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NLCS School Class III Previous Year Question Papers :

School Name : New Look Central School (NLCS)
Exam : Summative Assessment (SA), Half Yearly
Subjects : Computer, Mathematics, English, Environmental Education
Class : III
Years : 2015-16, 2017-18
Document Type : Previous Year Question Paper
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NLCS Class III Exam Question Paper

New Look Central School Class III Previous Year Question Papers.

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Half Yearly Exam Question Paper

Year : 2017-18
Subject : Computer

Q.1. Fill in the blanks with the help of words: 5×½=2½
(i)To save a file in paint, use ____________ key combination.
(ii)A computer gives _______________ results.
(iii)_______________ are the labelled pictures on the screen.
(iv)Tux paint saves every file in the form of a _______________.
(v)A computer works on ______________ cycle.

Q.2. Write True OR False :-5×½=2½
(i)The drawing mascot in Tux Paint is a naughty duck.[______]
(ii)MU stands for Memory Unit.[_________]
(iii)A printer is an output device. [_________]
(iv)Single clicking on the icon opens the Window. [_________]
(v)The shortcut key to redo the last change is Ctrl+Y. [________]

Q.3. Match the following :-5×½=2½
(i)Text tool-(a)14 tools[]
(ii)Control key-(b)A[]
(iv)Tool box-(d) First screen[]
(v)Input device-(e) Ctrl[]

Q.4. Tick (v) the correct Answer :-5×½=2½
(i)————can be word, numbers,pictures or sound.(a) Data[](b) processing[](c) Meaningful information []
(ii)Which tool is selected by default when we open Tux Paint–(a)Painttool [](b) Lines tool[](b)Stamp tool []
(iii)To arrange the icons on desktop, ————–click on the blank area.(a)Left [](b) Right[](c) Double[]
(iv)————–tool is used to enter text in the drawing area.(a)Text[](b) Line [](c) Eraser[]
(v)———controls all parts of a computer system.(a) Keyboard[](b) CU [](c) Monitor []

Q.5. Give Answer in One Word :-5×1=5
(i)I am a part of CPU and do arithmetic calculations.______________________
(ii)Name the program used for performing calculations._____________________
(iii)Which tool is used to draw straight pattern?_____________________
(iv)Name the device which is known as the brain of a computer._____________________
(v)Namethe device which is used to hear sounds and music stored in a computer._____________________

Q.6. Rearrange the Jumbled letters :-4×1=4
(ii) TTBUNO______________
(iv) GEMAI______________

Q.7. Missing letters :4×1=4
(ii) S___A___P
(iv) R___SI___E

Note : Q. No. 8 to 10 do in Answer Sheet.

Q.8. Give Answer in short :-4×1=4
(i)How to open a program?
(ii)Where is the zoom slider bar present in the MS Paint Window?
(iii)What is a Taskbar?
(iv)Which application software is used for typing and making corrections in the text?

Q.9. Give Answer in Detail (Any Four) :-4×2½=10
(i)What is Software? Name its types.
(ii)What is a storage device? Give any one example.
(iii)What is hardware? Give two examples.
(iv)What are the two selection tools in MS Paint? Name them.
(v)What is the Windows?

Q.10Draw the Diagrams : 4×2=8
(i)The computer and label its parts.
(ii)Draw any four tools of Tux Paint.

Year : 2017-18
Subject : English

Q.1. Write Antonyms :-4?¼=1
(ii) Bold _______________
(iii)Empty ______________
(iv) Cold _______________

Q.2. Write the definition of verb OR Adjective with two examples :1+2=3
Ans. : ____________________________________________________
Examples. : _______________________________________________

Q.3. Underline the Proper Nouns and circle the Common Nouns in these sentences :
(i)He speaks Tamil at home.
(ii)Leena was sitting on the riverbank.
(iii)Australia is a large island.
(iv)My aunt’s name is Aruna.

Q.4. Write Plurals:4?¼=1
(i)Woman -____________
(ii)Sunglass -_____________

Q.5. Changethe Gender :-4?¼=1
(ii) Heir -________________
(iv) Governor -____________

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