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EDUDEL Class VII Sample Question Paper 2018 : DelE Directorate of Education

Board : DelE Directorate of Education
Class : VII Std
Document Type : Model Test Paper 2017-18
Year : 2018
Website :

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EDUDEL Class VII Sample Question Paper

Download Question Paper of DelE Directorate of Education Practice Paper for Class VII 2019 is now available in the official website of DelE Directorate of Education

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Common Annual School Examination 2017-2018
Question Paper Design
Class VII (Nishtha Neo- Readers)
Subject English
M.M. 50
Time 2:30 hours
A- Reading Section: 15 marks
B- Writing Section: 10 marks
C- Grammar Section: 10 marks
D- Literature: 15 marks

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English :
Maths :
Science :
Social :
Hindi :
Sanskrit :

General Instructions

** All questions are compulsory.
** Please write answers in the space provided in the booklet.
** Marks are indicated with each question.

Section – A

Reading 15 marks :
Q. 1. Look at the picture poster given below and answer the questions that follow on your understanding of the poster: 8 marks
Exercise is a movement or activity with physical effort, to improve health and fitness.
Exercise gives oxygen and nutrients to us and helps our body work more efficiently.

I Fill up the blanks with one word based on your understanding / reading of the poster: (1×4)
a) We must exercise more to ……more.
b) The first wealth is …..
c) ….is a form of exercise.
d) We burn fat for …fitness.

II Fill up the blanks based on your understanding / reading of the poster:(2×2)
a) For mental ……, we must stay …..
b) Exercise gives …. .and ..…to our body.

Q.2. Look at the picture text below, read the text below it and find the correct answer to the questions that follow on the basis of your understanding of the text in the picture: 7 marks

I. Fill up the blanks with one word based on your understanding/reading of the poster: (1×5)
a) Trees help in controlling ……….
b) Trees produce …….for us.
c) We should grow……
d) Trees give us…. for energy.
e)A solution for controlling pollution as given in the poster is ……..
II Find the words from the poster as per the given instructions: (1×2)
a)A word that means the same as ‘correct answer’ – S_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
b) A word that means the same as ‘making dirty’ – P_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Section – B

Writing 10 marks :
Q.3 Write a letter to the Principal of your school asking him to grant sick leave to you by filling in the spaces provided. Words have been given in the box for your help.
5 marks (½ × 10)
The ……
Rajkiya Sarvodaya Vidyalaya
ABC Nagar
…………… ( Date)
Respected Sir/Madam
I am a ……of class7-B. I have not been …..well since last two……….
I am …….. from high … I am unable to attend the …..because of this reason.
Kindly ….me leave for two days.
Thanking You
Yours ……
Write a letter to your brother telling him about a new pet in the family by filling in the spaces provided. Words have been given for your help.
……………… (Home address)
………… (Date)
Dear brother
How are you? I am fine here. I want to …….you about a ………. dog that father got for me.
His …….. is Sheru. He is very ………… He has brown……….. fur. I …. him a lot.
I am waiting for you to …… back home soon.
Lovingly ………

Q. 4. Write a paragraph on ‘Value of Trees’ or ‘My School’, by filling in the spaces provided. 5 marks (½ ×10)
Value of Trees
Trees are very …..They give us….to breathe. They give us ….to eat. We can ….around them. We also get ….from trees when we fall sick. They give us cool ….in summers. They make our environment……Sometimes we also make…..on trees. Birds also make…..on trees. Trees are our ..…..

My School
I study in …….. .It is a very big school. The name of the Principal of my school is……I go with my … study there. We have thirty …… in the school where we study. The school has a big ground where we have … the morning. There is a swimming …… in our school where students from other schools also come to practice swimming. There is an ………where we have our Annual Function and other cultural activities. We have many ….rooms for different subjects .There is also a science ….. I … school very much.

Section – C

GRAMMAR (10 marks) :
Q 5. Write the name of the following fruits by identifying it from the picture: 2 marks
Q. 6. Write the appropriate ‘describing word’ for the following nouns. Take help from the pictures and the words given. 2 marks
a) A …… book b) A ….building.

Q.7. Find the correct verb from the brackets to fill up the blanks: 2 marks
(a) He….(is/ am/ are) my brother.
(b) They …( is/ am/ are ) good students.

Q.8 Write opposite words of the following: 2 marks
a)Day – N _ _ _ _
b) Happy S _ _

Q 9. Punctuate the following sentences: 2 marks
a) nidhi plays in the ground everyday
b) why are you sad

Section – D

Literature (15 marks) :
Q .10. Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow: 3 marks
a) Three things are needed to make fire – fuel, oxygen and heat. Wood, coal, cooking gas and petrol are some examples of fuel. Oxygen comes from the air. That is why when you blow on smouldering paper, it often bursts into flame.
i) Fuel ,oxygen and …. are needed to make fire.
ii) Examples of fuel are – wood and ……
iii) When you blow on smouldering………, it bursts into flames.
b) For instance, we use it to cook our food, warm our homes in winter and to generate electricity. But, on the other hand, if fire gets out of control it can be very dangerous.
i) We use fire to …our food.
ii) In winter we can …. our homes by using fire.
iii) Fire can also be very…….

Q.11. Read the following extract and fill up the blanks. 3 marks
Trees are for birds.
Trees are for children.
Trees are to make tree houses in.
Trees are to swing swings on.
Trees are for the wind to blow through.
a) People make tree…… in trees.
b) Children use trees to swing on ………
c) The word that means ‘moving air’ is ……
Trees are for kites to get caught in.
Trees are to make cool shade in summer.
Trees are to make no shade in winter.
Trees are for apples to grow on, and pears.
a) …..get caught in trees.
b) Trees give us cool … summer.
c) …..grow on trees.

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