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Organisation : Me Asean Educational Academy
Exam : Asiad National Olympiad
Document Type : Sample Question Paper
Category or Subject : 6th Class Sample Paper

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Asiad Olympiad VI Sample Question Paper :

Reasoning :
1. Find the next term in the series 7
11 17 25 35 ? .
A 45
B 47

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C 49
D 51

2. HJL is related to JMP, in the same way as OQS is related to

3. The letter of the words given in each of the four options have been jumbled up. Identify the word in the option for the clue given below. ‘A week day’

4.Select the correct mirror image of the following NAME25

5. If ‘×’ means ‘?’, ‘?’ means ‘?’, ‘ -’ means ‘?’ and ‘?’ means ‘?’, then 125 ? 25 ? 20 – 80 ? ?
A 180
B 90
C 200
D 20

English :
DIRECTION FOR Q NOS 1-5 Read the passage carefully and select the correct options in the questions given.
A thief once hired a room at an inn and stayed there with the intentions of stealing some things. The next day when he was thinking of what to do next, he looked out of the window and saw the owner of the inn sitting in the courtyard. Looking closely, he realised that the owner was wearing an expensive new coat, which the thief decided would look good on himself. To give fruit to his plan, the thief went and sat next to the innkeeper. Striking up a conversation, he got talking about things which were of no interest to either of the two.

1. What did the thief want to do?
A Stay at the inn without paying.
B Steal the innkeeper’s coat.
C Change into a wolf.
D Talk to the innkeeper.

2. The thief turning into a wolf was __________.
A an actual fact
B in the innkeeper’s imagination
C a story for tourists
D a story made up by the thief

3. What will be a suitable title of the story?
A A scared innkeeper
B The thief who became a wolf
C The intelligent thief
D The tempting coat

4. 4. Which of the following is the synonym of the word ‘curious’ in the passage?
A Interested
B Strange
C Surprising
D Ordinary

5. Which word in the passage means the same as ‘desires’?
A Requirements
B Interest
C Things
D Intentions

Science :
1. Which one of the following shows the correct reflection of the picture card on the mirror?
2. Rahul and Shubham went for a school trip with their friends and school teachers. They reached at a place, where it was very cold.

3. They saw many kinds of trees which are of cone-shaped and their leaves were of needle-shaped, that were very different from the ones near their home. At which region they were for their trip?
A Mountain region of Himalaya
B Sea beach region of Gujarat
C Plain region of Thar
D None of the above

4. James was given a cube-like sponge and a cylindrical container. He was able to squeeze the whole sponge into the cylindrical container.
From the above experiment, he concluded that the sponge is
A a liquid as its shape changes
B a solid as have definite dimensions
C a gas, as the shape and size both change
D a liquid, as the shape and size both change

5. Which of the following is incorrect?
I. Vitamin-D is synthesised by skin in our body.
II. Iodine is essential for the working of our thyroid gland.
III. Eating spinach is good for us, as it provides phosphorus in rich quantity.
IV. In take of folic acid causes anaemia.
V. Fats give more energy than that of carbohydrates.
A III and IV
B III, IV and V
C I, III and IV
D I and IV

Mathematics :
1. Harsimran bought 8 m ? 5n books from bookstore. If each m book costs ` 25.75 and each n book costs ` 35.75, then find the total cost of the books.
A 384.75
B 392.25
C 350.25
D None of the above

2. Simplify and choose the correct option.
9 + [9 z – {6 + 3 y – (2 z – 3 y) – 3}] A
21z + 18 y + 12
B 18 y – 21z – 12
C 11z + 9 y – 6
D 11z – 6 y + 6

4. Mrs. Banerjee prepared a dessert in the given ratio as per the table. Fill in the missing numbers in the table.
Number of spoons of sugar 4 10 15 — 24
Number of spoons of gelaten 12 30 — 54
A 45, 18, 72
B 60, 20, 68
C 30, 60, 90
D 45, 20, 60

5. Number name for 70,09,00,800 is
A seven nine and eight
B seven crore nine thousand and eight hundred
C seventy crore nine lakh and eight hundred
D None of the above

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