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WBJEEB JENPAS UG Old Question Paper : West Bengal Joint Entrance Examinations Board

Organisation : West Bengal Joint Entrance Examinations Board (WBJEEB)
Exam Name : JENPAS UG
Document Type : Old Question Paper
Year : 2023
Website :

WBJEEB JENPAS UG Old Question Paper

Duration : 90 Minutes
No. of MCQ : 100
Full Marks : 115

Category-1 (Q. 1 to 25)
(Carry 1 mark each. Only one option is correct. Negative marks:̶ ¼)
1. Which of the following atom has no isotope ?
(A) F
(B) Cl
(C) Br
(D) I

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2. How many moles of carbon makes 3.6 g of carbon ?
(A) 0.3 mole
(B) 0.03 mole
(C) 0.003 mole
(D) 3 mole

3. pH of acid is
(A) equal to 7
(B) greater than 0 and less than 7
(C) greater than 7 and less than 14
(D) equal to 14

4. Ring test ascertains
(A) H2SO4
(B) HNO3
(C) HCl

5. In which of the following condition the work done by a force is zero ?
(A) The force acts on a body at an angle 180° to the direction of its displacement.
(B) The force acts on a body at an angle 120° to the direction of its displacement.
(C) The force acts on a body at an angle 90° to the direction of its displacement.
(D) The force acts on a body at an angle 0° to the direction of its displacement.

6. The volume of a certain amount of ideal gas at 30°C and 200 cm of Hg pressure is 90 ml. The gas is expanded to 300 ml keeping the temperature constant, then the pressure of the expanded gas is
(A) 40 cm Hg
(B) 50 cm Hg
(C) 60 cm Hg
(D) 80 cm Hg

7. The volume of 64 g O2 at STP is
(A) 11.2 lit
(B) 22.4 lit
(C) 44.8 lit
(D) 33.6 lit

8. Which of the following has the highest thermal conductivity ?
(A) Silver
(B) Copper
(C) Aluminium
(D) Water

9. The co-efficient of volume expansion of any ideal gas is
(A) 273/°C
(B) 273 /°C
(C) 373/°C
(D) 1 373 /°C

10. When the object lies at infinite distance in front of concave mirror then the nature of the image is
(A) real and erect
(B) real and inverted
(C) virtual and erect
(D) virtual and inverted

11. Which part of human eye plays the role of light-proof chamber ?
(A) eyeball
(B) eye-lens
(C) retina
(D) sclera

12. Resistances of two coils of wire are 9 Ω and 18 Ω. If these coils be connected in parallel combination, then what will be the equivalent resistance ?
(A) 6 Ω
(B) 18 Ω
(C) 27 Ω
(D) 3 Ω

13. During the emission of γ-ray
(A) mass number increases
(B) mass number decreases
(C) mass number does not change
(D) neutron number decreases

14. The correct order of electronegativity is
(A) Cl > Br > F > I
(B) I < Cl < Br < F
(C) F > Cl < Br > I
(D) F > Cl > Br > I

15. Which of the following is a covalent compound with triple bond ?
(A) H2O
(B) CO2
(C) C2H2
(D) CH4

16. In electroplating of silver, the electrolyte is
(A) K [Ag(CN)2]
(B) K[Au(CN)2]
(C) Ca[Ag(CN)2]
(D) Ca[Au(CN)2]

17. The dehydrating agent for ammonia used in laboratory is
(A) CaO
(B) P2O5
(C) CaCl2
(D) NaHS

18. Which is used as a cryogenic agent ?
(A) liquid O2
(B) liquid CO2
(C) liquid N2
(D) liquid H2

19. German Silver contains
(A) Cu, Zn
(B) Cu, Ni
(C) Cu, Ag, Ni
(D) Cu, Zn, Ni

20. Denatured spirit contains
(A) 10% methyl alcohol and 90% ethyl alcohol.
(B) 30% methyl alcohol and 70% ethyl alcohol.
(C) 90% methyl alcohol and 10% ethyl alcohol.
(D) 30% ethyl alcohol and 70% methyl alcohol

Important Instructions

1. All questions are of objective type having four answer options for each.
2. Category-1: Carry 1 mark each and only one option is correct. In case of incorrect answer or any combination of more than one answer, ¼ mark will be deducted.

3. Category-2: Carry 2 marks each and one or more option(s) is/are correct. If all correct answers are not marked and no incorrect answer is marked, then score = 2 × number of correct answers marked ÷ actual number of correct answers. If any wrong option is marked or if any combination including a wrong option is marked, the answer will be considered wrong, but there is no negative marking for the same and zero mark will be awarded.

4. Questions must be answered on OMR sheet by darkening the appropriate bubble marked A, B, C, or D.
5. Use only Black/Blue ball point pen to mark the answer by filling up of the respective bubbles completely.
6. Write question booklet number and your roll number carefully in the specified locations of the OMR Sheet Also fill appropriate bubbles.
7. Write your name (in block letter), name of the examination center and put your signature (as is appeared in Admit Card) in appropriate boxes in the OMR Sheet.

8. The OMR Sheet is liable to become invalid if there is any mistake in filling the correct bubbles for question booklet number/roll number or if there is any discrepancy in the name/ signature of the candidate, name of the examination center. The OMR Sheet may also become invalid due to folding or putting stray marks on it or any damage to it. The consequence of such invalidation due to incorrect marking or careless handling by the candidate will be the sole responsibility of candidate.

9. Candidates are not allowed to carry any written or printed material, calculator, pen, log-table, wristwatch, any communication device like mobile phones, bluetooth etc. inside the examination hall. Any candidate found with such prohibited items will be reported against and his/her candidature will be summarily cancelled.

10. Rough work must be done on the question booklet itself. Additional blank pages are given in the question booklet for rough work.
11. Hand over the OMR Sheet to the invigilator before leaving the Examination Hall.

12. This booklet contains questions in both English and Bengali. Necessary care and precaution were taken while framing the Bengali version. However, if any discrepancy(ies) is /are found between the two versions, the information provided in the English version will stand and will be treated as final.

13. Candidates are allowed to take the Question Booklet after the Examination is over.

Download JENPAS(UG) Old Question Paper

Paper II (for BHA only) 2023
Paper I (Except BHA) 2023
Paper I (For all Courses Except BHA) 2022

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