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NLCS School Class VII Previous Year Question Papers :

School Name : New Look Central School (NLCS)
Exam : Summative Assessment (SA), Half Yearly Exam, Annual Exam
Subjects : Computer, Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Science
Class : VII
Years : 2015-16, 2017-18, 2018-19
Document Type : Previous Year Question Paper
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NLCS Class VII Exam Question Paper

New Look Central School Class VII Previous Year Question Papers.

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Half Yearly Exam Question Paper

Year : 2018-19
Subject : English

Q.1 Read the passage carefully and Answer the following Questions from the passage: 1?7=7
Sabrimala is in the Western Ghats and is named after Sabri – the tribal woman mentioned in the Ramayana, Who attained salvations after her meeting with Ram. Sabrimala is believed to be the abode of Lord Ayyappa and is visited by about one crore pilgrims every year. For 41 days devotees follow a controlled lifestyle.

They eat only vegetarian food, refrain from consuming alcohol or tobacco, and follow personal cleanliness and Celibacy. Pilgrims wear only black clothes and don’t shave. Irrespective of cast, creed, social status or religious belief, anyone can worship at the temple.

All pilgrims are referred to as ‘Swami’ during the pilgrimage. Offerings to Ayyappa are tied in a bag with Compartments known as irumudi. This contains a ghee filled coconut, betel leaves, nuts and incense sticks. Pilgrims carry the offerings on than heads throughout the ardous journey chanting the slogan ‘Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa’ which means ‘Oh Ayyappa; I seek refuse in you”.

The 18 steps to the temple represent the 18 puranas. Close to the temple’s entrance, there is a temple to a Muslim disciple, Vavar Swamy while those of two trible chief, Kadutha Swamy and Karuppa Swamy, are positioned on either side of the steps.

Answer the Questions :
(i) How did Sabrimala get its name?
(a) From the tribal man Kadistha.
(b) Frona Sabri mentioned in the Ramayana.
(c) From the name of Sarbala.
(d) From the name of Sabarmati.

(ii) When did sabri attain salvations?
(a) After her meeting with Ram
(b) After her meeting with Sant Matang
(c) After her meeting with a lion
(d) After her meeting with Sita

(iii) What is the significance of ‘irumudei’?
(a) Irumudi is the offering of Lord Ayyappa
(b) Irumudi is a kind of sweets
(c) Irumudi is a ghee filld. Coconut
(d) Irumudi is a betel leaf

(iv) What do the 18 stepe represent?
(a) Represent 18 miles
(b) Represent 18 km.
(c) Represent 18 puranas
(d) Represent 18 Gods

(v) Find out the words from the passage with means the same as : “A place of Worship”.
(vi) For how many days devotees follow a controlled lifestyle.
(vii) Give a suitable title to the passage.

Q.2 Read the passage and answer the following Questions : 1?7=7
Breakfast : Key to Good Health

Good breakfast is the key to a healthy life style determining the quality of your whole day’s nutrition, according to research.

And the best way to start the morning is with simple bowl of a healthy cereal, as it makes people less likely to turn to fatly, sugary food through the rest of the day, reports express.

The study, by nutritionist Sigrid Gibson revealed the healthiest breakfast choice is cereal with mild because it is a good source of calcium and numerous other key nutrients, such as fibre, protein and carbohydrate.

The research team analyzed 12,068 food records from the National Diet and Nutrition Survey, Which interviewed Britons aged from 19 to 64.

The results showed that one in five adults ate no solid food for breakfast, one third chose cereals and 45 percent enjoyed a non-cereal breakfast. The most popular item was tea or coffee, taken on 84 percent of breakfast occasions.

Mild was consumed with 88 percent of breakfast, followed by cereal (39 percent), Bread (33 percent), and fruit (14 percent).

The healthiest breakfast choice is cereal with milk. The study found that eating Breakfast was associated with a lower fat and higher carbohydrate in take over 24 hours compared with skipping breakfast.

Answer the following :
(i) On the bases of your reading, complete the following sentences :
(a) According to the passage, the quality of our whole days nutrition is largely determined by ———— .
(b) We should start our morning with ————- .

(ii) Complete the following data based on the survey conducted :
(a) Total number of food records analysed —————— .
(b) Age group of the people interviewed —————– .
(c) Percentage of people consuming (A) Milk————— (B) Cereals —————-

(iii) According to a research, the healthiest breakfast choice is cereal with milk. How?
(iv) Find the word from the passage which mean the same as ——–

People living in Britain (Para 3-4)

Q.3 Read the poem carefully and Answer the questions that follow : 1?6=6
In form and feature, face and limb,
I grew so like my brother
That folks got taking me for him,
And each for one another.

One day, to make the matter worse,
Before our names were fixed,
As we were being washed by nurse,
We got completely missed.

And thus, you see, by fate’s decree,
or mother nurse’s whim,
My brother John got Christened me,
And I got Christened him.

This fatal likeness even dogged
My footsteps when at school,
And I was always getting flogged,
For John turned out a fool.

Oar close resemblance turned the tide
Of my domestic life,
For somehow my intended bride
Became my brother’s wife.

In fact, year after year, the same
Absurd mistakes went on;
And when I died, the neighbours came
And buried brother John.

(A) Pick out two rhyming pairs from the poem.
(B) Which word from the passage means ‘strange and funny’.

(C) Match the following :
(i) In forms, feature, face and limb -(a) It came to a terrible stage
(ii) And each for one another -(b) All our relatives were extremely perplexed
(iii) It puzzled all our kith and kin -(c) To take one for another, to confuse between two
(iv) It reached a fearful pitch -(d) In physical appearance

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