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Organisation : LBS Centre for Science & Technology
Entrance Exam : Kerala State Design Aptitude Test KSDAT
Document Type : Previous Question Paper
Year : 2023
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LBS Centre Kerala KSDAT Question Paper

1. ——- became famous for the law related to the magnitude of heat due to current.
A) Prescott Joule
B) James watt
C) Hans Christian Oersted
D) Michael Faraday

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2. Which one of the following does not take place when a person is affected by electric shock?
A) The body temperature of the victim decreases
B) Viscosity of the blood decreases
C) Body muscles contract
D) Clotting of blood takes place

3. There will be 6.022 X 10 power 23 carbon atoms in ——– gm of carbon.
A) 16
B) 8
C) 6
D) 12

4. The first organic compound that was prepared in a laboratory:
A) Chloroform
B) Glycerol
C) Urea
D) Glucose

5. The gland of the human body which secretes the hormone glucagon:
A) Pancreas
B) Pituitary gland
C) Gonads
D) Adrenal Gland

6. Irregular movement of muscles in human beings takes place due to ——–.
A) Epilepsy
B) Parkinson’s disease
C) Alzheimer’s disease
D) Asthma

7. Article 51A of the Constitution of India pertains to ———.
A) Qualifications for election as the President of India
B) Fundamental duties of Citizens
C) Protection of Human Rights
D) Life and Personal Liberty of Citizens

8. Yanam was under the Rule of ——– Government before 1954.
A) Portuguese
B) British
C) Dutch
D) French

9. What is the time required for the Earth to complete the rotation of 10 longitude?
A) 4 minutes
B) 8 minutes
C) 60 minutes
D) 1440 minutes

10. The hot wind blowing in the north Indian Plain:
A) Doctor
B) Mango showers
C) Loo
D) Chinook

11. The country which produces the largest amount of Rare Earths in the world:
A) Russia
B) India
C) Brazil
D) China

12. The ministry in the Union Government implementing the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS):
A) Labour
B) Rural development
C) Finance
D) Human resource Development

13. On which day Mother’s Day is celebrated in India?
A) The second Sunday of May
B) The first Sunday of May
C) The last Sunday of April
D) The first Sunday of April

14. Kandy, Vavuniya and Batticaloa are major cities in ——–.
A) Bangladesh
B) Nepal
C) Sri Lanka
D) Bhutan

15. Who is the present President of Ukraine?
A) Vahagn Khachaturyan
B) Rumen Radev
C) Zoran Milanovic
D) Volodymyr Zelenskyy

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KSDAT Kerala State Design Aptitude Test :

Instructions To Candidates

1. Fill in the OMR sheet carefully as per the instructions given on the back of the OMR Sheet / Admit Card. OMR sheet not correctly filled in will not be valued.
2. Write your Roll Number (all eight digits) and Version as A on the Question Booklet and on the left hand side of the OMR sheet (basic data part).
3. The examination consists of 100 Objective type multiple choice questions, which are to be answered in 100 minutes.
4. After opening the Question Booklet ensure that there are 100 Questions and that the printing of all the questions are legible. If there are any missing or illegibly printed questions, the matter may be reported to the Invigilator immediately.

5. There are 4 options (A, B, C & D) for each objective type question. Mark the most appropriate answer to each question by blackening fully the corresponding bubble in the OMR sheet with a black/blue ink ball point pen. For every correct answer 1 mark will be awarded.

** No deduction of mark will be made for incorrect answer and unanswered questions. Marking of more than one bubble against a question number in the OMR sheet shall be considered as an incorrect answer. Erasing, overwriting, partial marking, etc. shall also be treated as incorrect answer.

6. Rough work and calculations can be made in the blank pages attached to the question booklet. Watch, Calculator, Mobile phone, Electronic instruments etc. shall not be allowed in the examination hall.
7. The OMR Sheet and the Hall Ticket should be returned to the Invigilator. The Counterfoil of the Hall Ticket and Question Booklet and candidates copy of the OMR answer sheet can be retained by the candidate after the examination.

8. Answer keys will be published in the website after the examination. Complaints, if any, from the candidates regarding the questions, responses / probable answer may be sent to the Email id ddcc.lbs[AT] before 5.00 p.m. within three calendar days from the date of publication of the answer keys.

9. The Answer sheet of candidates who indulge in malpractice in any form shall not be valued.
10. The candidates will be allowed to leave the hall only after the completion of the examination time and after handing over the Answer sheet to the Invigilator.

Pattern of Examination for KSDAT

The pattern of examination is as follows:
Subject : Social and Basic sciences (10th level)
Topics : Social sciences (World History, Economics, World Geography, World politics) Basic Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
No of Questions : 10

Subject : General knowledge
Topics : Current affairs, Indian culture, Inventions, Environment, Sports, Famous books, and authors
No of Questions : 20

Subject : English Language
Topics : Basic Grammar & Comprehension
No of Questions : 20

Subject : Numerical ability and Analytical Aptitude
Topics : Basic level (Problems of age, speed, and distance, ratio and proportion, percentage, average, missing numbers, simple interest)
No of Questions : 20

Subject : Design Awareness
Topics : Visual logic, logical reasoning, pattern recognition, 3d spatial awareness, creativity, design thinking and problem solving, elements and principles of design. visualization, and representation techniques
No of Questions : 30

Number of Questions -100
Total Marks – 100
Each question carries – 1 Mark
Total Time -100 Minutes
Mode of questions – Objective type multiple choice.
Medium of examination – English

** All questions will be of objective type and will be given in the form of a Question Booklet. Each answer with correct response shall be awarded one mark. More than one answer indicated against a question will be deemed as incorrect response. No marks will be deducted for incorrect response.

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