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Organisation : Karnataka Public Service Commission
Exam : Assistant Conservator Of Forests
Document Type : Previous Question Paper
Subject : Compulsory Kannada/English & Specific Papers

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Question Papers Of Assistant Conservator Of Forests :

English – (Compulsory) :
Duration : 3 hours
Max. Marks : 100
Instructions :
1. Answers should be written in English only.
2. Answer all the questions.
3. Marks are indicated against each question.

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4. Write the Précis on the sheet provided. At the end of your précis, mention the number of words used. Suggest a suitable title.
5. Write the question number and sub-question number correctly.

Part — A :
1. Fill in the blanks with appropriate forms of the verbs given below : [lead, rise, blow, teach, write, draw, spend] (7x 1= 7)
A) The water level in the Cauvery rapidly yesterday.
B) Have you up a plan for the summer holidays ?
C) The article has been by my uncle.

D) Mr. Gupta us Economics last year.
E) The new block was up by a bomb.
F) Did you all the money on clothes ?
G) Kapil Dev the Indian team in the 1983 World Cup.

2. Complete the following sentences with appropriate prepositions chosen from the list in brackets : (6×1=6)
A) She resigned her job at the call centre.
(for, in, from, by)
B) The prisoners went hungry several occasions.
(on, under, against, in)
C) Sleep is vital the learning process.
(with, to, between, by)

D) My professor was educated Oxford.
(of, from, across, at)
E) Have you lived here many years ?
(for, since, from, in)
F) She attended the wedding her colleagues.
(on, with, through, beyond)

3. Each of the following sentences requires an article [‘a’ or ‘an’ or ‘the’] at the appropriate place. Rewrite the sentences using the required article in the right position : (6×1=(6)
A) Wars have been fought in name of religion.
B) After years of struggle as young boy, I got my first job in Mumbai.
C) Let us put end to this argument.
D) Would you like to have cup of coffee ?
E) She is excellent housekeeper.
F) It was friendliest place I had ever seen.

4. Correct the following sentences and rewrite them after correction : (6×1=6)
A) Suppose if you see him, convey my regards.
B) This book is your’s.
C) The angry man tried to brake the furniture.
D) Cats don’t swim, can they ?
E) She is caring for her old parents.
F) What books you studied for the examination ?

5. Correct the following sentences and re write the corrected versions: (7×1=7)
A) The surface of these products are smooth.
B) Let us discuss about your plans.
C) Gopi and my self will handle the job.
D) Did you buy new equipments for your factory ?
E) The cashier dispersed salary to the workers
F) Of the six possible locations, Karwaris the better one.
G) The two company’s were in competition

PART – B :
6. Rewrite as directed: (5×1=5)
A) A (perquisite/prerequisite) enjoyed by MPs is free accommodation. (choose the correct word)
B) The once a_year elections are to be held tomorrow (Replace the underlined words by a single word)
C) We were (abroad/aboard) the plane20 minutes before the departure. (Choose the correct word)
D) From the following list of word, choose the word opposite in meaning to the remaining words: (careless, negligent, observant, inattentive)
E) We should be indebted to the school_where was tudied. [The underlined words can be substituted by
(a) bonafide (b) alumni (c) alma mater (d) magnum opus]

7. Read the following passage and answer the questions given be was directed: (5×1=5)
We may have been taught that butterflies are lovely and toads are ugly: so, we admire the butterfly and shrink away from the toad without really examining it to find out if what we had been taught is true, Or, we are taught.that flowers are good and weeds are bad: so, we pull up the latter without a glance.To the artist’s eye there is no good or bad.There is just the inappropriate. In the garden, weeds are not appropriate, but in the vacant lot they offer a world of enchantment.And after we have learned to see the beauty in weeds, even though we have to pull the mouth of the garden, we can first admire their design.
A) What have we been taught about butterflies and flowers?
B) In the garden, weeds offer a world of enchantment (True/False)

C) To the artist, there is only the or the
a) good: bad
b) lovely: ugly
c) appropriate: inappropriate
d) fear: admiration.

D) In the sentence” … so, we pull up the latter without a glance’, what does ‘latter’ stand for?

E) The message conveyed by the above passage is that we should
a) avoid preconceived ideas.
b) disregard what is lovely and beautiful.
c) not admire toads and weeds.
d) not trust our teachers.

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