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IISC JAM 2018 Question Papers : Joint Admission Test

Organisation : Indian Institute of Science Bangalore
Exam Name : Joint Admission Test (JAM)
Document Type : Previous Year Question Papers
Subjects : Biotechnology/ Chemistry/ Geology/ Mathematics/ Mathematical Statistics/ Physics
Year : 2018
Website :

IISC JAM Question Papers

Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, Joint Admission Test (JAM) Previous Year Question Papers 2018.

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JAM 2018 Question Papers


Q.1 Which one of the following protozoan parasites belongs to the phylum Apicomplexa?
(A) Toxoplasma gondii
(B) Leishmania donovani
(C) Entamoeba histolytica
(D) Trichomonas vaginalis

Q.2 Which one of the following statements is CORRECT for Mycoplasma?
(A) Their cells are of definite shape.
(B) They are resistant to lysis by osmotic shock.
(C) Their growth is not inhibited by penicillin.
(D) They are nonpathogenic to human.

Q.3 Which one of the following organelles is enclosed by a single membrane?
(A) Ribosome
(B) Mitochondria
(C) Endoplasmic reticulum
(D) Centrosome

Q.4 Pyramid of energy in a forest ecosystem is
(A) always inverted.
(B) dumb-bell shaped.
(C) spindle shaped.
(D) always upright.

Q.5 In the feedback regulation of an enzyme, the end product binds to the
(A) active site of the enzyme.
(B) allosteric site of the enzyme.
(C) enzyme-substrate complex.
(D) substrate.


Q.1 O n hydrolysis, aluminium carbide produces
(A) CH4
(B) C2H6
(C) C2H4
(D) C2H2

Q.2 C arbonic anhydrase is an example of
(A) Hydrolysis enzyme
(B) Redox enzyme
(C) O2 transport protein
(D) Heme protein

Q.3 T he CORRECT order of melting points of group 15 trifluorides is
(A) PF3 < AsF3 < SbF3 < BiF3
(B) BiF3 < SbF3 < PF3 < AsF3
(C) PF3 < SbF3 < AsF3 < BiF3
(D) BiF3 < AsF3 < SbF3 < PF3

Q.4 N aF, KF, MgO and CaO are crystalline solids. They have NaCl structure. Their lattice energies vary in the order
(A) NaF < KF < MgO < CaO
(B) KF < NaF < CaO < MgO
(C) MgO < CaO < NaF < KF
(D) CaO < MgO < KF < NaF


Q.1 Which one among the following planets in the Solar system is most similar in size to the Earth?
(A) Mercury
(B) Venus
(C) Neptune
(D) Uranus

Q.2 In which one of the following tectonic settings are the highest mountain chains and thickest crust found?
(A) Island arc
(B) Continental arc
(C) Continental collision
(D) Transcurrent

Q.3 The second-most abundant oxide in the Earth’s crust is
(A) Al2O3
(B) SiO2
(C) CaO
(D) Na2O

Q.4 The type of dentition found in Trigonia is
(A) schizodont
(B) taxodont
(C) pachydont
(D) isodont

Q.5 Which one of the following minerals has isolated (SiO4)4– tetrahedra linked by divalent cations in octahedral coordination?
(A) Muscovite
(B) Quartz
(C) Beryl
(D) Olivine

Q.6 Which one of the following is NOT found in an extensional setting?
(A) Normal faults
(B) Horsts
(C) Rifts
(D) Thrust faults

Q.7 The texture characterized by exsolved lamellae of albite in K-feldspar is known as
(A) myrmekite
(B) graphic
(C) perthite
(D) antiperthite

Q.8 Fissility is best shown by
(A) sandstone
(B) siltstone
(C) shale
(D) limestone


1 .Consider an ensemble of thermodynamic systems, each of which is characterized by the same number of particles, pressure and temperature. The thermodynamic function describing the ensemble is
(A) Enthalpy
(B) Helmholtz free energy
(C) Gibbs free energy
(D) Entropy

2. Two beams of light in the visible range (400 nm – 700 nm) interfere with each other at a point. The optical path difference between them is 5000 nm. Which of the following wavelengths will interfere constructively at the given point?
(A) 416.67 nm
(B) 555.55 nm
(C) 625 nm
(D) 666.66 nm

3. In a pn junction, dopant concentration on the p- side is higher than that on the n-side. Which of the following statements is (are) correct, when the junction is unbiased?
(A) The width of the depletion layer is larger on the n-side.
(B) At thermal equilibrium the Fermi energy is higher on the p- side.
(C) In the depletion region, number of negative charges per unit area on the p- side is equal to number of positive charges per unit area on the n- side.
(D) The value of the built-in potential barrier depends on the dopant concentration.

4. Which of the combinations of crystal structure and their coordination number is (are) correct?
(A) body centered cubic – 8
(B) face centered cubic – 6
(C) diamond – 4
(D) hexagonal closed packed – 12

5.In a grating with grating constant d =a + b, where a is the slit width and b is the separation between the slits, the diffraction pattern has the fourth order missing. The value of b/a is ________. (Specify your answer as an integer.)

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