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NLCS School Class VI Previous Year Question Papers :

School Name : New Look Central School (NLCS)
Exam : Summative Assessment (SA), Half Yearly Exam, Annual Exam
Subjects : Computer, Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Science
Class : VI
Years : 2015-16, 2017-18, 2018-19
Document Type : Previous Year Question Paper
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NLCS Class VI Exam Question Paper

New Look Central School Class VI Previous Year Question Paper.

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Half Yearly Exam Question Paper

Year : 2018-19
Subject : Computer

Q.1. Fill in the blanks : 1?5=5
(i) ———— language consists of binary number 0 and 1.
(ii) In ————- folder, you can store digital photos, image and graphic files.
(iii) A ———— mark gives an indication that a record is selected.
(iv) ————- are the bars that show the data value.
(v) Click on the ———– button to start the sound.

Q.2. State True OR False : 1?5=5
(i) Each programming language has its own specific rules.
(ii) Windows 7 allows the users to display two windows side by side.
(iii) The border of a table cannot be modified.
(iv) The speaker icon on a slide cannot be moved or resized.
(v) Data cannot be entered in an active cell.

Q.3. Full form / short cut : 1?5=5
(i) HLL (ii) To open a worksheet
(iii) To move between fields (iv) To open the help window
(v) To make duplicate of the current slide

Q.4. Application Based Questions : 1?3=3
(i) Sumit is trying his hand in java programming, but he does not know which type of language it is. Help him to solve his query.

(ii) Radhika wants to celebrate her happiness with her friends and relatives. She wants to extend personal invitation to each one of them. Without typing their names and addresses time again. Which method could she use to fulfill the requirement?

(iii) Raj has created a presentation of 5 slides in power point. In all the five slides he has used only text. He wants to add one more slide in which he would insert chart and clipart. Suggest him which layout he should use?

Q.5. Multiple Choice Questions : 1?4=4
(i) The program converted into machine language by the translator is called –
(a) source program (b) object program (c)Assembler

(ii) ———– is a row on a datasheet, which consists of a number of fields.
(a) Field (b) Record (c) Datasheet

(iii) There are ———– alignment buttons on the layout tab.
(a) Four (b) Six (c) Three

(iv) By default the text data is ———— aligned in a cell.
(a) Left (b) Center (c) Right

Q.6. Answer in One word : 1?5=5
(i) What is called a set of instructions, which tells the computer what to do?
(ii) What is the latest version of windows?
(iii) Name the button that is used to execute Mail Merge option?
(iv) What is called the intersection of a row and column?
(v) By default. How many worksheets in Excel Worksheet?

Q.7. Define [Any Four] : 1½?4=6
(i) Machine Language
(ii) Mail Merge
(iii) Disk cleanup
(iv) Transition
(v) Cell
(vi) Formula Bar

Q.8. Answer in Brief [Any Four] : 2?4=8
(i) What are the features of a high level language?
(ii) What do you understand by Windows Media Player?
(iii) Define the term Data source.
(iv) Explain any method to insert a table in a presentation?
(v) What do you understand by Animation? How is it helpful in a presentation?
(vi) Differentiate between a Workbook and a Worksheet.

Q.9. Answer in Detail [Any Three] : 3?3=9
(i) Difference between an interpreter and compiler?
(ii) How will you create a recipient list for the main document?
(iii) Define the term chart. Name the components of chart with diagram.
(iv) How will you insert your own sound in a presentation?
(v) What do you understand by Microsoft Excel? Write steps to open it make diagram.

Subject – Social Studies:
Q.1. Tick the ( ? ) correct Answer : ½×10=5
(i) ————- are written records engraved on rocks, copper plates and clay tablets –
(a) Inscriptions (b) coins

(ii) Early humans wore –
(a) Wool (b) animal skin

(iii) Indus Valley civilization developed around the –
(a) Jhelum river (b) Indus river

(iv) The oldest Veda is the –
(a) Rigveda (b) Samaveda

(v) The universe started with a very big explosion called the –
(a) Galley (b) Big Bang

(vi) We calculate the time according to the position of the –
(a) Sun (b) Moon

(vii) The Position of the Earth on 21 June is called –
(a) Summer Solstice (b) Winter Solstice

(viii) According to scale, there are ———- types of maps.
(a) Four (b) Three

(ix) Girls are soft hearted and cry easily boys don’t cry. This is an example of –
(a) Stereotype (b) prejudice

(x) Which of the following is not a job of the Government?
(a) It maintains law and order with the help of the police
(b) It deals with criminal cases and even solves disputes through courts.

Q.2. Fill in the blanks :- ½×10=5
(i) A ——— is a rough drawing drawn without using a scale.
(ii) Mountains on the Maps are shown by ———– colours.
(iii) A leap year has ————- days.
(iv) The path along which the Earth revolves around the sun is called————- .

(i) The places at the poles remain ——– throughout the year.
(ii) The ———— zone receives slanting rays of the sun.
(iii) The hymns in the Vedas are called ———— .
(iv) Pressure flaking is a method of —————– .
(v) The Mesolithic Age started around ————

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