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CBSE Academic Class XII Home Science Sample Question Paper 2018-19 :

Name of the Board : CBSE Academic
Class : XII STD
Document Type : Sample Question Paper
Subject : Home Science
Paper : Class XII Sample Question Paper 2018-19
Year : 2018-19
Website :

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CBSE Academic Class XII Home Science Question Paper

MM: 80
Time Allowed: 3 hours

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General Instructions

All questions are compulsory.
There are in all 25 questions.
Question nos.1-6 are for 1 mark, to be answered in one or two lines.
Question nos.7-13 are of 2 marks, to be answered in 10-20 words.
Question nos.14-15 are of 3 marks, to be answered in 20-30 words.
Question nos.16-21 are of 4 marks, to be answered in 30-50words.
Question nos.22-25 are of 5 marks, to be answered in 60-100 words.
Support your answer with suitable examples and figures wherever required.

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MS :


1. Write any two cognitive changes in 16year old boy.
Find any two emotional changes in a 15 year old girl. 1

2. Suggest any two food items for an obese lactating mot her 1
3. List any two ways of bringing harmony in a dress of a two year old child. 1
4. Mention any two advantages of using electric water filter at home. 1
5. Identify any two effects of cool colour on the personality of a person.
Judge any two qualities in a bed sheet in relation to its durability. 1

6. Write any two ways of increasing savings. 1

Section – B

7. In what four ways you can modify the diet of an adolescent girl.
Suggest a low cost lunch for an adolescent boy. 2

8. Write down two positive and two negative impact of media on the identity of adolescents. 2
9. Write the full form of DWCRA. What should be the annual income of a family benefitted from DWRCA. 2 2

10. Your classmate has started bunking classes because of peer pressure. In what four ways you can help your friend.
“Sex education should be provided in schools”. Justify the statement with the help of two reasons. 2

11. List down four ways in which you can contribute to the various programmes of social welfare and community development of the country after receiving Home Science education? 2
12. How will you identify a good soap? Give two advantages of washing clothes with soap. 2
13. Explain the method of applying starch to stiffen cotton saree.
Write four important points to be considered for storing heavy zari suit. 2

Section – C

14. Instruct your friend who is going to hostel of necessary precautions she should take while laundering her woolen jackets. 3
15. Write any four advantages of saving money. What two factors your father should consider while choosing a long term scheme? 3
Your uncle wants to invest money in Public Provident Fund. Guide him three advantages and three disadvantages of this scheme. 3

Section – D

16. Radhika wants to make a weekly expenditure diary. But she does not know the format of the same. Help her in making the format and also explain any four advantages of maintaining record of expenditure. 4
17. Your sister is going to get married and she wants to buy jewelry and cosmetics for herself. Which two standard marks she should check before buying and also suggest any three buying tips for each, which she should follow.
You mother purchased a double door refrigerator online (internet). She found some problem with the functioning of the refrigerator, Company refused to change it. Explain her the procedure to file a complaint in Consumer Court. 4
18. What is the optimum temperature for the growth of bacteria? What six guidelines will you give to your food handler for storing food in refrigerator?
19. What do you mean by the term adulteration? Name two adulterant found in spices. What four precautions one should follow while purchasing spices?
Name one adulterant you will found in besan flour and besan burfi respectively. Write two health hazards of each and what four precautions one should take while buying the food item. 4

20. Age influence the selection of clothing”. Explain with two suitable examples. What four points you will keep in mind while buying Salwar Kameez for your grandmother? 4
21. Sixteen your old Deesha is not taking interest in any class activities and remains isolated. What could be the possible reason for it? Write any three causes and three symptoms of this problem. 4

Section – E

22. Your father has recently retired from his job. He has started getting angry on small issues frequently. Identify five causes of his anger and suggest five strategies to handle the situation. 5
23. Mrs. Sharma is the mother of six months old boy. Suggest three ways she can take care of her diet along with appropriate reason. Write down four points she should consider while introducing weaning food to her child.
Educate your pregnant cousin who lives in rural area about the importance of adding proteins and calcium in her diet. How much additional proteins and calcium is required by her? Write two sources of each nutrient. 5

24. What do you understand by real income? Define its two types and two ways of increasing this income. 5
25. Write down any two criteria of each to check the quality of Hem, Seam, Placket, Zipper and Pleats in readymade garments. 5

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