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NLCS School Class II Previous Year Question Papers :

School Name : New Look Central School (NLCS)
Exam : Summative Assessment (SA), Half Yearly Exam
Subject : Computer, Mathematics, English , Environmental Education, English
Class : II
Year : 2015-16, 2017-18
Document Type : Previous Year Question Paper
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NLCS Class II Exam Question Paper

New Look Central School Class II Previous Year Question Papers.

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Computer Question Paper

Q.1. Fill in the blanks : 5×½=2½
(i)Man can take his own___________________ .
(ii)There are _________________ main parts of a computer.
(iii)The data that we enter into the computer_______________.
(iv)If the electricity goes off, the _______________makes the computer work.
(v)A ______________ is a small blinking line on the screen.

Q.2. Write True OR False :-5×½=2½
(i)Data can be numbers, words or pictures.[_________]
(ii)Title bar is located at the top of the desktop.[_________]
(iii)A computer is a machine. [_________]
(iv)Dot matrix is a kind of printer.[_________]
(v)A computer always gives correct results. [_________]

Q.3. Match the following :-5×½=2½
(ii)To print bills-(b)Control button[]
(iv)-(d) CD[](v)-(e) Delete Key[]

Q.4. Tick (v) the correct Answer :-5×½=2½
(i)—————–is used to withdraw money.(a) ATM[](b) Home[]
(ii)A ————helps in playing games and drawing pictures–(a)CPU[](b) Mouse []
(iii)Which part of a human body works like a CPU?(a)Brain [](b) Mouth[]
(iv)Desktop holds many small pictures known as ————-.(a)Icons[](b) WordPad[]
(v)How many Alphabet keys are there on a keyboard?(a) 20[](b) 26[]

Q.5. Give Answer in One Word :-5×1=5
(i)Which key give space between the words? _______________
(ii)Which button do we click first to shut down a computer?_____________________
(iii)Which part of a computer displays the output?_____________________
(iv)Which part of a computer is known as the brain of the computer?_____________________
(v)Write a place where computers are used?_____________________

Mathematics Question Paper

Q.1 Fill ups:-4×½=2
(i)Numbers put in pairs are called __________________.
(ii)The answer inaddition is called the _______________ .
(iii)1 more than 849 is ____________________ .
(iv)3 hundred + 4 tens + 4 ones_____________ .

Q.2Write True OR False :-½×4=2
(i)Greatest to smallest No. are called decreasing order.[_____ ]
(ii)When we add zero to a number the answer is the same number.[ ________ ]
(iii)The sign of addition is “___”[ ________ ]
(iv)The weight of a balloon is measured in g.[ ________ ]

Q.3Tick the right (?) Answer :-½×4=2
(i)The answer in subtraction is called –(a) Addition [](b) Difference[]
(ii)Number between 189 ——191 is ———.(a) 180[](b) 190[]
(iii)100 less than 645 is ———-.(a)545[](b) 745[]
(iv)Add 600 + 35 = is ———-.(a) 835[](b) 635[]

Q.4. Match the following :-½×4=2
(i)10 tens are equal to-(a) 7
(ii)1 more than6-(b) 1 hundred
(iv)Triangle -(d)31

Q.5. Write Before, After & Between No.:-6×½=3
(i)___________ 699,
(iv)_________ 300 _________,
(v)449 _________ 451

Q.6 (i)Circle the Odd No. : ½×4=2

(ii) Circle the Even No. :

Q.7. Put the sign. < , > : 1×2=2
(i)181_________ 188
(ii)144 ________109

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