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O.P. Jindal First Term Periodic Test Class VII Question Paper 2018- 19 :

Name of the Organisation : O.P. Jindal School, RAIGARH
Exam : First Term Periodic Test
Category : Class VII
Year : 2018-19
Subject : English/Hindi/Mathematics/EVS/Computer
Document Type : Question Paper
Website :

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O.P. Jindal First Term Periodic Test Class VII Question Paper

Time : 3 hrs.
Class : VII
M.M. : 80

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** Section – A Reading (15 marks)
** Section – B Writing (20 marks)
** Section – C Grammar (20 marks)
** Section – D English Reader (25 marks)
** All the questions are compulsory.
** You may attempt any section at a time.
** All the questions of that particular section must be attempted in the correct order.

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SECTION – A : (Reading – 15 marks)
A.1 Read the following passage carefully:
Rabindranath Tagore was one of modern India’s great artistic minds. He was born into a prominent Bengali family in Calcutta in 1861 and was an avid reader and writer from his childhood.
Complete the following statements with the correct option : (1×5=5)
a) From his childhood onwards Tagore was an avid
i) reader ii) writer iii) singer iv) reader and writer

b) Tagore was not a fan of
i) formal education in classrooms ii) reading the classics
iii) spirituality iv) observing nature and various cultures

c) Tagore is most famous for his
i) novels ii) plays iii) poems iv) paintings

d) Tagore translated his works to
i) Hindi ii) English iii) Bengali iv) Urdu

e) Tagore is one of the great artistic minds of
i) pre-historic ii) historic India iii) modern India iv) ancient India

A.2 Read the following passage carefully:
Florence Nightingale
Florence Nightingale is revered as the founder of modern nursing. Her substantial contributions to health statistics are less well known. She first gained fame by leading a team of 38 nurses to staff an overseas hospital of the British Army during the Crimean War.

Answer the following questions on the basis of your reading:
a) Why is Florence Nightingale known as the founder of modern nursing? (1)
b) What measures were taken by Nightingale to improve the unsanitary conditions of the hospital? (1) (3/6)
c) How did Nightingale overcome an inept and hostile military bureaucracy? (1)
d) How did Nightingale contribute to influence nursing and public health sector? (1)
e) State whether the following statements are true or false : (2)
i) Nightingale died at the age of forty.

ii) The fatality rate dropped under Nightingale’s supervision in the hospital.
f) Complete the following statements :
i) The wards were ___________.
ii) She first gained fame ___________. (2)

g) Find words from the passage which mean the following : (2)
i) popularly known as ___________.
ii) widespread ___________.


SECTION-A : (Attempt all questions)
Q.1 Find 1.03 ×0.2
Q.2 Write the formula to find the range of a given set of observations.
Q.3 Write equation for the following statement-
If you take away 5 from seven times y, you get 80
Q.4 If two adjacent angles are supplementary, they form a ________
Q.5 Which is the longest side in a triangle PQR, right angled at P?
Q.6 Two circles are congruent if ________________

SECTION – B : (Attempt all questions)
Q.7 Evaluate : [( –36) ÷ 12] ÷ 6
Q.8 Solve : 42.8 ÷ 0.02
Q.9 The ages (in years) of 10 teachers of a school are 32, 41, 28, 54, 35, 26, 23, 33, 38, 40. Find the mean age of teachers.
Q.10 Solve : 4 = 34 + 5 ( y + 2)
Q.11 In the given figure if Ð1 = 400, find Ð2 and Ð3

SECTION-C : (Attempt any 10 questions)
Q.13 Solve using suitable property. State the property used: (–42) ×( –19) + 42
Q.15 In a class of 40 students, 5 1 of the total number of students like to study English, 5 2 of the total number like to study Mathematics and remaining like to study Science
i) How many students like to study English?
ii) How many students like to study Mathematics?
iii) What fraction of the total number of students like to study Science?
Q.16 The weights ( in kg) of 15 students of a class are – 38, 42, 35, 37, 45, 50, 32, 43, 43, 40, 36, 38, 43, 38, 47. Find the mode and median of this data.

Social Science

Section -A :
Q.1 Fill in the blanks. (1×4=4)
a) Manuscripts were placed in libraries and _________.
b) _________ was the first state to introduce mid day meal scheme in India in 2001.
c) The political party has the majority is called _________ party.
d) Alauddin constructed a garrison town named _________.

