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Organisation : Surat Urban Development Authority
Exam : SS101
Document Type : Sample Question Paper
Category or Subject : Soft Skills for Base Line Staff in Service sector

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Soft Skills for Base Line Staff in Service sector Sample Paper :

1. Every message we send should have a clear __________.
A) word
B) purpose

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C) spelling
D) ending

2.If we have to communicate with someone about a number of different topics, we should consider writing a ___________ email for each one.
A) common
B) separate
C) attached
D) combined

3. The abbreviation NEWS means-
A) North East West South
B) Never Eat While Sleeping
C) Night Ends While Sitting
D) North East We See

4. A speaker has to dress ________ for the presentation.
A) informally
B) casually
C) formally
D) clumsily

5. The girl in the picture is _____________.
A) Amazed
B) Nervous
C) Happy
D) Sleepy

Q-1. Another name of interpersonal communication is
A) Mass communication
B) Face to face public communication
C) Dyadic communication
D) Virtual reality

Q-2 Communication is a ___________
A) one way process
B) two way process.
C) three way process.
D) four way process

Q-3 Which of the following cannot work as an input unit
A) keyboard.
B) trackball.
C) lightpen.
D) none of the mentioned

Q-4 ——– if the first quality of business letter
A) Comprehensive
B) Correctness
C) Conciseness
D) Clarity

Q-5 AIf you hear a tannoy at the railway station what information is likely tobe announced?
A) who the station manager is
B) where to get a coffee
C) the next train departure
D) How to get a Job in Railway.

Q-6 ____ Means linking words and phrases together so that the whole text is clear and readable.
A) Cohesion
C) Conjunctions
D) Junctions

Q-7 Internet can be used for____________
A) uploading
B) downloading.
C) chatting.
D) all of these.
Q-8 __________refers to the time of action
A) Tense
B) Tense
D) Main verb

Q-9In the structure of the business letter what comes first
A) Reference
B) Date
D) Heading

Q-10Find out the prepositions from the following: The cat jumped off the chair
A) The

Q-11 He __________ his work after dinner?
a) Shall do
b) Will do
d) Is doing

Q-12Young one of Lion is called?
a) Chicken
c) Cub
d) Puppy

Q-13______ Is nothing but checking whether we have followed the earlier stages promptly and efficiently
A) Review
B) Reading
C) Recalling

Q-14Hi, Neha! What’s up?” This expression is an instance of
A)Formal expression
B)Informal expression
C)Both the above
D)None of the above

Q-15 Which term is often used interchangeably with the term “motivation”?
A) personality
B) emotion
C) need
D) perception

Q-1681Which one of the following was NOT listed as good material for an entertaining speech?
A) quotations
D) descriptions

Q-17 Her house is old……………………………………..
(a) fashioned
(b) constructed
(c) aged
(d) rooted

Q-18The ___________is awesome
a) weather

Q-19 Put the Correct Article: ______ apple in a day keeps the doctor away.
a) A
b) The
c) An
d) none

Q-20Money is not the solution ………………………every problem.
a) of
b) between
c) to
d) with

SS102 – Spoken English and Communication Skill :
Topic: Self Introduction : Filling up a Personal information sheet, Greetings & Wishes
1. Select the right statement to the statement made-
“I don’t think we’ve met before. I’m Rita”
A) Hi, Really! How nice.
B) Hi, I’m Asha. Pleased to meet you.
C) Sorry, what brings you here?
D) Okay, I’ll wait for your call.

Topic: My Family : Listing out family members. Relations and duties
1. Select the right relation- Mary and I have the same parents. So Mary is my
A) Mother
B) Grandmother
C) Sister
D) Wife

Topic: Getting a Job / Interview for Admission in School: Identifying various types of advertisement.
1. The abbreviation ‘etc. used as notes means-
A) and so on
B) all over
C) incomplete
D) nothing more

Topic: English at different place : Making effective communication with offices and get accustomed
with their work system
1. The acronym of the word PIN is –
A) Personal Interest Number
B) Point is Noted
C) Personal Identity Number
D) Please Indicate Number

2. The picture tells us that having a good classmate helps us in sharing our _________.
A) Notes
B) Benches
C) Pens
D) Bags

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