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EDUDEL Class X Sample Question Paper 2019 : DelE Directorate of Education

Board : DelE Directorate of Education
Class: For Class-X
Document Type : Practice Paper 2018-19
Website :

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EDUDEL Class X Sample Question Paper

Download Question Paper of DelE Directorate of Education Practice Paper for Class X 2019 is now available in the official website of DelE Directorate of Education

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English Language & Literature

CODE NO. : 184
Practice Paper :
Subject: English
Time: 3 Hours
Max. Marks: 80

General Instructions

1. This paper consists of three sections
Section A – Reading 20 marks
Section B – Writing and Grammar 30 marks
Section C – Literature 30 marks
2. All questions are compulsory.
3. Marks are indicated against each question.

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English :
Mathematics :
Science :
Social Science :
Sanskrit :
Hindi :

Section A

Reading :
1. Read the passage carefully and answer the following questions carefully: 8
Then all the windows of the grey wooden house (Miss Hilton used to live here. She expired last week), were thrown open, a thing I had never seen before. At the end of the day a sign was nailed on the mango tree

Nobody in the street knew MissHilton. While she lived, her front gate was always locked and no one ever saw her leave or saw anybody go in. So, even if you wanted to, you couldn’t feel sorry and say that you missed Miss Hilton. When I think of her house I see just two colours. Grey and green. The green of the mango tree, the grey of thehouse and the grey of the high iron fence that prevented you from getting at the mangoes

On the basis of your understanding of the above passage, complete the statements that follow: 1X8=
(a) Nobody went into Miss Hilton’s house because her front _________ . 8
(b) Her house had only two colours, (i) ______, and (ii) _______ .
(c) Why couldn’t the boys enter to cllect their cricket ball?
(d) What feelings did the children have for the new neighbours?
(e) What was the complaint of the residents?
(f) Describe the new owners of the house .
(g) How was the first night different from the expectations of the children ?
(h) Other than the dog ,who else was there in the house ?

2. Read the passage given below: 12
1. During our growing up years we as children were taught – both at home and school – to worship the photos and idols of the Gods of our respective religions. When we grew a little older, we were to readholy books like the Bhagwad Gita, Bible and Quran; we were told that there are a lot of life lessons to be learnt from these holy books. We were then introduced to stories from our mythologies which taught us about ethics and morality -what is good and what is bad. I also learnt to be respectful towards my parents who made my life comfortable with their hard work and love and care, and my teachers who guided me to become a good student and a responsiblecitizen.
2.1 Answer briefly the following questions: 2X4=8
(a) What are we taught in our childhood and growing up years?
(b) Why should we respect our parents and teachers?
(c) What message do we get when we worship nature?
(d) How does a river face an obstacle that comes in its way?

2.2 Give the meanings of the words given below, as used in the passage, with the help of the options that follow: 1×4=4
((ie)) agnusiwdeedre d(P ara 1)
(ii) advised
(iii) fought
(iv) polished
((if)) seexaprlcohr e (Para 2)
(ii) frequent
(iii) describe
(iv) request

(g) (i) pvraolpuearb le (Para 2)
(ii) desirable
(iii) available
(iv) useful
((ih)) b heaarumtyo ny (Para 3)
(ii) friendship
(iii) discomfort
(iv) honesty

Section –B

Writing and Grammar :
3.You are Prabhu Kumar/Parvati of I7E, Ravi Dass Road, Kochi. Write a letter in 100-120 words to the editor of a newspaper about the nuisance caused by loudspeakers in the city during examination days drawing attention of the concerned authorities to the problem. 8
You are Pratibha/Rahul of Class X. Write an article in 100-120 words on ‘Ill effects on students of too much of television’. You can use the following clues :
– Increasing addiction
– A great variety of programmes
– Easy availability
– Neglect of studies
– Drop in academic performance
– Result – poor physical and mental health

5. Fill in any four of the blanks in the paragraph given below with the help of options that follow:
The modern student (a) ____________the importance (b) ______________physical exercise. He s1p Xen 4d s= o 4n e to two hours in open air (c) ______________he takes part in different sports. However, care should (d) _____________not to overstrain (e) __________body.
(a) (i) understood (ii) understand (iii) have understand (iv) understands
(b) (i) of (ii) by (iii) from (iv) with
(c) (i) how (ii) which (iii) where (iv) why
(d) (i) be taken (ii) took (iii) takes (iv) has taken
(e) (i) a (ii) an (iii) the (iv) some

6. The following paragraph has not been edited. There is an error in each line. Write the error as well as the correction as shown in the example. Do any four. 1 X 4 = 4
burning dimly. A prisoner himself (a) _______ _______
sat by the table. Only him back, (b) _______ _______
the hair by his head, and his (c) _______ _______
hands are visible from outside (d) _______ _______
through any window. (e) _______ _______

7. Rearrange the following words/phrases to form meaningful sentences. Do any four. 1 X 4 = 4
(i) work and play / things / different / parents see / as two
(ii) is/ a /of time / they / waste / think / that playing
(iii) important / games / studies / are as / as
(iv) a student / to both / proper / should / attention / pay
(v) can / life / only / succeed / he / in / then

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