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Organisation : Surat Urban Development Authority
Exam : GAR 501, 512, 515, 516 & 603
Document Type : Model Question Paper
Category or Subject : Hand Embroider Theory

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Hand Embroider Model Question Paper :

Duration : 60 Minutes
Maximum Marks : 50
Each questions carry 2 marks

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1. The important of hand embroidery is ____________
A) Decorative purpose
B) Compulsory
C) Domestic purpose
D) used in garment industry

2. The use of basic embroidery is _____________
A) Essential
B) For stitching purpose
C) For fastening
D) Eyelets

3. The embroidery used in lucknow is ____________
A) Herring bone
B) Mirror Work
C) Eyelet work
D) kantha work

4. The frame is a must for working different kinds of embroidery stitches _______
A) Required
B) Is of no use
C) Used only for Machine embroidery
D) Not required

5. Transferring of design is done by ____________
A) Brown paper
B) Tracing paper
C) Tissue paper
D) Velvet Paper

6. Using a thimble for hand embroidery _________
A) Is choice
B) Is must
C) To hold needle
D) To hold frame

7. The hand needle used for embroidery is _____________
A) 6
B) 8
C) 10
D) 9

8. If we are not looking into our work while doing embroidery our _______
A) Eyes will damage
B) Ears will damage
C) Fingers will damage
D) Cloth will damage

9. The tools used for hand embroidery _______
A) use correct frame
B) Scale
C) Shears
D) Pinking scissors

10. For finishing patchwork, we use ___________
A) Chain stitch
B) Blanket stitch
C) Stem stitch
D) Herringbone stitch

11. Basic stitch are ________
A) Eyelet
B) Stem
C) Satin
D) Running

12. For enlarging the design by hand the method suitable is ____________
A) Carbon method
B) Tracing method
C) Graphic method
D) Free hand design

13. Hand embroidery articles are pressed on ___________
A) Animals design
B) Motif
C) Wrong side of the material
D) Applique work

14. For high lighting the embroidery thread that is most suitable __________
A) DMC thread
B) Zari thread
C) Anchor 6 strands
D) Silk thread

15. For bobbin thread embroidery designs are traced on the ____________
A) Cord thread
B) Sindhi work
C) Wrong side
D) Zardosi work

16. In West Bengal the embroidery famous is ___________
A) Sindhi Work
B) Mirror work
C) Kantha work
D) Bullion stitch

17. A smaller border designs are suitable for _________
A) Pillow work
B) Choli work
C) Pettycoat
D) Cushion work

18. Big border design is suitable for ____________
A) Children Garment
B) Kurtha
C) Saree
D) Pettycoat

19. Geometric design is suitable for __________
A) Frock
B) Zablas
C) Cushion cover
D) Bed spread

20. Eyelets are used for ____________
A) Dupatta
B) Suit
C) Shirt
D) Saree petticoat

21. Choose the best frame used for hand embroidery?
A) Wooden
B) Plastic
C) Metal
D) Glass

Sector : Garment Making
Module : Ornamentalist – Hand work specialist Patch Work(GAR512)
1. Which of the following are all trends in Australian society that would influence contemporary designers?
A. Pollution, multicultural society, gender equality
B. Multicultural society, gender equality, climate change
C. Climate change, two-income families, gender equality
D. Gender equality, two-income families, multicultural society

2. Why have many Australian clothing companies chosen to manufacture garments offshore?
A. To reduce pollution
B. To meet changing consumer demands
C. To access cheaper manufacturing costs
D. To conform to legal requirements of the industry

3. Which of the following are important aspects of marketing textile products?
A. Personnel, product planning, price structure
B. Price structure, promotion strategies, personnel
C. Product planning, price structure, promotion strategies
D. Place and distribution channels, product planning, personnel

4. Which of the following has contributed to increased productivity, and a reduction in the number of textiles workers in the Australian textiles industry?
A. Increased consumer awareness
B. Computer-aided manufacturing
C. Development of technical textiles
D. Increased environmental sustainability

5.A geometric graphic using six colours has been designed to be reproduced onto 500 fabric banners. Which type of printing procedure will give the quickest, most accurate, and most cost-effective result?
A. Block
B. Digital
C. Roller
D. Screen

6. A firm’s ————— standard are basis of developing finished garments that consistently fit the target customer
A. Size
B. Grade
C. Pattern making
D. Marker

7. —————— is the percentage of fabric utilization
A. Pattern makin
C. Consumption
D. Marker efficiency

8. ——————- is the process required to convert materials (Input) into completeproducts(Output
A. Production
B. Research
C. Planning
D. Strategies

9. ——————— means a series of stitches used to join two or more pieces of material together
A. Quilting
B. Seam
C. Stitches
D. Interlocking

10. ———————– is the outer fabric of a garment
A. Shell fabric
C. Fusing
D. Second fabric

11. ————— is the distance between the upper and the lower surface of the stitch.
A. Stitch type
B. Stitch depth
C. Stitch width
D. Stitch variation

12. ————– materials used to ornament or enhance garments
A. Jickets
B. Tags
C. Trims
D. Laces

13. ————— is the process of bonding fabric layers with an adhesive by the application of the heat and pressure.
A. Pressing
B. Fusing
C. Bonding
D. Attaching

14. The fabric produced by the bonding and interlocking fibres are called as ——————
A. Fibre webs
B. Wovens
C. Nets
D. Knits

15. Cutting devices controlled by electronic microchips———————–
A. Stationary machines
B. Automated cutting
C. Die cutting
D. Partable machines

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