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Resonance STaRT Class XI Sample Test Paper 2018 : Student Talent Reward Test

Name of the Organization : Resonance Eduventures Limited
Name of the Exam : Student Talent Reward Test – STaRT
Document Type : Sample Test Paper
Year : 2018
Class : XI
Website :

ResoSTaRT Class XI Question Paper

Download the Sample Test Paper of Student Talent Reward Test – STaRT for Class XI from the official website of Resonance Eduventures Limited.

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This section contains (1-20) multiple choice questions. Each question has 4 choices (A), (B), (C) and (D) out of which ONLY ONE is correct.

1. A ball is thrown vertically up with a certain velocity. It attains a height of 40 m and comes back to the thrower. Then the (g = 10m/s2)
(A) total distance covered by it is 40 m
(B) total displacement covered by it is 80 m
(C) total displacement is zero
(D) the average velocity for round trip is not zero

2. A particle is projected under gravity at an angle of projection 45° with horizontal. Its horizontal range is 36 m. Find maximum Height attained by particle.
(A) 3
(B) 5
(C) 7
(D) 9

3. A force F = (5ˆi ? 3ˆj) newton is applied over a particle which displaces it from its origin to the point r = (2ˆi ?1j) metres. The work done on the particle is
(A) – 7 joules
(B) + 13 Joules
(C) +7 joules
(D) +11 joules

4. If a man increase his speed by 2 m/s, his K.E. is doubled, the original speed of the man is
(A) (1 + 2 2 ) m/s
(B) 4 m/s
(C) (2 + 2 2 ) m/s
(D) (2 + 2 ) m/s

5. A body moves a distance of 10 m along a straight line under the action of a force of 5 N. If the work done is 25 joules, the angle which the force makes with the direction of motion of the body is.
(A) 0º
(B) 30º
(C) 60º
(D) 90º

6. A heavy mass is attached to a thin wire and is whirled in a vertical circle. The wire is most likely to break.
(A) When the mass is at the height point of the circle
(B) When the mass is at the lowest point of the circle
(C) When the wire is horizontal
(D) At an angle of cos–1 (1/3) from the upward vertical

7. A body moves along an uneven surface with constant speed at all points. The normal reaction of the road on the body is
(A) maximum at A
(B) maximum at B
(C) minimum at C
(D) the same at A, B & C

8. Consider a system of two particles having masses m1 and m2. If the particle of mass m1 is pushed towards the mass centre of particles through a distance d, by what distance would the particle of mass m2 move so as to keep the mass centre of particles at the original position ?

9. A body ‘A’ is dropped verticaly from the top of a tower. If another identical body ‘B’ is projected horizontally from the same point at the same instant, then-
(A) ‘A’ will reach the ground earlier than ‘B’
(B) ‘B’ will reach the ground earlier than ‘A’
(C) Both ‘A’ and ‘B’ will reach the ground simultaneously
(D) Either (A) or (B)

10. A body goes 30 km south and then 40 km east. What will be the displacement from init ial point ?
(A) 50 km, 37º South of East
(B) 30 km, 37º South of East
(C) 40 km, 53º South of East
(D) 70 km, 53º South of East


This section contains (21-40) multiple choice questions. Each question has 4 choices (A), (B), (C) and (D) out of which ONLY ONE is correct.

21. IUPAC name of the following compound will be.
(A) 1-Chloro-2-propyl benzene-4-carboxylic acid
(B) 4-Chloro-3-propyl benzene-1-carboxylic acid
(C) 4-Chloro-3-propyl benzenoic acid
(D) 4-Carboxy-1-Chloro-2-Propyl benzene

22. In which species positive charge is delocalised ?
23. Methanol, a liquid fuel can be prepared from water gas and additional H2 at high temperature and pressure in the presence of suitable catalyst. 2H2(g) + CO(g) CH3OH(g), ?H = –92.2 kJ
Assuming at equilibrium:
(A) if pressure of the system is increased, moles of CH3 OH is increased.
(B) If the temperature is increased, moles of CH3OH is increased.
(C) addition of extra amount of catalyst increases moles of CH3OH.
(D) removal of H2 increases moles of CH3OH.

24. In the nuclear reactions given below, identify how many transformations are ?-decay?
(A) 3
(B) 5
(C) 6
(D) 8

25. In how many conversions, the bond length increases?
26. A vessel contains a mixture of H2 and D2 gases. If a pin hole is made in the vessel, then
(A) mole fraction of H2 in the gas remaining in the vessel will increase with time initially.
(B) mole fraction of D2 in the gas remaining in the vessel will increase with time initially.
(C) the average molecular weight of gas remaining in the vessel will decrease with time initially.
(D) the partial pressure of H2 in the gas remaining in the vessel will increase with time initially.

27. Gases possess characteristic critical temperature which depends upon the magnitude of intermolecular forces between the particles. Gases H2, He, O2, N2 have Critical temperature in Kelvin respectively : 33.2, 5.3, 154.3, 126. From the above data what would be the order of liquefaction of these gases? (Start writing the order from the gas liquefying first)

(A) H2, He, O2, N2
(B) He, O2, H2, N2
(C) N2, O2, He, H2
(D) O2, N2, H2, He

28. A mixture of N2O and CO2 in the mole ratio of a : b has a mean molecular mass equal to “M” . What would be the mean molecular mass of mixture of the same gases present in the mole ratio of b : a ?

29. If travelling at same speed, which of the following matter waves have the shortest wavelength?
(A) Electron
(B) Alpha particle
(C) Neutron
(D) Proton

30. Which of the following compound has isopropyl group?
(A) 2, 2, 3, 3 – Tetramethylpentane
(B) 2, 2, – Dimethylpentane
(C) 2, 2, 3- Trimethylpentane
(D) 2-methylpentane

Download Class XI Question Paper :
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Maths Stream :


41. Which one of the taxonomic aids can give comprehensive account of complete compiled information of any one genus or family at a particular time?
(A) Taxonomic key
(B) Flora
(C) Herbarium
(D) Monograph

42. Water soluble pigments found in plant cell vacuoles are
(A) Anthocyanins
(B) Xanthophylls
(C) Chlorophylls
(D) Carotenoids

43. Natural death does not occur in
(A) Porifera
(B) Protozoans
(C) Echinoderms
(D) Fungi

44. Presence of leaf base pulvinus is the characteristic of
(A) Cycas leaf
(B) Fern leaf
(C) Banana leaf
(D) Leguminous plant

45. Which is not a correct match
(A) Catkin – Mulberry
(B) Capitulum – Sunflower
(C) Corymb – Banana
(D) Raceme – Radish

46. The correct sequence of a taxa is
(A) Class –Order –Family –Genus –Species
(B) Class –Order –Tribe –Family –Genus –Species
(C) Phylum –Order –Class –Tribe –Genus
(D) Phylum –Tribe –Class –Order –Genus –Species

47. The imperfect fungi which are decomposer of litter and help in mineral cycling belong to
(A) Basidiomycetes
(B) Phycomycetes
(C) Ascomycetes
(D) Deuteromycetes

48. Proboscis gland in Balanoglossus is associated with
(A) Digestion
(B) respiration
(C) Circulation
(D) Excretion

49. Brush border of small intestine cells is formed of
(A) Microvilli
(B) Cilia
(C) Flagella
(D) Circular folds

50. Respiratory process is regulated by specialized centers in brain. One of the listed center can reduce the time of inspiration upon stimulation
(A) Medulary inspiratory center
(B) Pneumotaxic center
(C) Apneustic center
(D) Chemosensitive center

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