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EDUDEL Class VI Sample Question Paper 2018 : DelE Directorate of Education

Board : DelE Directorate of Education
Class : VI Std
Document Type : Model Test Paper 2017-18
Year : 2018
Website :

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EDUDEL Class VI Sample Question Paper

Download Question Paper of DelE Directorate of Education Practice Paper for Class VI 2019 is now available in the official website of DelE Directorate of Education

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Common Annual School Examination 2017-2018
Question Paper Design
Class VI (Nishtha Neo- Readers)
Subject English
M.M. 50
Time 2:30 hours
A- Reading Section: 15 marks
B- Writing Section: 10 marks
C- Grammar Section: 10 marks
D- Literature: 15 marks

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Maths :
English :
Science :
Social :
Hindi :
Sanskrit :

General Instructions

** All questions are compulsory.
** Please write answers in the space provided in the booklet.
** Marks are indicated with each question.

Section A

Reading(15marks) :
1. Look carefully at the poster below and answer the questions that follow:
(a) Fill in the blanks with the right word from the poster: (2X2)marks
(i) Wash your hands _____(after/before) using the________(bedroom/bathroom).
(ii) ______(Wash/Fold) your hands before_______(bathing/eating).

(b) Choose the correct option, based on the poster and circle the correct option. (1X4)marks
(i) Wash your hands after touching-
(A) fruits.
(B) a cut or open sore.
(C) flowers.

(ii) Wash your hands after playing with-
(A) pets.
(B) vets.
(C) nets.

(iii) Wash your hands after playing-
(A) inside.
(B) upside.
(C) outside.

(iv) Wash your hands after sneezing, blowing your nose and-
(A) coughing.
(B) laughing.
(C) singing.

2. Read the short story given below and answer the questions that follow: (7marks)
Isha has a pet. It is a dog. She calls it, “Spot”. Spot loves to play in the park. But, the kids there are scared of dogs. They run away when they see Spot. Now Isha and her dog go for a walk on the road. Spot is scared of cars on the road. So, they go in the morning, when there are lesser cars. It is not easy for pets to live in a city. We can be a little more loving to animals, so that, they stay happy as pets.
(a) Based on the story above, mark the given sentences as (v) or (X) : (1X5)marks
(i) Isha has a pet cat. ( )
(ii) The dog’s name is Spot. ( )
(iii) Kids in the park are scared of dogs. ( )
(iv) It is easy for pets to live in a city. ( )
(v) Spot is scared of cars on the road. ( )
(b) Find opposites (antonyms) of the given words from the story above: (1X2)marks
(i) Hates – _________ (line 1)
(ii) Difficult – _______ (line4)

Section B

Writing(10marks) :
3. Given below is an application to the Principal requesting him for two days sick leave, but it is incomplete. Fill up the blanks with suitable words to complete it. (5marks)
The Principal
________________(school name)
__________________(school address)

New Delhi, Pin- ____________
Subject: _____ leave.
Respected Sir/Madam
I am a student of Class ___________. I am feeling _____. So, I will be unable to come to school for two days. Kindly grant me leave for ____days.
Thank you
_____ sincerely

4. Complete the paragraph on ‘My School’ given below, using the words given in the box. (5 marks)
I am a student of class ___________ in a __________________school. It is a _____________ school. It has a _________________ . It also has a________________. We read________ in the library. I play_________with my ____________ in the playground. My teachers____________ me. We enjoyed the _____________ during the Summer vacations.
Complete the paragraph on ‘My Friend’ given below, using the hints given in brackets and words from the box.
I am a________ of class sixth. I have___________ friends. But ________( name of your friend) is my best friend. She/He helps me in_________ . She/He__________her mother at home too. She/he is my_____________. We go to the park to _________. We play_________ together. We both like______________ programmes on T.V. Both of us will be friends______________.

Section C

Grammar (10marks) :
5. Choose the correct word from the brackets to fill in the blank: (1X2)marks
(a) What comes after MONDAY? ___________(Friday/Tuesday)
(b) Last month of the year is_______________( June/December)
6. Look at the picture below and write the names of any two fruits: (1X2)marks
(a) _______________
(b) _______________

7. Choose a suitable pronoun from the brackets and fill in the box: (1X2)marks
(a) Sister – (He/She)
(b) Father – (Him/Her)

8. Look at the pictures and give suitable preposition(in,on) : (1X2)marks
(a) The ball is _____ the box.
(b) The box is ________ the ball.

Section D

Literature(15marks) :
10. Read the lines given below from the text book ‘HONEY SUCKLE’ and answer the questions that follow: (1X3)marks
Jumman Shaikh and Algu Chowdhry were good friends. So strong was their bond of friendship that when either of them went away from the village, the other looked after his family. Both were greatly respected in the village.
(a) Who were good friends?
Answer: ____________ and _____________

(b) How was their bond of friendship?
Answer: Their bond of friendship was very______ .

11. Read the lines given below, from the poem ‘BEAUTY’.
(a) Complete these lines using the words given in the box.
Beauty is seen
In the _________,
The________, the_______,
Corn growing and people working
Or _______for their harvest.

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