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O.P. Jindal First Term Periodic Test Class IV Question Paper 2018-19 :

Name of the Organisation : O.P. Jindal School, RAIGARH
Exam : First Term Periodic Test
Category : Class IV
Year : 2018-19
Subject : English/Hindi/Mathematics/EVS/Computer
Document Type : Question Paper
Website :

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O.P. Jindal First Term Periodic Test Class IV Question Paper

Time : 3 hrs.
Class : IV
M.M. : 80

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** The question paper consists of 4 sections.
** Section A (Reading) 05 marks
** Section B (Writing) 05 marks
** Section C (Grammar) 15 marks
** Section D (English Reader) 15 marks

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Computer :


Section-A :
Reading : 15 Marks
A.1 Read the passage and then answer the questions that follow: (5)
Once upon a time, there was a miser who used to hide his gold at the foot of a tree in his garden; but every week he used to go and dig it upand gloat over his gains. A robber, who had noticed this, went and dug up the gold and de-camped with it. When the miser next came to gloat over his treasures, he found nothing but the empty hole. He tore his hair and raised his pitch and cried that all neighbours came around him and he told them how he used to come and visit his gold.

Tick the correct answer.
a) The story is about a –
i) farmer ii) miser iii) fisherman
b) He used to hide his gold at the –
i) foot of a tree ii) branch iii) behind the tree
c) Who went and dug up his gold
i) another miser ii) a robber iii) a neighbour
d) When the miser next came to gloat over, he found –
i) a bag full of gold ii) empty hole iii) more gold
e) Who all came around the miser –
i) all the neighbours ii) other robbers iii) farmers

A.2 Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:
Jyotsna was a beautiful girl. She was very kind to birds and animals. There was a great occasion of joy in her house. Jyotsna’s aunt Shanti was getting married after four days. Jyotsna, her mother, father and littlebrother Varun were all going to Mumbai for this wedding. Everyone was very happy, except Jyotsna.
a) Write ‘T’ for the true and ‘F’ for the false statements. (2)
i) Jyotsna’s aunt Renu was getting married.
ii) There was a pigeon’s nest on her bookshelf.

b) Tick the correct answer. (2)
i) Everyone was happy except.
a) Varun b) her mother c) Jyotsna
ii) Which coloured shoes did Jyotsna’s mother want to buy for her ?
a) pink b) white c) black

c) Fill in the blanks. (2)
i) There was a great _________ of joy in her house.
ii) Jyotsna was extremely happy to see the __________.

d) Find the antonyms of the following words from the passage. (2)
i) ugly – ii) far –

e) Answer the following questions : (2)
i) Why did Jyotsna’s mother take her to market?
ii) What did Jyotsna find after she came back from the wedding?

Section-B (Writing : 20 Marks)
B.1 Imagine you are Naoko. Write a diary entry about how you and Jack became friends.
Imagine you are Jack. Write a diary entry about how you felt after your snowman’s head was fallen. (6)

B.2 Write a report on any one of the following topics :
a) Imagine you are a news reporter. Write a report on the Sports Day celebration held in O.P. Jindal School, Raigarh.
b) Imagine you are a news reporter and you were covering the case between Naduk and Lakshman.

(Grammar: 20 Marks)
C.1 Rewrite The Following Sentence by changing the underlined words into the opposite gender. (2)
The landlady wants to see your wife. (4/6)

C.2 Rewrite these sentences replacing the underlined words with pronouns. (2)
i) This is my text book.
ii) My friend has a dog. The dog is called Pepper.

C.3 Choose the best describing word for each animal and fill in the blanks. (2)
i) a _____________ lamb. (tame / wild / gentle)
ii) a _____________ fox. (wild / sly / naughty)

C.4 Pick out the adjectives in the following sentences. (2)
i) Yesterday was a rainy day.
ii) These pictures are colourful.


General Instructions :
** This question paper comprises 4 sections A , B , C and D.
** You have to attempt all the sections.
** All the questions are compulsory in Section A.

Choose the correct option. (20×1=20)
A.1 A cube has ________ number of edges.
a) 6 b) 5 c) 12 d) 10
A.2 The smallest number made by using 4, 3, 6, 0 is –
a) 3046 b) 4036 c) 6034 d) 6430
A.3 100 less than 956 is –
a) 1056 b) 856 c) 143 d) none of these
A.4 Distance from the earth to the moon is measured in –
a) km b) m c) cm d) mm
A.5 A tricycle has 3 wheels 8 tricycle will have ____ wheels
a) 20 b) 24 c) 16 d) 36

Fill in the blanks :
A.6 Three quarters of an hour = _________ minutes.
A.7 The greatest 5 digit number is _________.
A.8 If 28 +47 = 75 then 75 – _________ = 28.
A.9 6 days after 30th January _________.
A.10 _________ days make a fortnight.

Find the value.
A.11 296 x 50 = _________
A.12 36 +64 +400 = _________
A.13 26 +32 +44 = _________ + 26 + _________
A.14 5 minutes = _________ seconds.
A.15 7395 – _________ = 7394.

