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Organisation : Surat Urban Development Authority
Exam : AUR 701 & 703
Document Type : Model Assessment Question Paper
Category or Subject : Basic Automotive Servicing 2 wheeler 3 wheeler

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Basic Automotive Servicing Model Question Paper :

Section-A :
Multiple Choice Questions :(MCQ)
1. Overhead camshaft engines will not have
(A) Tappet
(B) Rocker shaft

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(C) Poppet valve
(D) Push rod

2. Poppet valves are not present in
(A) 2 stroke petrol engines
(B) 4 stroke petrol engines
(C) 4 stroke L.P.G. engines
(D) 4 stroke diesel engines

3. Tappet clearance is measured by
(A ) Feeler gauge
(B) Dial gauge
(C) Vernier caliper
(D) Micro meter

4. The connecting rod big end bearing for multi cylinder engines are
(A) Bush bearing
(B) Ball bearing
(C) Shell bearing
(D) Roller bearing

5. The number of universal joints used in the propeller shaft of a front engine rear drive car is
(A) 1
(B) 2
(C) 3
(D) 4

6. The alternators in automobiles are driven by
(A) Gear drive
(B) Chain and sprocket drive
(C) V-belt drive
(D) Flat belt drive

7. MPFI engines will not have
(A) Fuel injectors
(B) Carburetor
(C) Fuel pump
(D) Spark plugs

8. Starter motors used in Automobiles are
(A) D.C. series motor
(B) D.C. shunt motor
(C) D.C. Compound motor
(D) A.C. Squirrel cage motor

9. The SAE grade of lubricant oil used of the engine lies between
(A) 5 & 10
(B) 10 & 20
(C) 20 & 40
(D) 40 & 80

10. Number of differential units in a 4 wheel drive vehicle is
(A) 1
(B) 2
(C) 3
(C) 4

11. Why brakes are used
a) to avoid accidents
b) to stop the vehicle
c) to start the vehicle
d) to run the vehicle

12. Work of coolent is to
a) heat the engine parts
b) lubricate the engine
c) cool the engine
d) improve the efficiency

13. Effect of proper greasing
A will reduce excess heating
B cool the engine parts
C will heat the engine
D none of the above

14. Third stroke of the Petrol engine cycle is
A exhaust strok
e B intake stroke
C compression stroke D combustion stroke

15. During which stroke power is generated in engine….
A exhaust stroke
B intake stroke
C compression stroke
D combustion stroke

16. Which fastening method uses the shape of the components to hold them together?
A) mechanical fastening
B) bonding
C) forming
D) none of the above

17. What is the tool used to form external threads?
A) crest
B) die
C) chamfer
D) tap

18. What defines the distance a screw will travel when rotated 360 degrees?
A) crest
B) root
C) pitch
D) lead

19. All of the following are part of the English thread specification, except:
A) thread form
B) major diameter
C) tap drill
D) class of fit

20. All of the following are part of a metric thread specification, except:
A) general purpose tolerance
B) pitch
C) nominal size
D) thread series

21. Which type of threaded fastener was designed to prevent rotation between parts?
A) bolt
B) set screw
C) stud
D) cap screw

22. Which type of nut was not designed to prevent slippage?
A) hexagon
B) jam
C) castle
D) slotted

23. Which key type has a semicircular shape?
A) square
B) Gib head
C) Pratt & Whitney
D) Woodruff

24. This type of thread is a thread on the inside of a member:
a. Basic thread
b. External thread
c. Internal thread
d. Major diameter thread

25. This is the smallest diameter of a screw thread:
a. Internal thread diameter
b. Minor diameter
c. Major diameter
d. External thread diameter

Modular Employable Skills :
Basic Automotive Servicing 2 wheeler 3 wheeler :
cam shaft, 1 – 3 – 4 – 2, 1 – 2 – 3 – 4, SAE 90, SAE 40, crank shaft, Helical gears, Wheel bearing, Spiral gears :  5X1
1. SAE No. of the lubricating oil used in gear boxes is ……………………………..
2. ………………….. is not lubricated with lubricating oil.
3…………………………………………….. is used in synchromesh gear boxes.
4. The distributor of a petrol engines is driven by …………………………………………
5. The firing order of a 4 cylinder petrol engine is …………………..

True/False  : 5 ×1
1. The clutch housing of a four wheeler is bolted to The engine fly wheel.
2. Wheel bearing is not lubricated with lubricating oil.
3. Clutch is not lubricated in a four wheeler.
4. The speedometer drive for a 4 wheeler is taken from Front axle.
5. Fuel pump of an MPFI engine is located In the fuel tank.

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