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J&K BOPEE Question Paper CET Common Entrance Test for B.Sc. Nursing/ B.Sc. Paramedical Courses Jammu Kashmir :

Organisation : J&K Board of Professional Entrance Examinations J&K BOPEE Jammu Kashmir
Exam Name : CET Common Entrance Test for B.Sc. Nursing/ B.Sc. Paramedical Courses
Document Type : Question Paper
Year : 2020, 2021, 2023
Website :

J&K BOPEE CET Question Paper

Entrance Test for B.Sc. Nursing/ B.Sc. Paramedical Courses – 2021 Question Booklet
Maximum Time Allowed: 3 Hours
Negative Marking : 0.25 Marks
No. of Questions: 180
Maximum Marks: 180

In cDNA cloning of ripening-related genes in tomato fruit, what is the role of pT0M6 clone in ripening process?
A) Red coloration
B) Fruit softening
C) Ripening trigger
D) Stop ripening

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In a single flower with many stamens, when development of stamen maturation starts at the outside and then gradually towards the center, what is the term used to describe for such an androecium?
A) Basifixed
B) Centrifugal
D) Connective

Which of the following steps is involved in closure of stomata during night time?
A) Increase in turgor pressure of the guard cells
B) Hydrolysis of starch Into sugars due to increase in pH
C) Formation of starch from soluble sugars due to decrease in pH
D) Increase in osmotic concentration

Read the following statements regarding function of radial spokes the axoneme component of cilia and flagella and choose the CORRECT option:
A) It is the principal components of microtubules
B) It holds adjacent microtubule doublets together
C) It extend from each of the nine outer doublets inward to the central pair
D) It projects from microtubule doublets and interact with adjacent doublets and produce bending

Which of the following Is INCORRECT about hypophosphatemia?
A) Decreased Intake or absorption of Pi
B) Renal phosphate loss
C) Non-heritable
D) Transcellular shifts of Pi from extracellular to intraceilular space

Convergent evolution is organisms independently evolve organisms independently evolve
A) when different similar traits
B) when different different traits
C)change in the frequency of alleles in populations of organisms from generation to generation
D) movement of genes into or through a population by interbreeding

Flowers having two long and two short stamens are known as
A) Diadelphous
B) Didynamous
C) Monadelphous

Which of the following structural features about human oviducts Is INCORRECT?
A) They are paired tubes extending from near each ovary to the top of the uterus
B) Nearest to ovary, the oviduct has a funnel-shaped portion known as oviductal infundlbulum
C) The point at which the oviduct empties into the uterine cavity Is termed as oviductal ampulla
D) Middle layer of oviducts consists of smooth muscles which helps in transport of ovum towards the uterus

Which of the following type of Tap root system modification is found in Radish?
A) Tuberous
6) Conical
C) Fusiform
D) Napiform

Inbreeding is the production of offspring from the mating or breeding of individuals or organisms that are closely related genetically. Which of the following Is reduced through Inbreeding?
A) Mutations
B) Homozygosity
C) Genetic diversity
D)Congenital defects

Which of the following statements is CORRECT regarding Apopiast pathway of movement of water In plants?
A) The movement of water is aided by cytoplasmic streaming
B) The neighbouring cells are connected through cytoplasmic strands that extend through plasmodesmata
C) The movement of water occurs exclusively through the intercellular spaces and the walls of the cells
D) The water has to enter the cells through the cell membrane, hence the movement Is relatively slower

Which of the following is an example of autosomal dominant disorder?
A) Cystic fibrosis
B) Huntlngton’s disease
C)Sickle cell anemia
D)Tay Sachs disease

Important Instructions Of Question Booklet

Please read the following instructions carefully:
1) Check the booklet thoroughly: In case of any defect -Misprint, missing question(s) or duplication of question(s) / Page(s), get the booklet changed with the booklet of the same series from the Room Invigilator. No complaint shall be entertained after the entrance test is over.

2) Write your Roll Number and the OMR Answer Sheet Number on the question booklet.

3) Mark carefully your Roll Number, Question Booklet Number, Paper Code, Question Booklets series and Course on the OMR Answer sheet and sign at the appropriate place. Candidates shall be personally responsible for any mistake committed in making these entries In the OMR Answer Sheet. Board shall under no circumstances be responsible for any such mistake.

4) Strictly follow the instructions given by the Centre Supervisor / Room Invigilator and those given on the Question Booklet.

5) Candidates are not allowed to carry any papers, notes, books, calculators, cellular phones, scanning devices, pagers etc. to the Examination Hall. Any candidate found using, or in possession of such unauthorized material, indulging in copying or impersonation or adopting unfair means / reporting late / without Admit Card will be debarred from the written test.

6) Please mark the right responses on the OMR Sheet with ONLY a Blue/Black ball point pen. Use of eraser, whitener (fluid) and cutting on the OMR Answer Sheet is NOT allowed.

7) The test is of objective type containing multiple choice questions (MCQs). Each objective question is followed by four responses. Your task is to choose the correct/best response and mark your response on the OMR Answer Sheet and NOT on the Question Booklet.

8) There will be negative marking of 0.25 marks for every wrong answer.
9) For marking response to a question, completely darken the CIRCLE so that the alphabet inside the CIRCLE is not visible
10) Please be careful while marking the response to questions. The response once marked cannot be changed and if done shall be treated as wrong answer.
11) In view of the tight time span, do NOT waste your time on a question which you find to be difficult.

12) DO NOT make any stray marks anywhere in or around the oval on the OMR Answer Sheet. It will be read as double shading and will make answer invalid. DO NOT fold or wrinkle the OMR Answer Sheet.

13) Rough work MUST NOT be done on the OMR Answer Sheet. Use your test booklet for this purpose.

14) Candidates are provided carbonless OMR Answer Sheet having original copy and candidate’s copy. After completing the examination, candidates are directed to fold at perforation on the top of the sheet, tear it to separate original copy and candidate’s copy and then hand over the original copy of OMR Answer Sheet to the Room Invigilator and take candidate’s copy with them.

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