A.16 Match the following.
Column A Columns B
i) Difference of 597 and 438 a) Rs. 460.70
ii) A cuboid has b) metre
iii) Opposite faces of dice add upto c) 159
iv) 46070 paise d) 8 corners
v) The basic unit of length is e) 7

Solve any 6 questions out of 8. (6×3=18)
B.1 Draw a Jaali pattern using basic shape of bricks.
B.2 Solve the following :
a) _________ cm = 8m.
b) 15068 m = _________ km _________m.
c) 4m 18cm = _________ cm.

B.3 Group the numbers and add.
a) 645 + 123 + 15 + 27
b) 760 + 120 + 40 + 80
B.4 Draw the top, side and front view of a railway line.

B.5 In a marathon race people run about 60 km. If the people run in a stadium, on 600m track then how many rounds will they take to complete the marathon race?
B.6 Sita studies for 2 hours 40 minutes everyday. On Sunday, she put in 1hour 15 minutes of extra work. Find out the total time she studies on Sunday.

Environmental Studies

Q.1 Tick the right answer. : (1×7=7)
i) We throw out waste from our body in the form of –
a) carbon dioxide and oxygen
b) urine, sweat and stool
c) water vapour and oxygen

ii) If your clothes catch fire, you should –
a) run to get help
b) roll on the ground
c) go to hospital first

iii) Coffee is made from roasted –
a) seeds b) leaves c) fruit

iv) You should wash the bleeding wound with –
a) cold water b) hot water c) don’t wash it

v) Slums are usually found in –
a) towns and cities b) villages c) markets

vi) The earth’s path around the sun is called –
a) axis b) orbit c) satellite

vii) Your liver helps in –
a) breathing b) digestion c) movement

Q.2 Fill in the blanks. :(1×7=7)
i) Fish breathe through their ________.
ii) Food gives you ________ to work and play.
iii) A ________ is an injury to the muscles near a joint.
iv) Chocolate is made from ________ seeds.
v) Silkworms are fed on ________ leaves.
vi) Turning on lights during the day wastes ________.
vii) Cold air moves ________.

Q.3 Write ‘True’ or ‘False’ against the following statements. :(1×7=7)
i) Your brain doesn’t do any work when you sleep.
ii) Water makes up a large part of your body.
iii) Cement is used to join wood.

Q.4 Match the following. :(1×7=7)
i) A plant waste that is useful to us help you grow
ii) The doctor for skin disease north pole
iii) Pulses, eggs and meat rubber
iv) The green substance in leaves dermatologist
v) Colouring fabric or yarn chlorophyll
vi) The doctor for heart problems dyeing
vii) The northern most point of the earth cardiologist

Q.5 Give two examples for each of these.: (1×7=7)
i) Internal organs in your body –
ii) Insect that sting –
iii) Dairy products –
iv) Natural fibres –
v) Building materials for pucca house –
vi) Things we use to protect our stored clothes –
vii) Plants that grow from seeds –

Q.6 Give answer in one word. : (1×7=7)
i) An organ that controls all the parts of our body.
ii) Organs that help you to sense things around you
iii) A terrible disease caused by dog bite
iv) To cut and gather crops
v) People who weave clothes
vi) The underground base of the house
vii) The movement of the earth that causes day and night

Computer Studies

** Attempt all questions.
** Write complete statement of fill in the blanks and true/false.

Q.1 Answer any five questions : (5*3= 15)
a) What is data ?
b) What is the limitation of computers ?
c) Define –
a) Hard copy b) Soft copy
d) What are input and output devices ?
e) What is a file ?
f) What do you mean by a folder ?
g) What is the difference between Cut and Clear Selection commands ?

Q.2 State whether the following statements is True or False : (5*1=5)
a) The first calculator was invented by Charles Babbage.
b) Napier’s Bones was the first calculating device.
c) Computers are very accurate.
d) Abacus was invented in China.
e) Computer cannot store data and instructions.

Q.3 Fill in the blanks: (10*1=10)
a) _________ option provides the facility to view a drawing in its magnified form.
b) _________ invented Napier’s Bones in _________.
c) Charles Babbage invented two machines _________ and _________.
d) _________ is used to enter data directly into the computer.
e) _________ is a pointing device used for playing games.

Q.4 Match the following (5*1 = 5)
a) Stretch – Rotate the object through the given angle
b) Rotate – Elongate or shrink the drawing
c) Skew – Magnify the drawing
d) Flip – Change the angle of the selected picture
e) Zoom – Change to its mirror image

Q.5 Answer the following questions in brief: (10*1½=15)
a) Name the first calculating device.
b) Which was the first electronic computer ?
c) Can you store a folder inside another folder ?
d) Name one output device.
e) Who is known as the father of modern computers ?
f) What is the purpose of Copy command ?
g) What does VDU stand for ?
h) Which Panel allows you to change the settings of the computer ?
i) What does the icon of a folder look like ?
j) Which option provides the facility to view a drawing in its magnified form ?

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