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Organisation : Sido Kanhu Murmu University
Exam : B.Ed
Document Type : Model Question Paper
Category or Subject : English
Year : 2016 – 2017

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English Model Question Paper :

Subject : English (Set-I)
Full Marks : 80
Paper : CEC
Time : 03 hours

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Directions :
i. Candidates are required to give your answer in own words and sentences.
ii. Question no. 6 is compulsory. Out of other 9 questions answer any six questions.

1. Read the stanzas given below and answer the questions that follow each :
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry, I could not travel both
And be one traveler, tang I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth

(i) Where does the traveler find himself?
(ii) What problem does he face?
(iii) What does the word ‘a yellow wood’ mean to you?
(iv) Write the opposite of the word ‘diverged’.
(v) Give a appropriate title to the above piece of poetry.[10]

2. You are Rina, secretary of the cultural club of your school. Write a notice on a thanks giving programme organised by your school, giving necessary information about the event. [10]

3. Prepare a poster on kindness to animals to be displayed in the city public places appealing to people to show kindness to animals. [10]
4. Write an email to your brother informing him about your recent achievement. [10]

5. You are Reena, write a Job application against an advertisement for the post of teacher in a school.
6. Write about ‘William Shakespeare’ and his contribution in the world of poetry and drama. (200 words) [2×5= 10]

7. Reorder the following sentences to form meaningful sentences
(i) The/two/thieves/yesterday/caught/police.
(ii) Early/in the morning/takes/Sarla/her bath.
(iii) Watered/has not/the plants/so far/the gardener.
(iv) Since morning/has been/it/raining.
(v) Two hours/for/to his talk/had/we/been listening. [2×5= 10]

8. Combine the following simple sentences into compound sentences :
(i) The train was late. He felt impatient.
(ii) His wife had burnt the toast. He got angry.
(iii) He is a great player. This fact cannot be denied.
(iv) The two friends quarreled. I want to know the reason.
(v) It is going to rain. I am sure of it.[10]

9. Write first 8 lines of any poetry from your text book. [10]
10. Write a story in your own words from your text book. [10]

SET – II :
1. Read the stanzas given below and answer the questions that follow each :
Driving from my parent’s
home to Cochin last Friday
morning, I saw my mother,
beside me,
doze, open mouthed, her face
ashen like that
of a corpse and realised with pain
that she thought away,

(a) Where was the poet driving to? 10
(b) Who was sitting her?
(c) What did the poet notice about her mother?
(d) Why was her mother’s face looked like that of a corpse?
(e) Find the word from the passage which mean:
(i) Sleep slightly (ii) dead body (iii) Felt

2. Your school is organising a tour to Mumbai and Goa during the winter vacation. Write a notice giving detailed information to the students. you are Madhav, school pupil leader, St. Francis’s Senior Secondary School, Deoghar. [10]
3. Write out a poster for a play your school is putting up, as a ticketed show. [10]

4. You have placed an order for a few books with Mukesh Pustak Bandar, Ratanjee Road, Dhanbad. You have not received the books so for, write a letter to the bookshop complaining about the non-compliance of your orders. [10]

5. Applications are invited for the post of a Teacher in History in D.C.M Senior Secondary School, Kota, Rajasthan. Apply with particulars to the Principal, D.C.M Sr. Secondary School, Kota. [10]

6. Write about ‘William Shakespeare’s contribution in the field of poetry. (200 words) [1×10= 10]

7. Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles :
(i) Don’t be in such ……………. hurry.
(ii) Dry these boots in ……………. Sun.
(iii) We break up on ……………. fourth o July.
(iv) A bird in hand is work two in ……….. bush.
(v) ………….. minute you came, he ran off.
(vi) ………….. sick dog died yesterday.
(vii) Why do you want ………….. day’s leave?
(viii) Two men were seen in …………… old car.
(ix) It is ………. Hours distance from here.
(x) ………….. stitch in time saves nine. [2×5= 10]

8. Find out errors and correct them:
(i) At the party I will get a chance to meet many my classmates.
(ii) He is putting a lot weight.
(iii) Their all hard work went in vain.
(iv) Neither of them didn’t knew the answer.
(v) All of the field was flooded. [10]

9. What is Sonnet? Give a brief description.[10]
10. Write first 8 lines of a poetry from your text book. [10]

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