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Organisation : Sido Kanhu Murmu University
Exam : B.Ed
Document Type : Model Question Paper
Category or Subject : Contemporary India & Education
Year : 2016 – 2017

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Set I
Set II :
Set III :
Set IV :

Contemporary India & Education Question Paper :

Subject : Contemporary India & Education (Set-I)
Full Marks : 80
Paper : CC2
Time : 03 hours

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i. Candidates are required to give your answer in own words and sentences.
ii. All questions contain equal marks. Answer any five out of ten questions.

SET – I :
1. Define social diversity. Write impact of social diversity for universal education.

2. What are the constitutional values? Write role of constitutional values in formulating aims of education.
3. Define Fundamental Rights and Fundamental Duties. Discuss the relationship between Constitution and Education.

4. Write recommendations of NPE 1986 regarding reframing school education.
5. What is shaping of school education and education policies? Discuss it.
6. Discuss RTI Act. Write role of a teacher in context of inclusive education.

7. Write the role of diverse social groups in education of pre-independence era.
8. According to (1964-66) Kothari Commission what are the recommendation and their implementations on language and education?
9. Write about current research on multi-lingual education.

10. Write short notes on any two
(i) Grant-in-aid
(ii) SSA
(iii) NCF 2005
(iv) RMSA

SET – II :
1. What do you mean of social unequality? Social unequality is a medium of development in life, explain it.

2. Write down the contribution of different level of social unequality such as individual, language, class etc. What is the role of education in its context.
3. What is aim and objective of constitutional value in education according to Indian Constitution? What is the difference between constitution and education?

4. Explain the NPE ‘1986’ related to education. What is the importance in present scenario?
5. Explain the main component of SSA and write down its objectivs.
6. What is the role of teacher in universal and equal education? Describe it.

7. Why construct the Kothari Commission and write its recommendation on language and curriculum. Explain it.
8. What is the role of different society in development of new policies, community and education? Explain it.
9. In past independence India what are the thought of commissions over multiliguations?

10. Write short notes on any two
(i) Nai Taleem
(ii) Marginalized children
(iii) NCF 2005
(iv) Ma@ulay minute

1. What do you mean of social diversity? How the universaloration of education faced the challenges of social diversity? Explain. [16]
2. Write down the levels of social diversity. What are the variety of demands of social diversity and the role of education? [16]

3. Explain the main articles of education in Indian Constitution. What is the relation between education and constitution, explain it. [16]
4. Explain the National System of Education as contained in the NPE 1986. What is the present position in this regard? [16]

5. How you will organise school education on the basis of principles of education? Influence of school factor in education. Explain it. [16]
6. What do you understand of different social group? How New Talim, co-operation of society & development effecting the education? [16]
7. What is the role of constitutional values in construct of objectives of education? How to eradicate the differences? Discrimination and isolation in the field of education. [16]

8. What are the steps taken in language policy in context of Indian education policy since independence period? Explian. [16]
9. Explain the Multilingual education and language policy under the educational recommendations in context of multilingual education and medium of education in school. [16]
10. Explain the Major Recommendations regarding Kothari Commission. [16]

SET – IV :
1. What do you mean by social diversity? What are roles of social diversity in the life of human being? [16]
2. How does social diversity influences education? Explain “The language diversity is barriers in the development of education”. [16]
3. Write down the preamble of Indian constitution. Describe its main characteristics. [16]

4. Explain the principles of National Scheme of Education as stated in the Constitution of India? Write the provisions in Educational Right to Education Act’. [16]
5. Give light on educational planning made by NPE’ 86 and discuss the recommendations on different levels in education done by it.[16]

6. Explain the constitutional value of education and critically writes its role in attain in its educational objectives.
7. Explain the Constitutional Right of deprived children in the field of education. Write down those endevours which are done to bring them in mainstream. [16]

8. Describe the school system in post freedom and give light on recommendation made by any three commissions after freedom. [16]
9. Illustrate the role of RTE Act in present context. How much this Act became helpful for the education of the children belonged to deprive class? [16]

10. Short notes: any two
(a) RTE Act
(b) SSA
(c) RMSA
(d) NPE’ 86

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