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All posts from First Division Assistant Exam Model Question Paper : Karnataka Public Service Commission

Organisation : Karnataka Public Service Commission
Exam : First Division Assistant – KPSC
Document Type : Model Question Paper
Subject : English

Website :
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Kannada Language – 2011 :
General Knowledge – 2011 :
General English – 2011 :

KPSC Question Papers Of First Division Assistant

General English :
Time Allowed : Two Hours
Maximum Marks : 150

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1. Before encoding the Question Booklet version code in the OMR sheet, you should check that this Question Booklet does NOT have any unprinted or torn or missing pages or questions etc. If so, get it replaced by a complete ‘Question Booklet’ of the available series.

2. Write and encode clearly the Question Booklet Version Code A, B, C, D or H, as the case may be, in the appropriate space provided for the purpose, in the OMR Answer Sheet.
3. You have to enter your Register Number in the Question Booklet in the box provided alongside. DO NOT write anything else on the Question Booklet.

4. This Question Booklet contains 100 questions. Each question contains four responses (answers). Select the response which you want to mark on the Answer Sheet. In case you feel that there is more than one correct response, mark the response which you consider the best. In any case, choose ONLY ONE ANSWER for each question.

5. All the responses should be marked ONLY on the separate Answer Sheet provided and ONLY in Black or Blue Ballpoint Pen. See instructions in the Answer Sheet.

6. All questions carry equal marks. Attempt all questions. Your total marks will depend only on the number of correct responses marked by you in the Answer Sheet.

7. Before proceeding to mark the responses in the Answer Sheet, you have to write and encode particulars regarding Register Number, Question Booklet Version Code etc., (along with your signature and Invigilator’s signature) in the space provided for in the Answer Sheet.

8. Sheets for rough work are appended in the Question Booklet at the end. You should not make any marking on any other part of the Question Booklet.

9. Immediately after the final bell indicating the conclusion of the examination, stop making any further markings in the Answer Sheet. Be seated till the Answer Sheets are collected and accounted for by the Invigilator.

Sample Questions

Directions : Questions (1-10)
contain sentences with a blank.
Options (1), (2), (3) and (4) have words/phrases which complete these sentences. Darken the number which provides the right choice.
1. he would say if he learnt that his spectacles were broken, I kept silent about it.
(1) Knowing what
(2) Thinking what
(3) Thinking that
(4) Learning what

2. I would hand over the money to the police.
(1) If I was you
(2) If I am you
(3) If I were you
(4) If I would have been you

3. had he entered the hotel than it started raining hard.
(1) Soon
(2) Just
(3) No sooner
(4) When

4. Had you the faintest idea of how much you have hurt her feelings, you would
(1) not have acted the way you did
(2) have acted that way
(3) apologise
(4) care

5. He was good to be a cheat.
(1) so
(2) no
(3) all
(4) too

6. he seen it rain so hard!
(1) Not before and all
(2) When
(3) Never before had
(4) Before and all

7. several early setbacks, he went to complete his education.
(1) Despite of
(2) Despite
(3) Inspite
(4) Although

8. I never met him in all my life.
(1) Truthfully
(2) Factually
(3) In the fact
(4) To tell you the truth

9. Lend your ears, your heart.
(1) not but
(2) only not
(3) but not
(4) alone, never

10. He went to the tree several times, found anything miraculous about it.
(1) however
(2) never
(3) and always
(4) but never

Directions : Questions (11-20) are designed to test your ability to use the right prefix. Darken the correct option from (1), (2), (3) and (4). The meaning of the desired word is given in the bracket.
11. The judge described the story of the witness as … (something that cannot be believed)
(1) In…
(2) De…
(3) Sub…
(4) Ultra…

12. The police tried to … the tension by keeping a low profile.(prevent from becoming explosive)
(1) Al…
(2) Cycl…
(3) De…
(4) Un…

13. Good teachers don’t just fill in facts. They … a purpose into the lives of their students. (to fill)
(1) Re…
(2) In..
(3) Sub…
(4) Poly…

14. Grammatically this sentence is acceptable, but some of the words you have used are … (old fashioned)
(1) Quasi…
(2) Uni…
(3) Arch…
(4) Anti…

15. We were left with no … but to walk in the rain. (no other option)
(1) Alter…
(2) Ultra…
(3) Im…
(4) In…

16. His grandfather left him with a …. amount of money. (huge)
(1) Sub…
(2) Sum..
(3) Im…
(4) In…

17. The doctors did not find anything …. in his behaviour (not usual)
(1) Ab…
(2) In…
(3) Peri…
(4) Ad…

18. His gastric problems were (cannot be cured)
(1) Un…
(2) Im…
(3) In…
(4) Ad…

19. Man has always dreamt of … the world. (to go round)
(1) Un…
(2) Circum…
(3) En…
(4) Sub…

20. The minister refused to express his opinion on the matter as it was … (to be under the active consideration of a law court)
(1) Under…
(2) Be…
(3) Sub…
(4) Alter…

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