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CBSE Academic Class XII Entrepreneurship Sample Question Paper 2018-19 :

Name of the Board : CBSE Academic
Class : XII STD
Document Type : Sample Question Paper
Subject : Entrepreneurship
Paper : Class XII Sample Question Paper 2018-19
Year : 2018-19
Website :

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CBSE Academic Class XII Entrepreneurship Question Paper

MM: 80
Time Allowed: 3 hours

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General Instructions

** This paper contains 24 questions in 5 parts and all questions are compulsory.
** Internal choice is given in selected questions.
** There is no word limit for numerical questions.
** The instructions for each part are given separately. Read them carefully and follow.

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MS :

Part A

This part contains 5 questions carrying 1 mark each. Answers to these questions should be from one word to one sentence.
1 What is idea germination? 1
2 Differentiate between Brand mark and Trademark. 1

3 Victory Ltd., set up their small manufacturing unit producing bucket seat covers in the name of ‘Comfy’. The product was a great hit. After sometime, SMW- market leaders in luxury car manufacturing planned to join hands with Victory Ltd. Such a deal will allow SMW to obtain better pricing and control over the manufacturing process. Identify this type of growth strategy. 1
Fitness Ltd., a leading manufacturer of athletic shoes decided to join together with Fizz Up, an energy drink manufacturing company especially for sports people. The new company, Fitness Up, would help the existing companies to extend their markets as goodwill of both would be encashed. Identify this type of relationship.

4 Name the two factors on which the accuracy of Cash Flow Projections depends upon. 1

5 Patamadai, a small town resides along the banks of the Tamaraparani river, 20Kms away from Tirunelveli in Tamilnadu. This place is world famous for its silken mats woven from grass. The majority of mats made in here have cotton warps and korai wefts. The process of mat weaving is time consuming and painstaking. This handicraft industry has gone through a cycle of transition from being most coveted to the most ignored. Producers had changed the method of production but off late many of them are reverting back to traditional methods of dyeing and processing the korai grass. Mass production now requires more finance. Which financial institution these producers should approach for help?
Shillong is famous for it’s pristine beauty. Ariel Pvt. Ltd. wanted to build an ecofriendly amusement park which will not only be known for fun activities but will also educate the public about various sustainable development home projects. The company felt that it their duty to educate the present generation about Do-it-yourself projects. This will bring awareness about saving our environment for a better future. The company estimated the project to cost around

15 crore. Which financial institution should they approach?

Part B

This part contains 5 questions carrying 2 marks each. Answers to these questions should be in 50 to 75 words.

6 Enlist the elements of Innovation process 2

7 Amish has the habit of reading newspaper on a daily basis. The latest headlines caught his attention. The headlines read as follows’ “Government plans to offer subsidy to manufacturers of solar panels”. He had also heard from his friend that individual house owners are preferring to install solar panels to save electricity. He started to make connections that led him to a business idea of establishing a small scale industry manufacturing solar panels. Identify and explain this way of identification by Amish which has helped him to understand the market and produce goods accordingly. 2
Dristi ltd. decided to manufacture mobile phones with a new feature. It will have an inbuilt button which when pressed will extend into a selfie stick enabling the customers to click selfies easily without the need to carry a separate selfie stick. Identify two PESTEL factors which enabled Dristi Ltd., to bring out this new feature.

8 Why is SWOT analysis important in preparing the marketing plan? 2

9 ‘Kindercare’ is a successful brand name in the field of playschool across the country. They decided to increase the number of branches all throughout the country. For this purpose they decided to give exclusive rights to individuals in return for a regular payment. The various conditions included were:

a. Interested individuals need to have Minimum 2000 feet area and are ready to invest around 10,00,000.
b. Books and uniform to be procured from Kindercare headquarters only.
c. Content, technical and accounting assistance would be provided.
d. Teacher training for a month.
Identify and explain this type business opportunity offered by ‘Kindercare’. 2

TCW is a leading cool drink manufacturing company headquartered in Delhi. They decided to allow various vendors the opportunity to manufacture and sell their products in various parts of the country. The company will provide the raw materials for manufacturing the cool drink. Identify and explain this type of

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