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CBSE Academic Class XII Kathakali Sample Question Paper 2021-22

Name of the Board : Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)
Class : XII STD
Document Type : Sample Question Paper
Subject : Kathakali
Term : 1 and 2
Year : 2021-22
Website :

CBSE XII Kathakali Question Paper

CBSE Students can download the Kathakali Sample Question Paper Term 1 and 2 for the year 2021-22 from the website of CBSE Academic.

Sample Question Paper For CBSE XII Kathakali

Section-A :
1 Mention the rasa used to depict valour
a) Bhayanakam
b) Bheebalsam
c) Veeram
d) Hasyam

2 Mention the rasa used to depict love or romance.
a) Hasyam
b) Shantam
c) Sringaram
d) Karunam

3 How many types of Abhinayas are there in Kathakali?
a) 6
b) 3
c) 8
d) 4

4 Name the synchronised movements of the body, hands and eyes in Kathakali.
a) Kalusadhakam
b) Chuzhippu
c) Kannusadhakam
d) Cholliyattam

5 Which percussion is played by the main vocalist the “Ponnani”?
a) Elathalam
b) Harmonium
c) Chengila
d) Maddalam

6 Which are the percussions used for Keli?
a) Maddalam, Chengila, Edakkaand Elathalam
b) Maddalam, Chenda, Chengila and Elathalam
c) Chenda, Chengila, Edakka and Elathalam
d) Elathalam, Edakka, Chengila and Harmonium

7 Kathakali concludes with the prayer dance called _________.
a) Thodayam
b) Keli
c) Dhanasi
d) Melappadam

8 Narrative text which serve various purposes such as connecting two different scenes or describing the actions of a character are known as __________.
a) Kalaasam
b) Chuzhippu
c) Dandakams
d) Ilakiyattam

9 How many types of Chuzhippu are there?
a) 5
b) 6
c) 8
d) 7

10 Which is the Sthayibhava of “ Raudra”?
a) Hasam
b) Raudri
c) Krodham
d) Utsaham

11 The subordinate parts of the body is called __________.
a) Upanga
b) Anga
c) Prathyanga
d) Belly

12 Which language is used in the story play of Kathakali?
a) Malayalam
b) Manipravalam
c) Sanskrit
d) Hindi

Section B-Application Based
13 Realistic or imitative style of acting in Kathakali is called ________ .
a) Sanchari
b) Lokadharmi
c) Imitation
d) Natyadharmi

14 The mudras where the same gestures are used in both hands to depict an idea are called _______.
a) Samana mudras
b) Asamyutha mudras
c) Misra mudras
d) Samyutha Mudras

15 Permanent moods which can be termed as the origin of bhava from which rasa is originated is called ________.
a) Sanchari bhava
b) Sthayi Bhava
c) Angika Abhinaya
d) Rasa Bhava

16 The act of acting inner emotions is called _________.
a) Aharya Abhinaya
b) Vachika Abhinaya
c) Satwika Abhinaya
d) Angika Abhinaya

17 The introductory item of invocation in kathakali is ________.
a) Keli
b) Purappad
c) Dhansi
d) Melappadam

18 The stylised form of “kaikottikali”, a female group dance, generally performed by two female characters to entertain the hero.
a) Panthati
b) Keki Attam
c) Kummi
d) Sari dance

19 How many basic sets of makeup are there in Kathakali?
a) 4
b) 7
c) 5
d) 9

20 The pure lasya form of dance performed by one or more female characters in various situations is called _______.
a) Purappad
b) Sari dance
c) Pakuthi purappad
d) Kummi dance

Download CBSE XII Kathakali Question Paper

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