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Anna University TANCET Question Paper Tamilnadu Common Entrance Test

Organisation : Anna University, Chennai
Exam Name : Tamilnadu Common Entrance Test (TANCET)
Document Type : Question Paper
Year : 2023
Website :

Tamilnadu Common Entrance Test Question Paper

1. Which of the following numbers completely divides (461+462+463+464)?
a. 9
b. 11
c. 10
d. 7

2. In how many ways can 10 engineers and 4 doctors be seated at a round table if all the 4 doctors sit together?
a. 10!×4!
b. 10!10!
c. 13!×4!
d. 14!

3. What is log5 200 × log200 125?
a. 25
b. 6
c. 5
d. 3

4. How many signals can be made using 6 different colored flags when any number of them can be hoisted at a time?
a. 2020
b. 1720
c. 1956
d. 1822

5. 5 coins are tossed together. What is the probability of getting exactly 2 heads?
a. 1/2
b. 7/16
c. 5/16
d. 4/11

6. In 100 meters race, A covers the distance in 36 seconds and B in 45 seconds. In this race A beats B by:
a. 20 meters
b. 9 meters
c. 22.5 meters
d. 25 meters

7. There are two buildings P and Q. If 15 persons are sent from P to Q, then the number of persons in each building is the same. If 20 persons are sent from Q to P, then the number of persons in P is double the number of persons in Q. How many persons are there in building P?
a. 140
b. 90
c. 80
d. 120

8. A boy was asked to multiply a number by 22. He instead multiplied the number by 44 and got the answer 308 more than the correct answer. What was the number to be multiplied?
a. 10
b. 12
c. 16
d. 14

9. John gets on the elevator at the 14th floor of a building and rides up at the rate of 84 floors per minute. At the same time, Vinod gets on an elevator at the 58th floor of the same building and rides down at the rate of 92 floors per minute. If they continue travelling at these rates, then at which floor will their paths cross?
a. 32
b. 36
c. 38
d. 35

10. Find the odd man out: 5, 6, 14, 45, 185, 925, 5556
a. 925
b. 185
c. 66
d. 5556

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Instructions To Candidates

1. Do not open the Question Book until the Hall Superintendent gives the signal for the commencement of the examination.

2. Write your Name, your Registration Number and the Name of your Examination Centre (as found in the HALL TICKET) and sign in the space provided above. Other than these and what is mentioned in item 6 below, do not write or mark anything anywhere on the Question Book.

3. After the commencement of the examination, open the Question Book and take out the ANSWER SHEET. If the Question Book or the Answer Sheet is not in good condition then ask for immediate replacement. No replacement will be made 5 minutes after the commencement of the examination.

4. Write and shade your Registration Number and Question Book Number and write the Name of the Examination Centre and put your signature in the Answer Sheet in the spaces provided.

5. The Question Book contains 100 questions. Answer all the questions. They carry equal marks.
6. The last few pages of the Question Book are blank except for the words ‘FOR ROUGH WORK’. You can make any relevant rough calculations on these pages.
7. Each correct answer carries 1 mark. For every wrong answer 3 1 mark will be deducted.
8. Shade, with black ball point pen, one of the four options against each question number in the Answer Sheet which according to you corresponds to the correct answer.
9. Answers with multiple shading will be considered as wrong answer.
10. Use the Answer Sheet carefully. No spare Answer Sheet will be given.

11. At the end of the examination when the Hall Superintendent announces ‘Stop Writing’, you must stop writing immediately and handover the Answer sheet to Hall Superintendent.

12. When you have completed answering, stand up and remain in your place. The Hall Superintendent will come to you and collect your Answer Sheet. Under no circumstances should be taken out of the Examination Hall. No candidate shall leave the Hall until the Answer Sheet is collected.

13. No candidate can leave the Hall during the first 30 minutes and the last 15 minutes of the examination.
14. No candidate can re–enter the Hall after leaving.
15. Calculator, tables or any other calculating devices and cell phone are strictly prohibited for this examination.

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