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DAIICT Ph.D. Entrance Test Sample Question Paper 2020

Organisation : DAIICT Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology
Contest Name : Ph.D. Entrance Test
Document Type : Sample Question Paper 2020
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DAIICT Ph.D. Entrance Test

DAIICT Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology, Ph.D. Entrance Test (Sample Questions) Engineering Disciplines

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1. The question paper has two parts. Part I is mandatory. In Part II, you can attempt any ONE of the following two subject papers: Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) or Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE).

2. Note that this paper contains only a few sample questions from courses/areas mentioned in the syllabus. The format of the question paper may change, the candidates are requested to only focus on the questions.

3. The actual question paper will have 40 questions. Each question carries 2 marks. Total: 80 marks.

4. Calculator is allowed. Cellular phone and other electronic gadgets are NOT allowed in the examination hall.

Sample Questions

1. The sample space corresponding to an experiment of counting the number of voice packets of silence produced by a group of N speakers in a 10 milli sec. period is _________

Ans: S = 0; 1; 2; :::::;N

2. A shipment of components consists of three identical boxes. One box has 2000 components of which 25% are defective, the second box contains 5000 components of which 20% are defective and the third box has 2000 components of which 600 are defective. A box is selected at random and a component removed at random. The probability that this component is defective is _________ . The probability that it was taken out from the second box is _________

Ans: 0:25 and 4=15

Data Structures and Algorithms:
1. An algorithm takes 20 msec for an input size of 1000. If the algorithm has a quadratic growth rate, it would take approximately __________ msec to solve a problem of size 10000.

Ans: 2000.

2. If we add a directed edge to a directed graph with s strongly connected components, the number of strongly connected components in the resulting graph can equal any number between __________and__________ .

Ans:1 and 5.

Operating Systems:
1. Assume three jobs arrive at approximately the same time, but Job A arrives slightly before Job B, and Job B arrives slightly before Job C. Job A takes 2 seconds of CPU, Job B takes 8 seconds, and Job C takes 7 seconds. Assume a time-slice of 1 second. Given a Round-Robin scheduler, the turnaround time of Job B _____________ will be seconds.

Ans: 17

2. Consider the following components of program state: register values, heap memory, global variables, and stack memory. Exactly two of these components are shared across threads in a multi-threaded process. They are _____________and_____________

Ans: Global variables, heap memory.

Computer Networks:
1. A particular computer is on an Ethernet LAN and runs TCP/IP. An application on the computer sends some data across the LAN. The first byte in the Ethernet payload field will be ________ the byte of the________ .

Ans: first, IP header

2. Consider the Go-Back-N (GBN) and Selective Repeat (SR) automatic repeat request protocols. Let the window size be W. The sender side of GBN uses ________ timer(s) and the sender side of SR uses ________ timer(s).

Ans:1, W

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