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Organisation : CEE Kerala
Exam Name : KEAM Kerala Engineering/Pharmacy Entrance Examinations
Document Type : Question Paper
Year : 2024
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CEE Kerala KEAM Question Paper

If a freely falling body covers 80 m in the first 4 seconds , then in the next 4 seconds it covers a distance of
A ) 160 m
B ) 240 m
C ) 320 m
D ) 80 m
E ) 100 m

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Find the TRUE statement of the algebraic operations of scalar and vector quantities
A ) Adding two scalars of different dimension is possible
B ) Adding a scalar to a vector of same dimension is possible
C ) Multiplying any two scalars is possible
D ) Multiplying any vector by any scalar is not possible
E ) Adding any two vectors is not possible

A car moving with a speed, v is stopped at a distance d by a retarding force F. The force needed to stop the same car moving with the speed 3v within the same distance is
A ) 3F
B ) 6F
C ) 8F
D ) 9F
E ) 12F

The collision in which the two colliding particles move together after collision is called
A ) completely inelastic collision
B ) elastic collision
C ) partial inelastic collision
D ) collision without transfer of energy
E ) partial elastic collision

The analogy between linear motion and rotational motion are given. The FALSE one is
A ) Force : Torque
B ) Linear Displacement : Angular displacement
C ) Mass : Moment of inertia
D ) Linear momentum : Angular momentum
E ) Translational energy : Vibrational energy

If a planet orbits the sun in an elliptical orbit the quantities associated with the planet that remain constant are
A ) kinetic energy and total energy
B ) potential energy and angular momentum
C ) linear speed and angular velocity
D ) total energy and angular momentum
E ) kinetic energy and angular velocity

For the flow of incompressible liquid through a pipe, the Venturi-meter is used to measure the
A ) pressure of liquid
B ) volume of flow
C ) speed of flow
D ) temperature of liquid
E ) mass of liquid flown

Two gases under the same thermal conditions have same number of molecules per unit volume. If the respective molecular diameters of the gases are in the ratio 1 : 3, then their respective mean free paths are in the ratio
A ) 1 : 1
B ) 1 : 3
C ) 3 : 1
D ) 9 : 1
E ) 4 : 9

If an ideal gas, in an insulated vessel is allowed to expand into another similar evacuated vessel through a valve then
A ) external work is done on the gas
B ) the pressure of the gas is doubled
C ) the volume of the gas is doubled
D ) the pressure of the gas remains same
E ) the temperature of the gas is increased

In a Carnot engine, the temperature of the sink is 350 K. If the efficiency of the engine is 50 %, the temperature of the source should be
A ) 700 K
B ) 750 K
C ) 800 K
D ) 900 K
E ) 1000 K

The total energy of a gas mixture of one mole of oxygen and 3 moles of argon at a temperature T by neglecting vibrational modes is
A ) 5 RT
B ) (7/2) RT
C ) (5/2) RT
D ) 9 RT
E ) 7 RT

The equipotential surface is
A ) a plane for a point charge
B ) spherical for a dipole
C ) cylindrical for a dipole
D ) spherical for a point charge
E ) cylindrical for a point charge

The work done by a source in taking a unit charge from lower to higher potential energy is called the source’s
A ) electric current
B ) electric conductivity
C ) electric field intensity
D ) electromotive force
E ) electric flux

If a charged particle enters a uniform magnetic field B , with a velocity v such that v has a component along B , then the charged particle describes
A ) a circular path
B ) an elliptical path
C ) a straight line
D ) a helical path
E ) a parabolic path

A proton with kinetic energy of 2 MeV is describing a circular path of radius R in a uniform magnetic field. The kinetic energy of the deuteron to describe the same circular path in the same field is
A ) 0.5 MeV
B ) 1 MeV
C ) 2 MeV
D ) 4 MeV
E ) 0.25 MeV

Two straight long parallel wires carrying equal amount of current in opposite directions placed at 5 cm apart are repel each other by a force F. If the current in one of wire is doubled and reversed, then the force between them is
A ) 2 F and attractive
B ) F/2 and repulsive
C ) F and repulsive
D ) 2F and repulsive
E ) F/2 and attractive

The mutual inductance between a pair of coils A and B placed close to each other depends upon
A ) the rate of change of current in A
B ) the rate of change of current in A and B
C ) the material of the wire of the coils
D ) the relative position and orientation of A and B
E ) the direction of flow of current in B

The electromagnetic waves used in LASIK and cell phones are respectively
A ) microwaves and radio waves
B ) ultraviolet rays and radio waves
C ) infrared rays and micro waves
D ) X- rays and radio waves
E ) radio waves and visible rays

In an Young double slit experiment without varying the distance of the screen and the slit separation if the wavelength of monochromatic source is changed one by one in the ratio 2 : 3 : 4 then the corresponding fringe widths measured will be in the ratio
A ) 4 : 3 : 2
B ) 1 : 2 : 3
C ) 2 : 3 : 4
D ) 6 : 4 : 3
E ) 3 : 4 : 6

Which one of the following phenomena does not occur when a white light falls on an equilateral glass prism?
A ) Reflection
B ) Refraction
C ) Dispersion
D ) Deviation
E ) Interference

The de Broglie wavelength associated with the electrons accelerated by a potential of 81 V is lying in the region of electromagnetic waves
A ) ultraviolet rays
B ) infrared rays
C ) microwaves
D ) X- rays

If the frequency of the incident light on a metal surface is increased by 10% then the kinetic energy of the emitted photoelectrons is increased from 0.5eV to 0.7 eV. Then the work function of the metal is
A ) 1 eV
B ) 1.2 eV
C ) 1.5 eV
D ) 1.8 eV
E ) 2 eV

What is KEAM Examination?

** KEAM 2024 examination time for the admission to Engineering/ Pharmacy Courses for the academic year 2024-2025 is published. The Computer Based Test (CBT) for Engineering examination will be conducted from 05.06.2024 to 09.06.2024, 2.00 PM to 5.00 PM.

** Candidates appearing for Engineering Course should report at 11.30 AM to 1.30 PM at examination centres. Computer Based Test for Pharmacy Examination will be conducted on 10.06.2024, 3.30 PM to 5.00PM.

** Candidates appearing for Pharmacy Examination should report at 1.00 PM to 3.00 PM at examination centres. Revised admit card can be downloaded from the candidate portal.

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