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ResoSTaRT Class X Sample Paper 2018 : Student Talent Reward Test

Name of the Organization : Resonance Eduventures Limited
Name of the Exam : Student Talent Reward Test – STaRT
Document Type : Sample Test Paper
Year : 2018
Class : X
Website :

ResoSTaRT Class X Sample Paper

Download the Sample Test Paper of Student Talent Reward Test – STaRT for class X from the official website of Resonance Eduventures Limited.

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Reso-SAT Sample Test Papers


This section contains (1-10) multiple choice questions. Each question has choices (A), (B), (C) and (D) out of which ONLY ONE is correct.

1. Air is blown through a hole in a closed pipe containing liquid. Then the pressure will
(A) Increase on sides
(B) Increase downwards
(C) Increase in all directions
(D) Never increases

2. If the density of water is 1 g cm–3, then density of water in S.I. system is
(A) 500 kg m–3
(B) 1000 kg m–3
(C) 2000 kg m–3
(D) 1500 kg m–3

3. Which of the following pairs is wrong –
(A) pitch-frequency
(B) loudness-Amplitude
(C) quality- wave front
(D) intensity-velocity

4. A 20 cm long uniform wire of resistance 5 ? is stretched to a uniform wire of 40 cm length the resistance of wire (in ?) will be
(A) 5
(B) 10
(C) 20
(D) 40

5. (a) Soft iron is a conductor of electricity.
(b) It is a magnetic material.
(c) It is an alloy of iron.
(d) It is used for making permanent magents.

6. A force of 4 N acts on a body of mass 40 kg for a distance of 2 m. The kinetic energy acquired by the body is
(A) 16 J
(B) 32 × 108 erg
(C) 8 J
(D) 32 erg

7. A body which produces sound is in the state of
(A) translatory motion
(B) rotatory motion
(C) vibration
(D) rest

8. A man has five resistors each of value 1/5 ??. What is the maximum resistance he can obtain by connecting them?
9. In the given circuit, the effective resistance between points A and C will be
(A) 0.5R
(B) R
(C) 2R
(D) 5R

10. The purpose of the glass sheet on the top of a box type solar cooker is to
(A) Allow people to see the food being cooked
(B) Allow more sunlight into the box
(C) Prevent dust from entering the box
(D) Reduce heat loss by radiation


This section contains (11-20) multiple choice questions. Each question has choices (A), (B), (C) and (D) out of which ONLY ONE is correct.

11. Example of biosphere reserve is
(A) Madumalai.
(B) Gir.
(C) Nilgiri.
(D) Dachigam.

12. An exception to types of ecosystem is
(A) pond ecosystem.
(B) aquatic ecosystem.
(C) terrestrial ecosystem
(D) biotic ecosystem.

13. All of the following are endocrine glands except
(A) Pituitary.
(B) Thyroid.
(C) Ovary
(D) Sweat glands.

14. All the given processes are under the direct regulation of the hormones except
(A) metabolism
(B) growth
(C) sexual development
(D) thinking.

15. Number of parents involved in spore formation is/are
(A) one.
(B) two.
(C) three.
(D) four.

16. Many fungi display the phenomenon of heterothallism. What is heterothallism ?
(A) Presence of different types of hyphae acting as male or female
(B) Production of different kinds of spores
(C) Presence of a net-like mycelium
(D) Ability to reproduce both sexually as well as asexually

17. A true fish is
(A) star fish
(B) jelly fish
(C) silver fish
(D) dog fish

18. Heart beat in vertebrates is –
(A) neurogenic
(B) myogenic
(C) (A) and (B) both
(D) none of above

19. SA node helps in –
(A) conduction of blood
(B) initiation of heart beat
(C) opening of tricuspid valve
(D) opening of bicuspid valve

20. In C4 plants initial CO2 fixation takes place in which chloroplast
(A) Palisade tissue chloroplast
(B) Spongy mesophyll chloroplast
(C) Bundle sheath chloroplast
(D) Guard cell chloroplast

Download Class X Sample Test Paper :


This section contains (21-30) multiple choice questions. Each question has choices (A), (B), (C) and (D) out of which ONLY ONE is correct.

21. Which of the following is the lightest metallic element ?
(A) Mg
(B) Al
(C) Li
(D) Mn

22. What weight of oxygen gas will contain the same number of molecules as 56 g of nitrogen gas?
(A) 64 g
(B) 46 g
(C) 76 g
(D) 67 g

23. In an atom the shell which has a maximum two electrons is –
(A) first shell
(B) second shell
(C) third shell
(D) fourth shell

24. A chemical equation is balanced in accordance with the law of –
(A) conservation of mass.
(B) multiple proportion.
(C) constant proportion.
(D) reciprocal proportion.

25. A sample of CaCO3 has Ca = 40%, C = 12% and O = 48%. If the law of constant proportion is true then the weight of Ca in 16 g of CaCO3 made from different processes will be –
(A) 64 g
(B) 0.64 g
(C) 6.4 g
(D) 4.6 g

26. The metal which cannot be stored in packets is –
(A) sodium
(B) calcium
(C) magnesium
(D) zinc

27. Non- metallic oxides react with water to form –
(A) acids
(B) bases
(C) salts
(D) none of these

28. When heated, iodine changes-
(A) from solid to liquid
(B) from liquid to gas
(C) from solid to vapour
(D) from gas to solid

29. Which of the following is a compound ?
(A) Carbon
(B) Water
(C) Nitrogen
(D) None of these

30. When 5 g of calcium is burnt in 2 g of Oxygen then 7 g of calcium oxide is produced. What mass of calcium oxide will be produced when 5 g of calcium reacts with 20 g of oxygen ?
(A) 7 g
(B) 2 g
(C) 25 g
(D) 4 g

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