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ResoSTaRT Sample Paper Class VII 2018 Student Talent Reward Test :

Name of the Organization : Resonance Eduventures Limited
Name of the Exam : Student Talent Reward Test – STaRT
Document Type : Sample Test Paper
Year : 2018
Class : VII
Website :

ResoSTaRT Class VII Sample Paper

Download the Sample Test Paper of Student Talent Reward Test – STaRT for class VII from the official website of Resonance Eduventures Limited.

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1. f force is F, mass is m and acceleration is a Which realtion is correct ?
(A) m = F × a
(B) F = m × a
(C) a = F × m
(D) F × m × a

2. Light has maximum velocity in
(A) Air
(B) Water
(C) Diamond
(D) Glass

3. If a wave completes 20 vibrations in 2.5 s, then its frequency is
(A) 200 Hz
(B) 50 Hz
(C) 8 Hz
(D) 20 Hz

4. The S.l. Unit of air- pressure is Pascal. One Pascal is equal to
(A) 1 Newton / meter
(B) 1 Newton / meter2
(C) 1 Newton / meter3
(D) 1 Newton x meter2

5. In a thermometer bulb, we use
(A) water
(B) soap solution
(C) trapped air
(D) mercury

6. Unit of density as per SI is
(A) kg/cm3
(B) kg/m2
(C) kg2/cm2
(D) kg/m3

7. The necessary force required in Newton to produce a pressure of 50 Newton/metre2 on a rectangle of area 10 square metre will be
(A) 500
(B) 60
(C) 5
(D) 0.2

8 What is the temperature which has the same value on celcius & Fahrenheit scale –
(A) 1200
(B) -40°
(C) 40°
(D) –120°

9. At the centre of a magnet, magnetism is
(A) maximum
(B) minimum
(C) zero
(D) infinite

10 We wear woollen clothes in winter because–
(A) They produce heat
(B) They are bad conductor of heat
(C) They transform heat
(D) They are conductor of heat.


This section contains (11-20) multiple choice questions. Each question has choices (A), (B), (C) and (D) out of which ONLY ONE is correct.

11. Hetrotrophs are organisms, which
(A) feed on dead and decaying organisms.
(B) draw nutrition from the living tissues of other organisms.
(C) depend on other sources for food.
(D) manufacture their own food.

12. Weather is the state of
(A) troposphere.
(B) thermosphere.
(C) mesosphere.
(D) atmosphere.

13. Removal of land surface by water, ice or wind is known as
(A) weathering.
(B) deforestation.
(C) erosion.
(D) percolation.

14. During heavy exercises like swimming, running, cycling etc., the rate of breathing
(A) decreases.
(B) increases.
(C) remains the same.
(D) can either increase or decrease.

15. Polar bear have a layer of fat under their skin which help in
(A) Respiration
(B) Feeding
(C) Temperature control
(D) Protection

16. The organic molecules produced directly by photosynthesis are
(A) DNA.
(B) amino acids.
(C) sugars.
(D) lipids

17. Trunk of an elephant helps in
(A) having a strong sense of smell.
(B) chewing food.
(C) having a strong sense of hearing.
(D) providing support while walking

18. The use of pesticides should be
(A) maximised.
(B) minimised.
(C) constant.
(D) fluctuate.

19. During inhalation,
(A) diaphragm moves up.
(B) ribs remain same.
(C) ribs move inward.
(D) ribs moves outward.

20. The forest floor is usually covered with a layer of
(A) insects.
(B) decaying organic material.
(C) water.
(D) green grass

Download Class VII Sample Paper :


This section contains (21-30) multiple choice questions. Each question has choices (A), (B), (C) and (D) out of which ONLY ONE is correct.

21. Change of a season is a _______________ change
(A) Natural
(B) Periodic
(C) both (A) & (B)
(D) Undesirable

22. H2CO3 is a –
(A) strong acid
(B) weak acid
(C) strong base
(D) weak base

23. The process of setting down of the particles of an insoluble solid in a liquid is called –
(A) decantation
(B) sedimentation
(C) filtration
(D) None of these

24. The part of the cotton plant that yields cotton boll is
(A) leaf.
(B) fruit.
(C) seed.
(D) stem.

25. When phenolphthalein is introduced in lime water, the solution turns
(A) blue
(B) black
(C) brown
(D) pink

26. We can separate a pure solid from its solution by –
(A) evaporation
(B) sedimentation
(C) crystallization
(D) None of these

27. Which of the following is a fast change?
(A) Formation of curd from milk
(B) Curdling of milk by adding lime juice
(C) Tooth decay
(D) None of these

28. Two examples of animal fibres are
(A) cotton and wool.
(B) cotton and flax.
(C) silk and jute.
(D) wool and silk.

29. Polluted water causes diseases like –
(A) cholera
(B) typhoid
(C) dysentry
(D) All

30. The process, which is a chemical change, is
(A) freezing of water
(B) breaking of glass tumbler
(C) condensation of steam
(D) formation of curd from milk

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