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CBSE Academic Class XII Kuchipudi Sample Question Paper 2021-22

Name of the Board : Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)
Class : XII STD
Document Type : Sample Question Paper
Subject : Kuchipudi
Term : 1 and 2
Year : 2021-22
Website :

CBSE XII Kuchipudi Question Paper

CBSE Students can download the Kuchipudi Sample Question Paper Term 1 and 2 for the year 2021-22 from the website of CBSE Academic.

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Sample Question Paper For CBSE XII Kuchipudi

Section-A :
1. An exciting dance had its roots in a dance drama tradition
a) Kathak
b) Bihu
c) Kuchipudi
d) Bharat natyam ,

2. Kuchipudi dance was named after the village where it had originated , that is
a) kuchelapuram
b) Mahabalipuram
c) Mahalaxmipuram
d) Thiruvananthapuram

3. Who is considered to be the pioneer of Kuchipudi Dance
a) Mahendra Yogi
b) Siddhendra Yogi
c) Dhirendra Yogi
d) Jeetendra Yogi

4. Who was the Guru of Siddhendra Yogi
a) Tirtha narayan
b) Vishnutirtha
c) Shivanarayan
d) Tirtha Gopal

5. Kuchipudi dance is originated from a village of __
a) Telengana
b) Karnataka
c) Andhra Pradesh
d) Kerala

6. This dance form started to get associated with.
a) Jainism
b) Buddhism
c) Vaishnavism
d) Shaivism

7. Previously this dance form was mainly performed by only
a) Children
b) Male troupe
c) Ladies
d) Men and Women

8. Kuchipudi was performed on the verses which were sung as odes to lord
a) Rama
b) Krishna
c) Shiva
d) Ganesh

9. Kuchipudi is a dance drama tradition which comes close to
a) Nautanki
b) Jatra
c) Yaksha gana
d) Lai haraoba

10. Siddhendra Yogi founded and systemize the modern version of Kuchipudi
dance in the
a) 16th century
b) 17th century
c) 18th century
d) 19th century

11. The typical musical instrument in Kuchipudi dance is
a) Rabab
b) Sarangi
c) Mridangam,
d) Pakhawaj

12. Traditionally the Kuchipudi dance troupe move from
a) Village to village
b) One temple to another temple
c) Royal court to another royal court
d) One ashram to another ashram.

Section B-Application Based
13. The item Bhama kalapam is a story of
a) Satyabhama
b) Bhanumathi
c) Rukhmini
d) Subhadra

14. In Kuchipudi dance the performer dances on the edges of a brass plate is called
a) Tillana
b) Tarana
c) Tarangam
d) Sargam

15. A song rendered at the time of the entry of a character in Kuchipudi is called
a) Pravesham
b) Pravesh daru
c) Aagaman
d) Aarambham .

16. Mnemonic rhythmic syllables is called
a) Sollukattu
b) Padahnt
c) Cholkettu
d) Patka

17. Stage manager or chief performer, priest is called
a) Bhagavatha
b) Purohita
c) Granthika
d) Kathaka

18. Kuchipudi dance recital is in
a) Malayalam language
b) Kannad language
c) Tamil language
d) Telugu language

19. In Kuchipudi it is an example of pure dance or nritya sequence in which performer weaves several pattern on basic musical composition , just like its name is __
a) Swarm
b) Nritya,
c) Jatiswarm
d) Trana.

20. A Kuchipudi item in which the abhinaya are introduced for the first item in the repertoire is
a) Tillana
b) Dhwani
c) Shabdam
d) Raas


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