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Asiad Olympiad X Sample Question Paper :

Science :
1 . Ammonia gas is formed by the combination of nitrogen and hydrogen, N 2 +3H 2 -> 2NH 3. In the above equation
I. Nitrogen and hydrogen are reactants.

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II. One molecule of nitrogen combines with three molecules of hydrogen to give two molecules of ammonia.
III. Reactants are in gaseous state but product is in liquid state due to H-bonding.
The correct statements are
A only I
B I and II
C II and III
D I, II and III

2. A small aquatic plant was put in each of the three petri dishes X, Y and Z containing different culture solutions. After six weeks, the plants in dish X had the same number of leaves as it had previously and they were all small and yellowish. The plant in dish Y had more leaves and they were of normal size and much darker green. The plant in dish Z also had more leaves of normal size but very pale. Which one of the following shows which elements were missing from the culture solutions?
A Magnesium Nitrogen Phosphorus
B Magnesium Phosphorus Nitrogen
C Nitrogen Phosphorus Magnesium
D Phosphorus Magnesium Nitrogen

3. The rate of the reaction between a given mass of calcium carbonate and an excess of hydrochloric acid was studied by collecting the carbon dioxide in a graduated syringe. The results are shown in the graph.
How much time was required for half the calcium carbonate to react?
A 0.95 min
B 2.0 min
C 1.5 min
D 3.0 min

4. ASSERTION (A) Stimulus is interpreted by the brain and not by sense organs.
REASON (R) Sense organs act as transducer and transforms the stimulus energy.
A Both A and R true and R is the correct explanation of A
B Both A and R are true, but R is not the correct explanation of A
C A is true, but R is false
D Both A, but R are false

Mathematics :
1. The decimal expansion of the rational number 14587 will terminate after 1250
A one decimal place
B two decimal places
C three decimal places
D four decimal places

2. 3000 were divided among 100 children. If each girl gets ` 50 and each boy gets ` 25, then the number of boys is
A 20
B 40
C 60
D 80

3. If four numbers are to be inserted between the numbers 4 and 49 such that an AP is formed, then the biggest of these four numbers is
A 30
B 35
C 40
D 45

4. Lara baked 30 oatmeal cookies and 42 chocolate chip cookies to package in plastic containers for her teacher friends at school. She wants to divide the cookies into identical containers, so that each container has the same number of each kind of cookie. If she wants each container to have the greatest number of cookies possible, how many plastic containers does she needs?
A 12
B 7
C 5
D 13

5. 6. Tyres from two different automobiles are shown below
How many revolutions does each tyre makes while travelling 200 ft? ( TAKE p = 22 / 7)
A A-32, B-30
B A-42, B-30
C A-32, B-40
D A-42, B-40

English :
Section I. Reading
Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow.
The Skater
Aaron went in search to a place to skate. It felt totally bizarre to be walking down a narrow country road, his skateboard hanging from his fist. Ragged cattle eyed him, a slow crow sailed overhead, its call hanging like a streak of rust. Aaron’s sneakers, dark blue and worn, looked wildly out of place. In Melbourne they’d looked fine, but out here in the sticks they looked as if they were a long way from home. What the hell, he thought; he liked the contrast.
1. It is possible to tell that the road on which Aaron was skating _______ .
A circled the lake
B wound through the countryside
C was completely sealed with bitumen
D was wider than he had expected

2. Where did Aaron skate?
A He skated past the lake several times.
B He skated as far as the low hills.
C He skated down the same hill repeatedly.
D He skated to the edge of the stony gullies.

3. In which of the following does the writer use a simile?
A ‘Ragged cattle eyed him’.
B ‘hanging like a streak of rust’.
C ‘A spine of new, black tar’.
D ‘the road turned to gravel’

4. The word ‘ricochet’ as it is used in the passage, is closest in meaning to ________.
A rebound
B dominate
C irritate
D react

5. The way that Aaron’s sneakers are described suggests that Aaron _______.
A was surprised when he saw how worn out the sneakers were
B was embarrassed to wear the sneakers now that he was in the country
C thought the sneakers were too old and it was time to replace them
D enjoyed wearing the sneakers because they made him feel different.

