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NLCS School Class I Summative Assessment Previous Year Question Paper 2015-16 :

School Name : New Look Central School (NLCS)
Exam : Summative Assessment (SA)
Subjects : Computer, English, Mathematics, Environmental Education
Class : I
Years : 2015-16
Document Type : Previous Year Question Paper
Website :

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NLCS SA Class I Exam Question Paper

New Look Central School Class I Summative Assessment (S.A.) Previous Year Question Paper.

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Computer Question Paper

Year : 2015-2016

Q.1. Fill in the blanks : -½×5=2½
(i)We can listen to _____________on a computer.
(ii)______________is the brain of a computer.
(iii)There are _____________types of keys on a keyboard.
(iv)We can solve _____________on a computer.
(v)A _____________helps us to play games.

Q.2. Write True OR False :-½×5=2½
(i)A washing machine runs on fuel.[]
(ii)We cannot type letters on a computer.[]
(iii)A mouse has many keys.[]
(iv)Machine never makesmistakes.[]
(v)Spacebar is the longest key on a keyboard.

Q.3. Match the following :-½×5=2½
(i)Fruits[]-(a) Enter key
(ii)Book tickets online[]-(b) Printer
(iii)Print out[]-(c) Keyboard
(v)Type letter[]-(e)juicer

Q.4. Tick the correct Answer :-½×5=2½
(i)A computer works very -(a)Fast[](b)Slow[]
(ii)A computer is used to send and receive -(a)Sums[](b)Messages[]
(iii)A ————is used to point at things -(a) CPU[](b) Mouse []
(iv)—————key helps you to start a new line -(a) Enter[](b) Caps lock[]
(v)Which part of a computer looks like a television? (a)Monitor[](b)CPU[]

Q.5. Answer in One Word :-½×5=2½
(i)Name a machine that runs on fuel?_________________
(ii)Which part of a computer helps us to play games?______________________
(iii)Which machine is used to solve sums?______________________
(iv)What can we watch on a computer?________________
(v)Which key is used to type capital letters?______________

Q.6Name the parts :-½×5=2½
(i)What do we use to type letters numbers or words?_____________________________
(ii)Which key is used to type number?_____________________________
(iii)Which key erases the letters one by one left to the cursor?_____________________________
(iv)Which machine can be used to book ticket online?_____________________________
(v)Which part of a computer looks like a box?_____________________________

Q.7Missing letters :-1×4=4

(i)What is the full formof C.P.U.?
Ans . : _________________________________________

(ii)Who is a smart machine?
Ans . : _________________________________________

(iii)How does a machine work?
Ans . : _________________________________________

(iv)Which part of a computer is usedto draw picture?
Ans . : _________________________________________

Q.9Detail Answer :-2×4=8
(i)Write the name of four places where you have seen computer?
Ans . : _________________________________________

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