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Organisation : Surat Urban Development Authority
Exam : BEN 101
Document Type : Model Question Paper
Category or Subject : Accounting

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Accounting Theory Model Question Paper :

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)
1. Accounting is the process of matching?
A- Benefits and Coasts

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B- Revenues and Coasts
C- Cash Inflows and cash Outflows
D- Potential N Real Performance

2. What Is the Method of Summarizing and Classifying the Records of Financial Transactions in Monetary Terms?
A- Book Keeping
B- Auditing
C- Accountancy
D- Cost Accounting

3. The Two Terms in Manufacturing Cost Systems Are?
A- Manufacturing Costs
B- Prime Costs
C- Conversion Costs
D- Both B and C

4. Other Things Held Constant, Which of the Following Will Not Affect the Current Ratio, Assuming an Initial Current Ratio Greater Than 1.0?
A- Fixed Assets Are Sold For Cash
B- Long-Term Debt Is Issued To Pay off Current Liabilities
C- Accounts Receivable Are Collected
D- Cash Is Used To Pay Off Accounts Payable.

5. Management Accounting Is?
A- A Clerical Work
B- Accounting for Future
C- A Recording Technique of Management Related Transitions
D- An Analysis of the Past Business Activities.

6. Other Things Held Constant, Which Of The Following Will Not Affect The Quick Ratio?
(Assume That Current Assets Equal Current Liabilities)
A- Fixed Assets Are Sold For Cash
B- Cash Is Used To Purchase Inventories
C- Cash Is Used To Pay Off Accounts Payable
D- Accounts Receivable Are Collected

7. The Problem Related To Price-Rise Are Handles Under?
A- Management Accounting
B- Cost Accounting
C- Inflation Accounting
D- Financial Accounting

8. The Direct Material Costs Are Added Into Direct Manufacturing Costs To Calculate?
A- Discuss Costs
B- Prime Costs
C- Resale Cost
D- Merchandise Costs

9. The Cost Computed By Dividing Total Manufacturing Cost And Total Units Manufactured Is Classified As?
A- Per Unit Cost
B-Total Cost
C-Total Indirect Cost
D-Total Effective Cost

10. Which menu is used to create new ledgers, groups and voucher types in Tally?
A- Reports
B- Import
D- Masters

11. Which option is used in Tally to make changes in created company?
A-Select Company
B- Shut Company
C- Alter
D- None of these

12. Which option is selected from Company Info Menu to divide company data into two financial years?
A- Change Tally Vault
B- Alter
C- Split Company Data
D-New Company

13. Which submenu is used to create new ledgers, groups and voucher types in Tally?
A- Account Info.
B- Inventory Info.
C- Accounting Vouchers
D- Inventory Vouchers

14. Which of the Following Is Not Available In the Financial Statement of Accounting?
A-Total Sales
B-Total Profit And Loss
C- Loss from Fire
D- None of The Above

15. Which option is used to view VAT or TDS computation?
A- Accounts Books
B- Statutory Books
C- Display
D- Inventory Books

16. Transferring Entries From Journal To Ledger Account Is Commonly Known As?
A- Recording
B- Transferring
C- Posting
D- Entry Making

17. Which of the following voucher is used to record transactions that do not affect bank & cash?
A- Journal Voucher
B- Receipt Voucher
C- Payment Voucher
D- Nominal Voucher

18.An accounting system is used by a business to:
A- Analyze transactions
B- Handle routine bookkeeping tasks
C- Structure information
D- All of the given options

19.Which of the following Organization converts raw material into finished goods?
A-Trading concern
B- Manufacturing concern
C- Merchandising concern
D- Service concern

20. Which of the following is an example of direct materials cost?
A- Production worker’s wages
B- Depreciation expenses
C- A piece of wood for the production of chair
D- Polish and finishing material for chair

21. In the cost of goods sold statement, the sum of labor cost and the factory over head is known as:
A- Conversion cost
B- Prime cost
C-Total factory cost
D- Cost of goods manufactured

22. Which of the following particular/s is/are included in payment voucher?
A- Name of organization
B- Cash payment
C- Date
D- All of the given options

23. Bank Conciliation Statement Is
a? A- Part of Cash Book
B-Part of Bank Account
C- Part of Financial Statement
D- None Of Above

24. In Income Measurement and Recognisation Of Assets And Liabilities Which Of The Following Concepts Goes Together?
A- Periodicity, Accrual, Matching
B- Cost Accrual, Matching
C- Going Concern, Cost, Realization
D- Going Concern, Periodicity, Reliability

25. Which ledger is created by Tally automatically as soon as we create a new company?
A- Cash
B- Profit & Loss A/c.
C- Capital A/c.
D- A and B both

26. Which of the Following Is Not a Fundamental Accounting Concept?
A- Going Concern
B- Consistency
C- Conservatism
D- Accrual

27. Accounting Does Not Record Non-Financial Concepts Because Of?
A- Accrual Concept
B- Cost Concept
C- Continuity Concept
D- Money Measurement Concept

28. The Difference Between The Budgeted Amounts And The Actual Results Is Classified As?
A- Standard Deviation
B- Variances
C- Mean Average
D- Weighted Average

29. The Manager Who Is Responsible For Investments Of The Company, Its Costs And Revenues Is Classified As?
A- Profit Center
B- Investment Center
C- Cost Center
D- Revenue Center

30. The Arrangement Of Line Of Authority Within The Company Is Classified As?
A- Company Structure
B- Organization Structure
C- Line of Authority
D- Line of Responsibility

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