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IISC JAM 2020 Question Papers : Joint Admission Test

Organisation : Indian Institute of Science Bangalore
Exam Name : Joint Admission Test (JAM)
Document Type : Previous Year Question Papers
Subjects : Biotechnology/ Chemistry/ Geology/ Mathematics/ Mathematical Statistics/ Physics
Year : 2020
Website :

IISC JAM Question Papers

Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, Joint Admission Test (JAM) Previous Year Question Papers 2020

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JAM 2020 Question Papers


Q.1 D eficiency of the enzyme phenylalanine hydroxylase causes Phenylketonuria. Phenylalanine hydroxylase converts phenylalanine to
(A) tryptophan
(B) alanine
(C) tyrosine
(D) threonine

Q.2 T cells and B cells are
(A) lymphocytes
(B) erythrocytes
(C) epithelial cells
(D) squamous cells

Q.3 I n humans, the testis temperature is maintained below the core body temperature with the help of
(A) proximal tubule
(B) loop of Henle
(C) scrotum
(D) seminal vesicles

Q.4 Protein that helps other proteins to fold correctly is
(A) chaperone
(B) proteasome
(C) ubiquitin
(D) desmosome

Q.5 The CORRECT sequence of phases during mitosis is
(A) prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase
(B) prophase, anaphase, metaphase, telophase
(C) anaphase, prophase, metaphase, telophase
(D) anaphase, metaphase, prophase, telophase


Q.1 The salt bridge in a galvanic cell allows the flow of
(A) ions but NOT electrons
(B) BOTH ions and electrons
(C) electrons but NOT ions
(D) NEITHER ions NOR electrons

Q.2 The nucleobase NOT found in DNA is
(A) Thymine
(B) Uracil
(C) Guanine
(D) Adenine

Q.3 One of the products of the hydrolysis of calcium phosphide at 25? C is
(A) phosphine
(B) phosphoric acid
(C) phosphorus pentoxide
(D) white phosphorus


Q.1 The Mesozoic Era approximately ranges from
(A) 1000-540 Ma
(B) 250-65 Ma
(C) 540-250 Ma
(D) 65 Ma-Present

Q.2 A trench is found at a
(A) divergent plate boundary
(B) convergent plate boundary
(C) transform boundary
(D) passive margin

Q.3 The strike (in degree notation) of a bed dipping 30° towards N45W is
(A) 045-225
(B) 025-205
(C) 020-200
(D) 030-210

Q.4 Randomly oriented ore-bearing veinlets in a mass of rock are known as
(A) En Echelon Veins
(B) Sheeted Veins
(C) Lode
(D) Stockworks

Q.5 The diagnostic amphibole in a blueschist facies metabasalt is
(A) Hornblende
(B) Anthophyllite
(C) Glaucophane
(D) Actinolite


Q.1 A collimated beam of laser light of wavelength 514 nm is normally incident on a smooth glass slab placed in air. Given the refractive indices of glass and air are 1.47 and 1.0, respectively, the percentage of light intensity reflected back is

(A) 0
(B) 4.0
(C) 3.6
(D) 4.2

Q.2 Two stationary point particles with equal and opposite charges are at some fixed distance from each other. The points having zero electric potential lie on:

(A) A sphere
(B) A plane
(C) A cylinder
(D) Two parallel planes

Q.3 In a photoelectric effect experiment, a monochromatic light source emitting photons with energy greater than the work function of the metal under test is used. If the power of the light source is doubled, which one of the following statements is correct?

(A) The number of emitted photoelectrons remains the same.
(B) The stopping potential remains the same.
(C) The number of emitted photoelectrons decreases.
(D) The stopping potential doubles.

Q.4For a particle moving in a central potential, which one of the following statements is correct?

(A) The motion is restricted to a plane due to the conservation of angular momentum.
(B) The motion is restricted to a plane due to the conservation of energy only.
(C) The motion is restricted to a plane due to the conservation of linear momentum.
(D) The motion is not restricted to a plane.

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