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Organisation : Tripura Board of Joint Entrance Examination (TBJEE)
Exam Name : Tripura Joint Entrance Examination TJEE
Document Type : Question Paper
Year : 2021
Website :

TBJEE TJEE Question Paper

1. Who first proposed the binomial nomenclature system?
(A) Robert Hooke
(B) Carolus Linnaeus
(C) Aristotle
(D) Robert Brown

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2. The number of capsomeres in the Toabcco mosaic virus capsid is
(A) 3210
(B) 1230
(C) 2130
(D) 2031

3. Teichoic acids are found in the cell walls of
(A) Gram-positive bacteria
(B) Gram-negative bacteria
(C) Rhodophyta
(D) Bryophyta

4. Which one of the following is an example of aquatic floating Bryophytes?
(A) Riccia atlantica
(B) Pteris vittata
(C) Riccia fluitans
(D) Marchantia polymorpha

5. Heart is three-chambered in which of the following classes of animals?
(A) Amphibia
(B) Aves
(C) Chondrichthyes
(D) Osteichthyes

6. When the stamens remain united with petals, then it is called
(A) Epipetalous
(B) Episepalous
(C) Gynandrous
(D) Synandrous

7. Which one of the following is not a type of protostele?
(A) Haplostele
(B) Actinostele
(C) Plectostele
(D) Atactostele

8. Sunken stomata is found in the leaves of
(A) Nerium
(B) Lathyrus
(C) Pisum
(D) Gloriosa

9. Which one of the following statements is not correct?
(A) Maltase converts maltose into glucose
(B) Lipolytic enzymes hydrolyse fats and lipids
(C) Amylase is a proteolytic enzyme
(D) Nuclease causes the hydrolysis of nucleic acid

10. The colourless plastids that store starch are called
(A) Amyloplast
(B) Elaioplast
(C) Proteinoplast
(D) Pheoplast

11. In which organelle the enzyme catalase is found?
(A) Lysosome
(B) Peroxisome
(C) Oxysome
(D) Quantasome

12. The enzyme responsible for the conversion of glucose to glucose 6-phosphate is
(A) mutase
(B) aldolase
(C) β -ketothiolase
(D) hexokinase

13. Which one of the following elements is an essential micronutrient for plants?
(A) Nitrogen
(B) Potassium
(C) Calcium
(D) Boron

14. Which of the following cells are not the secretory cells of the stomach?
(A) Mucous cells
(B) Parietal cells
(C) Stem cells
(D) Peptic cells

15. The enzyme responsible for conversion of trypsinogen to trypsin is
(A) enteropeptidase
(B) amylase
(C) lipase
(D) dehydrogenase

Instruction Regarding Marking of OMR Sheet for TJEE

Strict compliance of instruction is essential. Answer sheet will be processed by Electronic means in computer. Invalidation of Answer Sheet due to incomplete/ incorrect filling of the OMR sheet will be the sole responsibility of the candidate.

Accordingly candidates are advised to adhere to the following instructions.
1. Write and mark your Roll Number, Test (Question) Booklet Series and Subject name in appropriate places on the OMR Sheet.
2. Mark the correct answer by darkening the circle.
3. Use of white fluid/eraser/blade etc. for correction in OMR sheet is not permitted.
4. Once marked, no change in the response shall be permitted.
5. More than one response is also not allowed. Multiple answers given against one question will not be considered for evaluation, i.e. marking more than one answer or marking alterations after marking an answer will result in zero mark.
6. Do not make any stray mark or any other mark on the OMR sheet.
7. Do not cut or mutilate the OMR sheet.
8. Do not fold or damage the OMR sheet.
9. Candidates should write the OMR Sheet Number (as provided in OMR sheet) in the Attendance Sheet before putting his/ her signature.

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