Section II :
Functional Grammar and Punctuation :
Direction : (Q 6-10) Choose the part of the sentence that contains an error.
6. The new law is too stringent;/ it will be neither respected/or obeyed./ No error.
7. According to Hume,/it is not logic and reasoning/that determine our actions, but emotion./No error.
8. It will be hard to soothe your mother/ now that you have so aggravated her/ by refusing to take her eminently sensible advice./ No error.
9. The presence of strong feeling,/ the cause of which is not fully understood,/ always has the effect of making we human beings uneasy./ No error.
10. The tribesmen made offerings to placate the gods,/ whom, they believed,/ were angry with them. / No error.

Direction (Q 11-32) Choose the most appropriate option from the choices given below.
11. The director has had a new security system installed to protect the office from break- ins.
A A new security system has had to be installed to protect the office from break-ins.
B A new security system has been installed to protect the office from break-ins
C A new security system has been installed Would you like break-ins.
D To protect the office from break-ins, a new system of security has been installed.

12. I will have the air-conditioners in the bedrooms cleaned as they are very dusty.
A The air-conditioners in the bedrooms will have to be cleaned as they are very dusty.
B The air-conditioners in the bedrooms need to be cleaned as they are very dusty.
C The air-conditioners in the bedrooms will has to be cleaned as they are very dusty.
D The air-conditioners in the bedrooms has to be cleaned as they are very dusty.

13. She tried to __________ .
A talk me the plan out of
B talk out of me the plan
C talk me out of the plan
D talk out me of the plan

14. He suddenly saw Stuti _____ the room. He pushed his way ______ the crowd of people to get to her.
A across, through
B over, through
C across, across
D over, along

15. ______ me to get you some water?
A Would you like
B Should you like
C Shall you like
D Will you like

16. It’s the third time she’s been skating this week. She ______ really enjoy it.
A must
B should
C ought to
D had better

17. I’ll be with you in _________.
A one quarter of an hour
B a quarter of an hour
C a quarter of one hour
D a quarter of hour

18. _______ the food was inedible.
A A large amount of
B Many of
C A few number of
D A large number of

19. “Were the dogs well-behaved at the show?” the kennel owner said to Mr Gopal.
A The kennel owner asked Mr Gopal if the dogs had been well-behaved at the show.
B The kennel owner asked Mr Gopal that the dogs had been well-behaved at the show.
C The kennel owner asked Mr Gopal if the dogs has been well-behaved at the show.
D The kennel owner asked Mr Gopal that the dogs have been well-behaved at the show.

20. The officer told Kirti not to park in the no-parking zone.
A The officer said to Kirti, “Dare not park in the no-parking zone.”
B The officer warned Kirti, “Dare not park in the no-parking zone.
C The officer said to Kirti, “Do not park in the no-parking zone.”
D The officer said to “Kirti, Do not park in the no-parking zone.”

Reasoning :
1. In the following question, the letters of the words given in the options have been jumbled up. Reconstruct the words and identify the one which is the answer to the given clue.
A number system used in computers

2. Which pair of numbers is different from the other three?
A 19-17
B 23-31
C 23-26
D 43-21

3. Identify the correct set of numbers from among the given set of alternatives that exhibits a behaviour similar to that of the given set. Given set (4, 7, 9)
A (8, 18, 20)
B (11, 21, 24)
C (13, 24, 27)
D (15, 29, 31)

4. Study the relationship given and complete the following analogies from the two sets of option given. Which of the following options replace the (i) and (ii).
(i) is to Water as thermometer is to (ii)

5. 5. In the given diagram, which one of the following statements is incorrect?
A There are no such people who know Punjabi but not
B None of the persons known French and Hindi both
C No person knows more than two languages
D There is no such person who knows Punjabi and English both but not Hindi

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