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Name of the Board : CBSE Academic
Class : XII STD
Document Type : Sample Question Paper
Subject : Fashion Studies
Paper : Class XII Sample Question Paper 2018-19
Year : 2018-19
Website :

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CBSE Academic Class XII Fashion Studies Question Paper

MM: 80
Time Allowed: 3 hours

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General Instructions

** This paper contains 24 questions in 5 parts and all questions are compulsory.
** Internal choice is given in selected questions.
** There is no word limit for numerical questions.
** The instructions for each part are given separately. Read them carefully and follow.

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Section – A

1 Define the term ‘clothing’. 1
What is ‘apparel’?

2 Which city has become the major staging ground for Italian ready to wear shows? 1
3 What do you understand by the term ‘sloper’? 1
4 Where is hip level marked on a dress form? 1
5 Who is known as ‘Minister for fashion’? 1
Name two U.S. designers who gave path breaking concepts to the ready to wear fashion industry.
6 Write any two commonly available and used animal fibres. 1
7 How is right side of printed fabric identified? 1

Section – B

8 Outline the tradition prevalent among people of Paduang tribe done for body modification. 2
9 Who is Paul Poiret? 2

Discuss the term ‘flapper look’.

10 Elaborate the following terms:
a. Zirah Bakhtar
b. Kavach 2

11 Though apparel fit is a complex issue but various technologies used in the industry have tried to simplify the issue. Discuss an example to support the statement. 2
12 a) What causes the difference in the front and back hemlines of the flared skirt?
b) What will happen if the hemline remains unbalanced in a skirt? 2
13 Suggest the type of fabrics to be used for shirting and suiting & trouser for men’s wear. 2
Describe any two different styles of men’s suit.
14 a. How is the placement of first buttonhole on centre front is decided?
b. Why it is a good idea to place a button close to the apex? 2

15 What is tailor’s chalk? Differentiate between two types of chalk. 2

Section – C

16 In India the following changes were seen during the decade 1950’s. Explain each one of them:
a. The limitations of the Indian style statement was expanded by India’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru.
b. The ‘buoyant mood’ came in sari blouses.
c. ‘Salwar-kameez’ became convenient for Indian women. 3

17 Show steps to develop Glass shape neckline with neat labeled diagram. 3
How are two measurements taken to develop neckline of any shape? List any two points to be kept in mind for necklines.

18 Sanya bought a readymade blouse and pants from the market. After trying the
fit, she faced the following fitting problems. Give the cause for these problems:
a) Wrinkles emanating upward from the crotch area.
b) Vertical folds in the hip area.
c) Armscye biting into the armpit.
d) Button closure to gape open
e) Sleeve pulls across the arm and causes wrinkles.
f) Neckline doesn’t lie flat against the body. 3

19 How do you measure CB length for lower garment, shoulder length and sleeve length on dress form? 3
Write steps to develop Mandarin Collar.
20 Give reasons for following:
a. Different silhouettes and variations in garment are preferred for teens clothing.
b. Head size of an infant should be taken into account while designing clothes for them.
c. Fabrics preferred for toddlers are from the easy to care category. 3

21 Define the term zip. What kinds of zips are suitable for children’s wear and evening gowns & dresses? 3
22 Write steps to prepare bias strip. 3
23 What is a ‘fly front’? Define the term ‘French placket’. Where is this placket normally used? 3
Why are the two parts of placket overlapped and made in double layer?

24 Mention the purpose of applying lining in a garment. What kind of material should be used and what points should be kept in mind to select lining? 3

Section – D

25 a. Who are costume designers?
b. Name the designer to win an Academy Award for best costume design and in which year?
c. ‘Costumes in movies are very influential in creating distinctive styles and looks which stimulate fashion trends.’ Justify the given statement by giving three examples of actors for their specific costumes in a particular movie.
a. Write full form of FDCI.
b. Name the event which showcases exclusive wedding trousseau wear.
c. Mention the significance associated with an establishment of NIFT in 1986.
d. List down the areas in which each designer is recognized by the fashion fraternity.

26 Elaborate the term ‘Pattern’. What do you understand by ‘pattern making’? Explain two methods of making patterns. 5
a. Define the term ‘muslin’.
b. How does grain line help to place pattern on a fabric?
c. Discuss the role of balance mark on a pattern.
d. Differentiate between dart point and apex.

27 Discuss any five products common to most of the regular categories in women wear. 5
a. How brands like Marks and Spencer, Allen Solly etc. are addressing to explicit needs of women wear with various segments?
b. Mention the factor which facilitated the preparation of size charts.
c. Name all the partners in the fashion value chain.

28 Write steps to construct shirt placket with facing, with neat labelled diagrams. 5
Explain the various steps of making a continuous placket with neat labelled diagrams.

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