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FRIDU Admission Test Sample Question Paper FRI Dehradun : Forest Research Institute Deemed to be University

Organisation : Forest Research Institute Deemed to be University FRIDU Dehradun
Exam Name : Admission Test
Document Type : Sample Question Paper
Website :

FRIDU Sample Question Paper

The set of questions given below will familiarize the candidates with the type of Questions in the FRI Deemed to be University Admission Test. These questions are only indicative of the nature of the test and it is possible that the type of questions not illustrated here may appear in the test.

1. What is the weight of body at the centre of earth?
a. Infinite
b. Constant
c. Zero
d. None of the above

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2. The work done by moon when it revolves around the earth:
a. Zero
b. Infinite
c. Constant
d. None of the above

3. The surface considered for Gauss’s law is called:
a. Closed surface
b. Spherical surface
c. Gaussian surface
d. Plane surface

4. The force per unit charge is known as:
a. Electric flux
b. Electric field
c. Electric potential
d. Electric current

5. Beta rays emitted by a radioactive material are:
a. Neutral particles.
b. Charged particles emitted by nucleus.
c. Electromagnetic radiations.
d. Electrons orbiting around the nucleus.

6. The binding energy per nucleon is almost constant for many nuclei. It shows that nuclear forces are:
a. Charge independent
b. Saturated in nature
c. Short range in nature
d. Attractive in nature

7. When a ray of light from air enters a denser medium, it:
a. Bends away from the normal
b. Bends towards the normal
c. Goes undeviated
d. Is reflected back

8. The highest refractive index is of:
a. Glass
b. Water
c. Diamond
d. Ruby

9. For an ideal-step-down transformer, the quantity which is constant for both the coils is:
a. Current in the coils
b. Voltage across the coils
c. Resistance of coils
d. Power in the coils

10. In a pure capacitive circuit if the frequency of ac source is doubled, then its capacitive reactance will be:
a. Remains same
b. Doubled
c. Halved
d. Zero

11. In an alternating current circuit consisting of elements in series, the current increases on increasing the frequency of supply. Which of the following elements are likely to constitute the circuit?
a. Only resistor
b. Resistor and inductor
c. Resistor and capacitor
d. Only inductor

12. In which of the following circuits the maximum power dissipation is observed
a. Pure capacitive circuit
b. Pure inductive circuit
c. Pure resistive circuit
d. None of these

13. Formation of large molecule by joining small molecules is :
a. Fusion
b. Polymerization
c. Crystallization
d. Subtraction

14. One horse power is equal to:
a. 1000 W
b. 500 W
c. 764 W
d. 746 W

15. Aspirin is obtained by the reaction of acetyl chloride with
a. Benzene
b. Phenol
c. Benzaldehyde
d. Salicylic acid

16. In a reaction proceeded bySN1 mechanism the stereo chemical nature of product is
a. Racemic mixture
b. Retention of configuration
c. Inversion of configuration
d. None of these

17. The sugar present in DNA and RNA, respectively, are
a. 2-deoxyribose and ribose
b. Ribose and 2-deoxyribose
c. 2- deoxyribose in both
d. Ribose in both

18. In Etard reaction, toluene gives
a. Benzoic acid
b. Chloro toluene
c. Benzaldehyde
d. Benzyl alcohol

19. Which of the following is a fossil fuel for power stations?
a. Hydrogen
b. Uranium
c. Wood
d. Oil

20. As we proceed from L to R in a period
a. Basicity of oxides and hydroxides decreases
b. Basicity of oxides and hydroxides increases
c. Acidity of oxides and hydroxides decreases
d. Acidity of oxides and hydroxides increases

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About Forest Research Institute FRI

Forest Research Institute (FRI), Dehra Dun made a humble beginning as Forest School established in 1878. Initially named as Imperial Forest Research Institute, FRI came into being in 1906. Later renamed as Forest Research Institute and Colleges, with a number of centres located at different places all over the country administering research as well as training of Forest Officers and Forest Rangers.

After reorganization of Forestry Research in the country and creation of Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education (ICFRE) in 1988, the training and research centres were given an independent status of institutes.

Forest Research Institute, now one of the institutes under ICFRE, was conferred the status of Deemed University in December 1991 on the recommendations of the UGC, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.

How To Reach?

Forest Research Institute
Deemed to be University,
Kaulagarh Road,
PO. I.P.E. 248195
Uttarakhand – Dehradun

By Road: Dehradun is well connected with road to all parts of the country and can easily be travelled by bus or taxi from New Delhi, Sahranpur, Lucknow, Roorkee etc.

By Train: Dehradun is a major railway station of Northern Railways and is well connected with direct trains to almost all the big cities of India. Some of the major ones are Delhi-Dehradun shatabdi AC special, Mussoorie Express, Jan Shatabdi, Dehradun Express, Howrah-Dehradun Express, Chennai-Dehradun Express, Bandra-Dehradun Express, Indore-Dehradun Express etc.

By Air: The Jolly Grant Airport, 35 km from Dehradun, is well connected with the Delhi airport.

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