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Name of the Organization : Nanji Monji Dedhia Charitable Trust
Name of the Exam : Kutchi Talent Search Examination
Year : 2015
Document Type : Sample Test Paper

Website : ktse [dot] in
Download Sample/Model Question Paper :
KTSE 2015 Paper
KTSE 2014 Paper :
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KTSE 2015 Answer :
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Kutchi Talent Search Examination Sample Paper :

Instructions :
** The exam duration is 120 minutes ( 2 hours)
** The exam is of 100 marks
** There are 80questions in two sections for a total of 100 marks

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SECTION 1: 1 marks each (60 questions adding up to 60 marks)
SECTION 2: 2 marks each (20 questions adding upto 40 marks)
** There is NO negative marking

** The rough work should be done on separate paper provided.

Answer Sheet :
** All questions are multiple choice. With a black pen, fill the correct answer in the answer sheet separately provided.
** At the top, put down your name and the ID (registration) number
** There are two sets. Set A and Set B. The order of questions are different in each.
** Please ensure that you correctly fill in circle A or B depending on which question paper you get.

** It is important to fill this right so that the computer checks against the right answer keys.
** Fill in the ID number at the right also.
** Make sure that the ID number fields are filled properly (one in each column and not all in one column), and also written in the boxes above.
** Your ID number is the registration number given to you by KTSE

Results :
** The results will be announced by Thursday, 11th June
** Marks for everyone by ID number will be put up on the KTSE website,

** The correct answer list will also be put up
** Only the top 40 will called for the next interview round, that will be held on Saturday, 13th June

** Please do NOT call. Check the website.
** Only the top 40 will get email and/or SMS informing about interview time

Section – 1 :
All Questions In This Section Are Of 1 Marks

Q1: (1 mark)A bat and a ball cost Rs. 110 in total. The bat costs Rs. 100 more than the ball. How much does the ball cost?
A: Rs. 5
B: Rs. 10
C: Rs. 15
D: Rs. 20
E: Rs. 1

Q2: (1 mark)A paper is folded as shown below and two holes are punched into it. When the paper is opened, how will it look?
A: A
B: B
C: C
D: D
E: E

Q3: (1 mark) Of the five figures marked “A” to “E”, which is different from the rest?
A: A
B: B
C: C
D: D
E: E

Q4: (1 mark) How many 8’s are there in the following sequence which are immediately preceded by 6 but not immediately followed by 5?
6, 8, 5, 7, 8, 5, 4, 3, 6, 8, 1, 9, 8, 5, 4, 6, 8, 2, 9, 6, 8, 1, 3, 6, 8, 5, 3, 6
A: 1
B: 2
C: 3
D: 4
E: 5

Q5: (1 mark) Which number replaces the ‘?’ in the matrix below?
A: 2
B: 6
C: 9
D: 8
E: 4

Q6: (1 mark) If 20% of a is b, then b% of 20 is equal to-
A: 2% of a
B: 4% of a
C: 6% of a
D: 50% of a
E: 60% of a

Q7: (1 mark) 10 years ago the age of a father was 3 times that of his son. 10 years later father’s age willbe 2 times that of the son. The ages of father and son today are in the ratio of-
A: 8:5
B: 6:4
C: 9:5
D: 7:3
E: 2:1

Q8: (1 mark)The following letter group series has been formed following a particular logical rule-
ABC, ZYX, DEF, WVU, ……… The correct letter group that continues the series is-

Q9: (1 mark)½ divided by 0.05 is
A: 0.0005
B: 1
C: 10
D: 100
E: 0.025

Q10: (1 mark) A pie is cut so that one piece, which is one quarter of the pie, is twice as large as each of the other pieces. Into how many total pieces is the pie cut?
A: 3
B: 4
C: 6
D: 7
E: 8


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