you consider the most appropriate answer to each question.
Computers have become so necessary to modern living that it is difficult to believe that they are a relatively recent invention. Undoubtedly, they have proved to be of great value, but they also have their disadvantages. For one thing, they have added to our already large number of crimes.
1. Unauthorised access to someone else’s computer is called ______.
A spying
B Interpretation
C Hacking
D Virus entry

2. Computer files can be damaged by mischief makers using ______.
A innovative methods
B corrupted files
C computer programmes
D computer virus

3. What is required on the part of a computer user? He should be ______.
A well-informed
B not using the computer
C aware of corrupt practices
D doing no online shopping

4. The idiom ‘on their guard’ means ______.
A to ignore
B Watching out for signs of danger or difficulty
C watchful
D alert against being robbed

5. The word ‘swindle’ means ______.
A a fradulent scheme or option
B use deception to deprive someone out of money
C to sway or move
D to help

Science :
1. There is a flow chart given below, it shows the components involved in the replenishment of nutrients in soil. Identify P, Q, R and S.
A Cattle dung Saprophytes Compost Fertilisers
B Parasitic Carbon Fertilisers Cattle dung plants dioxide
C Fertilisers Cattle dung Compost Leguminous crops
D Chlorophyll Carbon Compost Fertilisers dioxide

2. Two bicycles are approaching each other with speed 15 km/h. Initially, the distance between them is 60 km. How long will they hit each other?
A 1 h
B 2 h
C 3 h
D 4 h

3. Seema took some turmeric powder in a cup and made a paste by adding some water to it. Then, she take some paper strips and apply the paste over them. She dried the strips and use them to test the nature of following solution by keeping a few drops of the solution on the strips as shown below.If the solutions used by her are
(i) solution of common salt
(ii) solution of baking soda
(iii)lemon juice (diluted) and
(iv) lime water, then the change in colour observed by her is

4. Classify the following processes into physical P or chemical changes C.
(i) Beating of aluminium metal to make aluminium foil.
(ii) Digestion of food.
(iii) Cutting of a log of wood into pieces.

5. A mirror is tilted at an angle of 30° to the bench. A ray of light is directed so that it hits the mirror at an angle of 20° to the surface of the mirror.
What is the angle of reflection?
A 20°
B 50°
C 30°
D 70°

Mathematics :
1. Andrew deposited ` 5500 and Anamika deposited ` 4800 in a bank. If the bank pays a simple interest of 2% per annum, then how much more interest would Andrew get than Anamika after a year?
A 14
B 96
C 110
D 206

2. Kate bought 4 sweaters that each cost the same amount and 1 skirt that cost ` 20. The items she bought cost a total of ` 160 before tax was added. If x represents the cost of one sweater, write the correct expression to show the given problem.
A 4 x ? 160 ? 20
B 4 x ? 20 ? 160
C 4 x – 20 ? 160
D None of the above

3. Three times an angle is equal to two times its complement. What is the value of angle?
A 180°
B 120°
C 36°
D 30°

4. Which of the following means 5 n ? 7 ? 17 ?
A 7 more than 5 times a number is 17
B 5 more than 7 times a number is 17
C 7 less than 5 times a number is 17
D 12 times a number is 17

5. An insurance policy pays 90% of the first ` 20000 of a certain patient’s medical expenses, 80% of the next ` 40000 and 40% of the ` 40000 after that. If the patient’s total bill is ` 92000, then how much will the policy pay?
A 90000
B 84000
C 70000
D 62800

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