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Organisation : Surat Urban Development Authority
Exam : FAD 701, 703, 706, 705, 706 & 707
Document Type : Model Question Paper
Category or Subject : Assure Quality Management

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Quality Management Model Question Paper :

Max. Marks:50
Time:60 Minutes
Note: Attempt any 20 questions.
All questions carry equal marks.

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Q1. A short lived fashion is called ____________.
a. Classic.
b. style
c. Fad
d.none of above

Q2. ___________STAGES are their in A FASHION CYCLE.
b. 7

Q3. What is mean by (M)size.
a. Minimize
b. middle
d. all the above

Q 4. what skills do you think someone would need to put on a fashion show ?
a.Communication Skills
b. mechanical skill

Q5.__________is important for buy accessories, shoes and makeup matching up to your dress?
a. Communication survey
c. behavior
d.none of these

Q6. labeling are not only to the fashion industry.

Q7. use of different display equipment creates a really dynamic designs.
b. fales

Q8. ____________________ color are Warm color.
a. red, yellow
b. blue, green
c. purple, pink
d.all of above

Q9. Fil the blanks_______
a. Tint = hue +____________,
b. tone = hue + ___________,
c.shade = hue+ ___________,

Q10.The primary colors are _____________, _________, and ________.

Q11. What does BOGOFF stands for ?
a. Buy One Get One for Free
b. Bought on Good Offers
c. Beginning of Great Offers
d. Buy on Great Offering

Q 12. Setting a Price below then the competition is called
a. Penetration Pricing
b. Skimming
c. Competitive Pricing
d. Premium

Q13. Payment of cash on receipt of merchandise is also known as ____________.
a. Cash on delivery
b.Cash on Acceptance
c.Cash Payment

Q14.Which memory is called main memory in computer ?
b. primary
c. computer
d. all of these

Q16. 2 type of fabrics use in summer ___________________,_________________.
Q17. Name two stages of fashion cycle ___________________,_________________.
Q18. Importance of self confidence -______________________________________________________________
Q19.presentation means_________________________________________.
Q20. Explain any 2 secondary colors & their effect?

Sector : Fashion Design
Module : Tie and Dye Specialist (FAD706)

Q1.The heat of wetting is maximum in case of fabrics made from
A) Silk

Q2.Fabric cover on loom is improved by
A) Raising the backrest
B) Late shedding
C)Late picking
D)Early shedding.

Q3.More specific process for desizing is
A) Rot steeping
B)Acid steeping
C)Enzyme steeping

Q4.A good textile fibre should be % crystalline
A) 100%
B) 25%
D) 67%

Q5.In unconventional weaving weft waste is maximum
A) Air-jet loom
B) water-jet

Q6.The main purpose of mixing larger no. of bales is
A) Produce stronger yarn
B)Reduce waste
C) To get consistent yarn quality
D)Improve cleaning efficiency.

Q7.Flat card is used for______
A) Jute
B) Acrylic
C) Cotton
D) Wool

Q8.Count of 20 Tex is equivalent to______
A) 29.5Ne
B) 180 Denier
C) 50Nm
D) All correct

Q9.Stem fiber is also known as_____
A) Mineral
B) Leaf
C) Fruit
D) Bast

Q10.Convolutions present in______
A) Asbestos
B) Wool
C) Jute
D) Cotton

Q11.Diameter of fibre is more in microns is for 1 denier fiber-
A) Wool
B) Acrylic
C) Nylon
D) Polypropylene

Q12.Which fibre contains Lignin?
A) BastFiber
B) Seed fiber
C) Protein Fiber
D) Mineral fiber

Q13.Multicellular fiber is Jute whereas Cotton is_______
A) Unicellular
B) Bicellular
C) Tricellular
D) None of above

Q14.Compare to lap neps level in card sliver should be _____
A) More
B) Zero
C) Same
D) Less

Q15.Production rate of card processing finer fiber is comparatively
A) More
B) Same
C) Depends on yarn strength only
D) Less

Q16.The ability of a fiber to return to shape following compression, bending or similar deformation is termed as
A)Elastic recovery
B) Elongation
C) Resiliency
D) Spinning quality

Q17.The secondary property of a textile fiber is
A) Tenacity
B) Luster
C) Flexibility
D) Uniformity

18.Tenacity is the term usually applied to the strength of
A) Fiber
B) Yarn
D) Cotton

Q19.These are rolls or folds of fabris, used for making loops and piping for fastening
A) Snap fasteners
B)zip fasteners
C)Rouleau fastening
D)draw string

Q20.A two – dimensional piece or fabric draped around a form, a figure confirming to its shape creating a three – dimensional fabric pattern.
A) Drafting or pattern
B)pattern draping
D)set of pattern

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