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NLCS School Class IV Previous Year Question Papers :

School Name : New Look Central School (NLCS)
Exam : Summative Assessment (SA), Half Yearly Exam
Subjects : Computer, Mathematics, English, Social Study, Science
Class : IV
Years : 2015-16, 2017-18, 2018-19
Document Type : Previous Year Question Paper
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NLCS Class IV Exam Question Paper

New Look Central School Class IV Previous Year Question Papers.

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Half Yearly Exam Question Paper

Year : 2018-19
Subject : Computer

Q.1. Fill in the blanks : 5×½=2½
[ Jump arrow, Laser, starters, binary, red ]
(i) The ______________ printers give very high quality output. .
(ii) The information in a computer is stored in the form of ________________ digits.
(iii) The shortcut icon has a small _______________ on its lower left corner.
(iv) We can choose any frame from the _________________ to start a new drawing.
(v) Incorrectly spelt words can be seen with a _______________ wavy line under them.

Q.2. Write True OR False :– 5×½=2½
(i) The save command is used to save a document for future use. [________]
(ii) The Edge effect differentiates the edges from the drawn
image. [________]
(iii) In window 7, only one program can be run at a time. [______]
(iv) Hard disk is made up of multiple disk. [________]
(v) A light pen is used only with an LCD Monitor. [________]

Q.3. Match the following :- 5×½=2½
(i) Speaker – (a) Plug and play device [ ]
(ii) Flash Drive – (b) [ ]
(iii) Grass effect – (c) Selects the entire text [ ]
(iv) Ctrl+A – (d) Green wavy line [ ]
(v) Grammatical error – (e) Used to listen to music and sound effects [ ]

Q.4. Tick the (v) correct Answer :- 5×½=2½
(i) Which device gives the output on a paper?
(a) Printer [ ] (b) Pen drive [ ] (c) Monitor [ ]

(ii) Which is the short cut key for Undo command?
(a) Ctrl+Y [ ] (b) Ctrl+4 [ ] (c) Ctrl+Z [ ]

(iii) We can create a dripping effect of wet paints using the ——– effect of Magic tool.
(a) Drip [ ] (b) Smudge[ ] (c) Foam [ ]

(iv) Windows is a ——— user interface.
(a) Graphical [ ](b) Character[ ] (c) Word [ ]

(v) ————– is not a secondary storage device.
(a) RAM [ ] (b) DVD [ ] (c) Flash Drive[ ]

Q.5. Write Answer in One Word :– 6×1=6
(i) Which printer is known as all-in-one printer?______________
(ii) Write short cut key to permanently delete file / folder. ____________________
(iii) Write full form of USB. ______________________________
(iv) Who translated Tux Paint program in Hindi language? ________________________________
(v) Write short key to check spelling and grammar. _______________________________
(vi) Write a short key to save a file. ________________________

Q.6. Write Missing letters :- 2×1=2
(i) VE ___ SI ____ NS (ii) CAP ___ CI ___ Y

Q.7. Label to tools of Tux Paint. 4×1=4
Note : Q. No. 8 to 10 do in Answer Sheet.

Q.8. Write Answer in Short :- 4×1½=6
(i) What is the use of CPU?
(ii) Explain any two features of Windows7.
(iii) What is the use of Shapes tool?
(iv) List any three uses of a word processing software.

Q.9. Give Answer in Detail (Any Two) :– 4×2=8
(i) Differentiate between moving and coping the text.
(ii) Briefly explain the Rainbow and Real Rainbow effects.
(iii) Differentiate between RAM and ROM.
(iv) What is the use of Memory card?
(v) Write the steps to start MS Word 2010.

Q.10. Draw and label the diagrams any two storage devices. 2×2=4

Year : 2018-19
Subject : English

Q.1 Write Synonyms :– 4×¼=1
(i) Dark – ____________
(ii) end – __________
(iii) force – ____________
(iv) battle – __________

Q.2 Fill in the blanks with the correct forms : 2×½=1
Catch _______________________ ________________________
Carry _______________________ _________________________

Q.3 Define Sentence OR Adjective with two examples. 1½+1½=3

Q.4 (A) Identify the sentence and state their kinds : 4×¼=1
(i) When do you leave for school? _____________________
(ii) How nice he looks! _______________________
(iii) I am not a fool boy. _______________________
(iv) Please come here. _______________________

(B) Pick out the subject : 4×¼=1
(i) People helped the great leader. _______________________
(ii) Tinny is a cute puppy. _______________________
(iii) My uncle is a police officer. _______________________
(iv) The red bulb fused. _______________________

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