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Organisation : Sido Kanhu Murmu University
Exam : B.Ed
Document Type : Model Question Paper
Category or Subject : Economics
Year : 2016 – 2017

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Economics Model Question Paper :

Subject : Economics (Set-I)
Full Marks : 80
Paper : CEC
Time : 03 hours

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i. Candidates are required to give your answer in own words and sentences.
ii. All questions contain equal marks. Answer any five out of ten questions.

SET – I :
1. What do you understand by organization of production? Explain it.
2. What do you understand by ‘people as a resource’?

3. How is human resource different from other resources like land and physical capital?
4. What is the role of education in human capital formation?
5. Describe how the poverty line is estimated in India.

6. Do you think that present methodology of poverty estimation is appropriate?
7. How is food security assured in India?
8. Which are the people more prone to food insecurity?

9. What is the main criterion used by the World Bank in classifying different countries? What are the limitations of this criterion?
10. How would you distinguish between organised and unorganised sectors? Explain in your own words.

SET – II :
1. Is it important to increase the area under irrigation? Why?
2. What is the role of health in human capital formation?
3. What part does health play in the individual’s working life?

4. What are the various activities undertaken in the primary sector, secondary sector and tertiary sector?
5. Describe poverty trends in India since 1973.
6. Discuss the major reasons for poverty in India.

7. Which states are more food insecure in India?
8. Do you believe that green revolution has made India self sufficient in food grains? How?
9. In what respects is the criterion used by the UNDP for measuring development different from the one used by the World Bank?

10. Write short notes on any two –
(i) Green revolution
(ii) GDP
(iii) NREGA 2005
(iv) Money

1. What is difference between economic activities and non-economic activities? [16]
2. Why are women employed in low paid work? [16]
3. How will you explain the term unemployment? [16]
4. Identify the social and economic groups which are most vulnerable to poverty in India? [16]

5. What happens to the supply of food when there is a disaster or a calamity? [16]
6. Differentiate between seasonal hunger and chronic hunger. [16]
7. Why do we use averages? Are there any limitations to their use? Illustrate with your own examples related to development. [16]

8. How is the tertiary sector different from other sectors? Illustrate with a few examples. [16]
9. In situations with high risks credit might create further problems for the borrower. Explain. [16]
10. What do you understand by globalisation? Explain in your own words. [16]

SET – IV :
1. Why is educated unemployed, a peculiar problem of India? [16]
2. In which field do you think India can build the maximum employment opportunity? [16]

3. What has our government done to provide food security to the poor? Discuss any two schemes launched by the government. [16]
4. Explain how public sector contributes to the economic development of a nation. [16]
5. How does money solve the problem of double coincidence of wants? Explain with an example of your own. [16]

6. Why do developed countries want developing countries to liberalise their trade and investment? What do you think should the developing countries demand in return? [16]
7. Why are rules and regulations required in the market place? Illustrate with a few examples. [16]
8. Critically examine the progress of consumer movement in India. [16]
9. How would flexibility in labour laws help companies? [16]

10. Write short notes in any two:
(i) Demand and Supply
(ii) Modern form of money
(iii) National development
(iv) Indian Economy

SET – V :
1. Can you suggest some measures in the education system to mitigate the problem of the educated unemployed? [16]
2. Can you imagine some village which initially had no job opportunity but later came up with many? [16]
3. Which capital would you consider the best – land, labour, physical capital and human capital? Why? [16]
4. Describe global poverty trends. [16]
5. Describe current government strategy of poverty alleviation. [16]

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