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Surat Urban Development Authority Basic Electrical Training Model Question Paper :

Organisation : Surat Urban Development Authority
Exam : ELE 101 & 701
Document Type : Model Question Paper
Category or Subject : Basic Electrical Training

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ELE – Practical Paper 701

Basic Electrical Training Model Question Paper :

Subject : ELE-101 (Basic Electrical Training)
Duration: 60 minutes
Maximum Marks : 50
Each questions carry 2 marks.

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Theory :
1. The primary function of the fuse is to…..
A protect the appliance
B open the circuit
C prevent excessive current
D protect the line.

2. When there is an open circuit , the megger indicates…….
A Zero
B Infinity
C between zero and infinity
D centre of the scale.

3. The possible minimum reading which can be taken by 0 – 25mm outside micrometer is…..
A 0.1 mm B 0.01 mm
C 0.5 mm
D 1.0 mm.

4. A fuse is provided for excess current protection and earth-leakage protection if the earth resistance is low enough.
A Both statements are true.
B Both statements are false.
C Only the first statement is true.
D Only the second statement is true.

5. A delayed-action cartridge fuse is used for…..
A motor circuits
B lighting circuits
C fluorescent lamp circuits
D heating circuits.

6. The total resistance of a 30 ohms resistor and a 60 ohms resistor connected in parallel is…..
A 20 ohms
B 90 ohms
C 45 ohms
D 15 ohms.

7. The earth conductor provides a path to ground for….
A leakage current
B over current
C high voltages
D circuit current.

8. 8. While using a pipe jumper in a building where the wiring exists, care should be taken to check whether…..
A the neutral wire is disconnected
B the main supply is switched `off’ at the time of operation
C concealed wiring runs in the place of operation
D fuse has been removed from the distribution board.

9. If a patient does not respond to mouth to mouth resuscitation treatment, the patient should immediately be taken for
A check for nose block
B check pupils of eyes and pulse
C keeping the body warm with blankets
D getting medical help.

10. A Megger is exclusively designed for measuring …..
A very high resistance
B very low resistance
C earth electrode resistance
D Soil resistance.

11. The size of the earth continuity conductor in a circuit should be based upon the…..
A voltage of the system
B size of the largest service conductor
C size of the smallest service conductor
D leakage current in the system.

12. When the disc of an energy meter rotates even without connecting any load, is called as …..
A reaction error
B creeping error
C phase angle error
D friction error

13. According to NE code, the colour code for the neutral is…..
A red
B blue
C black
D green.

14. As compared with rewirable fuses, HRC fuses have…..
A high rupturing capacity
B cheap
C greater mechanical strength
D less accuracy

15. If the meter constant mentioned in the meter is 1500Rev/kwhr, then in one revolution, the energy consumption is…..
A 50 watt-minutes
B 60 watt-minutes
C 40 watt-minutes
D 100watt-minutes.

16. The holes on the aluminium disc help to
A prevent creeping
B reduce the resistance
C reduce the friction
D reduce the weight of the disc.

17. The main precaution you have to take before using a megger in a wiring installation?
A to set for zero range by touching the two leads
B switch `off’ the supply mains
C Switch on the supply mains
D remove the earth loads.

18. Equipment earthing is necessary to give protection against…..
A voltage fluctuation
B overloading
C the danger of electric shocks
D the high temperature of the conductors.

19. The peak-to-peak voltage is 99V. How big is the effective value of the sine wave?
A 70 V
B 44.5 V
C 49.5 V
D 35V

20. Which one of the following tools should be checked for mushroom head before use?
A Poker
B Rawl jumper
C Gimlet
D Screw driver

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