Q.2 Tick the correct option. (1×3=3)
a) The depositional feature of a glacier is
i) Flood plain ii) Beach iii) Moraine
b) As we go up the layers of the atmosphere , the pressure
i) Increases ii) Decreases iii) Remains the same
c) The thinnest layer of the earth is
i) Crust ii) Mantle iii) Core

Q.3 Give very short answers for the following : (1×7=7)
a) Name the parties involved in ‘Tri-partite struggle’.
b) Name the main mineral constituents of oceanic mass.
c) Name two gases which make the bulk of the atmosphere.
d) Who wrote Kitab-al-Hind?
e) From which place did Ibn Battuta travel to India?
f) What are sand dunes ?
g) Define air pressure.

Q.4 b) Draw and label the diagrams of three different types of rainfall on the basis of mechanism.

Q.5 On the given outline map of India locate and label the following regions of the ruling dynasties. (1×5=5)
a) Prayag
b) Ajmer
c) Delhi
d) Name a place related to a war which turned Ashoka into ‘Dharmashoka’.
e) Name the place that was the centre of ‘Tripartite struggle’.

Computer Studies

Q.1 Answer any five questions : 5*2= 10
a) What is Toolbox in VB 6.0?
b) Write two different methods to run a program in Visual Basic.
c) What is Range?
d) What is Mode?
e) What is Pie chart?
f) Write a short note on code window in VB.
g) Write some of the properties of Command Button control.

Q.2 Design and write code in Visual Basic program to print any statement about yourself. Place three command buttons on the form with caption MYSELF, CLEAR, EXIT. Title bar of the program must display your class name. 10*1=10
Q.3 Calculate the following using Excel cell numbers (Answer any two) 5*2=10
a) A trader bought an article for Rs. 400 and sold it for Rs. 450. Find his Profit percentage.(write formula & Answer)
b) The simple interest on Rs.2000 at 5% per annum for 5 years.(write formula & Answers)

Q.4 State True/False: 5*1=5
a) Margins can be set using the start tab.
b) The Legend Component of a chart can be used to analyze each color section.
c) “Column Charts, Line Charts and Pie Charts” can be selected from Charts group of view tab.
d) Start Command stops your program from running.
e) The Toolbox contains items, called controls.


Q.1 The rearing of silkworms for obtaining silk is called silviculture. True / False. (½)
Q.2 Name the device which is used to measure the temperature of an object. (½)
Q.3 Which acid is injected into our body by an ant sting that causes pain? (½)
Q.4 Name the gas which turns lime water milky. (½)
Q.5 Why do wool yielding animals have a thick coat of hair on their body? (2)
Q.6 Is the distilled water acidic/basic/neutral? How would you verify it? (2)
Q.7 When baking soda is mixed with lemon juice, bubbles are formed with the evolution of a gas. What type of change is it? Explain. (2)
Q.8 (a) In which type of soil water logging is maximum and why? (2)
(b) Continuously water-logged soils are disadvantageous for plant growth. Why? (1)

Q.9 Draw neat and labelled diagram of- (3) Soil Profile

Q.10 Explain why –
(a) Rusting of iron objects is faster in coastal areas than in deserts. (1½)
(b) Ripening of a fruit is a chemical change. (1½)

Q.11 (a) Define the term “selective breeding”. (1)
(b) Why the sheared skin is thoroughly washed in tanks? (2)

Q.12 Rahul was a student of Class VII. His father purchased a new bicycle for him on his birthday. After few months, he found that the cycle chain and even the handle gets rusted. His fatheradvised him to apply a coating of paint to the cycle and not to keep it in open in future.
a) Why his cycle gets rusted? (1)
b) What do you mean by rusting of iron? (1)
c) What values are shown by Rahul’s father? (1)

Q.13 State three differences between acids and bases. (3)
Q.14 Give reason:
a) An antacid tablet is taken when you suffer from acidity. (1)
b) Factory waste is neutralised before disposing it into the water bodies. (1)
c) Sodium bicarbonate and lemon juice are used during indigestion. (1)

Q.15 (a) Why stainless steel pans are often provided with copper bottoms? (1½)
(b) Why do people prefer to wear dark clothes in winter? (1½)

Q.16 (a) Name the largest gland in the human body. (1)
(b) Where is the bile produced. Which component of the food does it help to digest? (2)
Q.17 How would you test the presence of starch in leaves? (3)

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