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IISC JAM 2016 Question Papers : Joint Admission Test

Organisation : Indian Institute of Science Bangalore
Exam Name : Joint Admission Test (JAM)
Document Type : Previous Year Question Papers
Subjects : Biotechnology/ Chemistry/ Geology/ Mathematics/ Mathematical Statistics/ Physics
Year : 2016
Website :

IISC JAM Question Papers

Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, Joint Admission Test (JAM) Previous Year Question Papers 2016

JAM 2016 Question Papers


Q.1 Pure IgG antibody was run on an SDS-PAGE under reducing condition. How many bands would you see after staining with Coomassie blue?
(A) 4
(B) 2
(C) 1
(D) 6

Q.2 During mitosis, disappearance of the nucleolus is a hallmark of
(A) metaphase
(B) prophase
(C) anaphase
(D) telophase

Q.3 Eukaryotic cell containing flagella is
(A) cell lining the fallopian tube
(B) sperm
(C) Paramecium
(D) cell lining the respiratory tract

Q.4 The circulatory levels of estrogen is derived mainly from
(A) thecal and granulosa cells
(B) gonadotrophs
(C) endometrial epithelia
(D) Leydig cells

Q.5 Radial symmetry is the characteristic feature of which of the following phyla?
(A) Arthropoda
(B) Mollusca
(C) Cnidaria
(D) Chordata

Q.6 In ecotone, some species become abundant and they are called
(A) sibling species
(B) endemic species
(C) rare species
(D) edge species

Q.7 From the set of 10 numbers {1, 2,…,10} three numbers are selected at random without replacement. The probability that the sum of these selected numbers is 9, is
(A) 1/40
(B) 1/20
(C) 3/10
(D) 3/80

Q.8 Consider two nuclei with the same mass number A. For which of the following values of A, the fusion reaction is NOT possible?
(A) 15
(B) 22
(C) 29
(D) 36


1. The most basic amino acid among the following is
(A) tyrosine
(B) methionine
(C) arginine
(D) glutamine

2. Indicator used in redox titration is
(A) Eriochrome black T
(B) Methyl orange
(C) Phenolphthalein
(D) Methylene blue

3. D eterminant of a square matrix is always
(A) a square matrix
(B) a column matrix
(C) a row matrix
(D) a number

4. The red color of ruby is due to
(A) d-d transition of Cr3+ ion in Cr2O3 lattice
(B) d-d transition of Cr3+ ion in Al2O3 lattice
(C) ligand to metal charge transfer transition
(D) metal to metal charge transfer transition

5. T he effective nuclear charge of helium atom is 1.7. The first ionization energy of helium atom in eV is
(A) 13.6
(B) 23.1
(C) 39.3
(D) 27.2


1.The most abundant metal (by weight %) in the Earth’s crust is
(A) Al
(B) Fe
(C) Na
(D) Mg

2. The correct order of increasing stability of minerals during chemical weathering is
(A) olivine, pyroxene, biotite, quartz
(B) olivine, biotite, pyroxene, quartz
(C) quartz, biotite, pyroxene, olivine
(D) pyroxene, olivine, biotite, quartz

3. Gabbro contains much more alumina than peridotite because it is richer in
(A) orthopyroxene
(B) orthoamphibole
(C) olivine
(D) plagioclase

4. Coking coal in India is found in
(A) Neyvelli, Tamil Nadu
(B) Jharia, Jharkhand
(C) Palana, Rajasthan
(D) Garampani, Meghalya

5. The amplitude of ground motion during an earthquake of magnitude 7 in Richter scale is how many times more than that of a magnitude 5?
(A) 10
(B) 100
(C) 1000
(D) 10,000

6. The failed arm of a continental rift is called
(A) hot spot
(B) horst
(C) decollement
(D) aulacogen

7. The hardest mineral (with the exception of diamond) in the Moh’s scale of hardness is
(A) an oxide
(B) a silicate
(C) a phosphate
(D) a carbonate

8. Which one of the following is capable of transporting sediments against the slope?
(A) river current
(B) turbidity current
(C) tidal current
(D) rip current

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