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Name of the Organisation : O.P. Jindal School, RAIGARH
Exam : First Term Periodic Test
Category : Class III
Year : 2018-19
Subject : English/Hindi/Mathematics
Document Type : Question Paper
Website :

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O.P. Jindal First Term Periodic Test Class III Question Paper

Time : 3 hrs.
Class : III
M.M. : 40

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** The question paper consists of 4 sections.
** Section A (Reading) 05 marks
** Section B (Writing) 05 marks
** Section C (Grammar) 15 marks
** Section D (English Reader) 15 marks

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Maths :
Hindi :


Section – A : (Reading)
Read the passage carefully and answer the questions given below.
Once the wind and the sun had an argument. I am stronger than you. said the wind. ‘No you are not, ‘said the sun’. Just at that moment they saw a traveller walking across the road. The traveller was wrapped in a shawl. The sun and the wind agreed that whoever could separate the traveller from his shawl was stronger.

Q.1 Write true or false. (2)
i) The Sun took the first turn. _______________
ii) The traveller was wrapped in a shawl. _______________

Q.2 Fill in the blanks. (2)
i) The _______________ smiled warmly.
ii) Once a _______________ and _______________ had an argument.
iii) The _______________ took the first turn.

Q.3 Answer the following. (1)
i) Who was declared stronger ?

SECTION – B : (Writing)
Q.4 Imagine you are in the arena, watching Androcles and the lion. Write a short note describing what you saw.
Write a letter to your friend who stays abroad telling him/her about a festival you celebrate with your family. (5)

SECTION – C : (Grammar)
Q.5 Circle the adjectives and underline the nouns they describe in the following sentences. (1)
i) It is a sunny day.
ii) This pencil is short.

Q.6 Complete these sentences with the opposites of the underlined adjectives. (2)
i) My shoes are wet but my uniform is ____________.
ii) The lake is deep but the pond is ____________.

Q.7 Fill in the blanks with appropriate pronouns. (2)
i) The teacher is in the class. ____________ is teaching.
ii) ____________ asked his father for a new pen.
iii) ____________ are good friends.
iv) ____________ is an interesting book.

Q.8 Replace the words given in brackets with the suitable pronouns. (2)
I have a cat. ____________ (my cat) is very naughty. ____________.
(my cat) keeps running after the squirrels in the park. ____________.
(my cat) likes to play with ____________ (the squirrels)

Q.9 Fill in the blanks with correct article ‘a’, ‘an’ or ‘the’. (3)
i) There was _______ waiter standing near _______ next table.
ii) It is not safe to go for _______ walk in _______ forest.
iii) Do you have _______ old car or _______ new one?

Q.10 Divide these sentences into part 1 and part 2 and write in columns. (3)
i) My father and mother are doctors.
ii) The sky is blue.
iii) The lion is the king of animals.

Q.11 Fill in the missing part of each of these sentences. The words in the brackets are your clues. (2)
i) A rose _________________________. (Write about its smell)
ii) _________________________ always gets good marks in English. (Write a proper noun)

SECTION – D : (English Reader)
Q.12 Tick the correct answer. (1)
i) A thorn has pierced the lion’s –
a) paw
b) mane
c) tail

ii) Androcles was
a) a minister
b) an emperor
c) a worker

Q.13 True or False. (2)
i) The cat sleeps on its bed. ___________
ii) The cat eats its food happily. ___________

Q.14 Fill in the blanks. (3)
i) Raja had visited ___________ with his family.
ii) Rugs with lovely ___________ are put on the back of the elephant.
iii) Jaipur has a large ___________.

Q.15 Who said these words to whom. (2)
i) “Where will I go ?”
ii) “Oh ! what should I do ?”

Q.16 Read the sentences and answer the questions. (2)
a) They are adorned with jewellery and large anklets.
i) Who are ‘they’ in this sentence?
ii) Why are they adorned with jewellery and anklets?

Q.17 Answer the following. (any four) (4)
i) Where does Raja stay now?
ii) Which school has he joined?
iii) Who receives a prize at the end of the festival?
iv) Why was Androcles in the forest?
v) How did the lion behave in the arena?

Q.18 Androcles was kind to the lion, so the lion did not attack him in the arena. Do you think we should be kind towards animals?


A.1 Fill in the blanks. (10×1=10)
i) Length of a tree. _______
ii) I have 4 sides and 4 corners, but only opposites sides are equal. _______
iii) 3650 – 1 = _______
iv) A leap year has _______days, and _______days in February.
v) A semi-circle has _______ edges and _______ corners.
vi) Seventh month of the year is _______.
vii) 6060 – 1000 = _______.
viii) A day has _______ hours.
ix) 17 km = _______ m.
x) Name one object which has a curved edge. _______

SECTION – B : (6×2=12)
B.1 Subtract and check.
a) 609 – 437 b) 700 – 520
B.2 What will the time be –
a) 2 hrs. after 12:00 o’clock
b) Half an hour before 8:00

B.3 Convert the following.
a) 2 km 500 m = _______m.
b) 3m 60cm = _______cm
c) 4040m = _______ km _______m

B.5 Put in vertical column and subtract.
a) 296 – 189 b) 876 – 568
B.6 How much time will it take.
i) For a tree to grow _____________
ii) For milk to boil _____________
iii) To blink your eyes _____________
iv) To watch a movie _____________

SECTION – C : (6×3=18)
C.1 Add up to make 1 km –
i) 700 m + _________ m = 1 km.
ii) 250 m + _________ m = 1 km.
iii) _________ m + 635 m = 1 km.

C.2 A man had 658 eggs, he sold 420 eggs. How many eggs are left?
C.3 Subtract smallest 2 digit number from the biggest 2 digit number.

C.4 Complete the number pattern.
i) 530, 527, ______, ______
ii) 120, 115, ______, ______
iii) 390, 380, ______, ______

Environmental Studies

Q.1 Tick the right answer. (1×6=6)
i) Tubewells are used to pump water from
a) lakes and rivers
b) under the ground

ii) The body of a bird is covered with
a) feathers
b) scales

iii) Plants with soft, green stems are called
a) herbs
b) trees

iv) Plants take in air through holes on their
a) root
b) leaves

v) Worms have
a) no legs
b) six legs

vi) Air is a mixture of
a) water
b) gases

Q.2 Fill in the blanks. (1×6=6)
i) Flowers grow into ________.
ii) A ________ is a lizard that can change colour.
iii) For us, the most important gas in air is ________.
iv) We get water from ________.
v) Breathing air which has a lot of dust and smoke makes us ________.
vi) Thick, strong stem of a tree is called ________.

Q.3 Write ‘T’ for True and ‘F’ for False. (1×6=6)
i) A plant with a woody stem is herb.
ii) Lizards, frogs and fish lay eggs.
iii) Only we need air to live.
iv) Rain water reaches underground by soaking through soil.
v) There is no air in the space.
vi) The part of plants that takes in water is root.

Q.4 Match the following. (1×6=6)
i) The part of a plant that a) tadpoles helps it make food
ii) Young frogs are called b) smoke and dust
iii) Factories give out b) make us ill
iv) Using dirty water c) to grow crops
v) Farmers use water d) to keep the air clean
vi) Planting trees help e) leaf

Q.5 Answer the following questions. (2×5=10)
i) Why do some people boil drinking water ?
ii) What is soot?
iii) Who are vets?
iv) What are the things that plants need to live?
v) How do fish breathe?
Q.6 Draw fish and label scales, tail and fins. (3×1=3)
Q.7 Label the following diagram.

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