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All posts from Second Division Assistant Model Question Paper : Karnataka Public Service Commission

Organisation : Karnataka Public Service Commission
Exam : Second Division Assistant
Document Type : Model Question Paper
Subject : English

Website :
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Kannada Language – 2011 :
General Knowledge – 2011 :
General English – 2011 :

Second Division Assistant Model Question Paper :

General English :
Time Allowed : 2 Hours
Maximum Marks : 150

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Instructions :
1. Before encoding the Question Booklet version code in the OMR sheet, you should check that this Question Booklet does NOT have any unprinted or torn or missing pages or questions etc. If so, get it replaced by a complete ‘Question Booklet’ of the available series.

2. Write and encode clearly the Question Booklet Version Code A, B, C, D or H, as the case may be, in the appropriate space provided for the purpose, in the OMR Answer Sheet.
3. You have to enter your Register Number in the Question Booklet in the box provided alongside. DO NOT write anything else on the Question Booklet.

4. This Question Booklet contains 100 questions. Each question contains four responses (answers). Select the response which you want to mark on the Answer Sheet. In case you feel that there is more than one correct response, mark the response which you consider the best. In any case, choose ONLY ONE ANSWER for each question.

5. All the responses should be marked ONLY on the separate Answer Sheet provided and ONLY in Black or Blue Ballpoint Pen. See instructions in the Answer Sheet.
6. All questions carry equal marks. Attempt all questions. Your total marks will depend only on the number of correct responses marked by you in the Answer Sheet.

7. Before proceeding to mark the responses in the Answer Sheet, you have to write and encode particulars regarding Register Number, Question Booklet Version Code etc., (along with your signature and Invigilator’s signature) in the space provided for in the Answer Sheet.

8. Sheets for rough work are appended in the Question Booklet at the end. You should not make any marking on any other part of the Question Booklet.

9. Immediately after the final bell indicating the conclusion of the examination, stop making any further markings in the Answer Sheet. Be seated till the Answer Sheets are collected and accounted for by the Invigilator.

Directions : Questions 1 — 3 have sentences with some missing word/s. Choose the best alternative from the given words and complete the sentence. Shade / blacken the corresponding circle in your answer sheet.
Example :
The child could not his book.
(1) locate
(2) sea
(3) look
(4) beheld

1. The of the speaker should be comfortable.
(1) pasture
(2) pastor
(3) posture
(4) prosper

2. The criminal was subjected to imprisonment.
(1) vigorous
(2) rigorous
(3) righteous
(4) respective

3. The soldiers’ was very high during the war.
(1) morale
(2) moral
(3) conscious
(4) mural

Directions : In questions 4 — 10 there are sentences which are divided and numbered into three parts. One of the parts, may contain an error. Identify the error. If there are no errors, mark “(4) No error”. Shade/blacken the corresponding circle in your answer sheet.
Example :
He was enter the cinema hall. No error.
(1) (2) (3) (4)

Explanation :
The correct answer in this case is “(2)” — it must be “entering” not “enter”. So you must shade/blacken number 2 in your answer sheet.

4. Early to bed, early to rise make a man healthy wealthy and wise. No error.
5. Many students has complained about his teaching. No error.
6. Unfortunately, neither my brother nor my uncle are able to attend the wedding. No error.
7. He is badly injured wasn’t he ? No error.
8. She sat besides me near the pool. No error.
9. The student entered in the library. No error.
10. After some delay the plane took of. No error.

Directions : Questions 11 — 18 are on degrees of comparison (positive, comparative and superlative). Substitute the underlined word I s in each question with the most appropriate word I words from among the alternatives (1), (2) and (3). If none of these substitutions improves the sentence, choose “no improvement” (choice 4) and shade / blacken the corresponding circle accordingly in your answer sheet.
Example :
Mangoes are sweet than oranges.
(1) sweetest
(2) sweeter than
(3) sweet
(4) No improvement
Explanation :
Since “(2)” is the correct choice for substitution, shade/blacken number 2 in your answer sheet.

11. Laughter is a best medicine.
(1) a good alternative
(2) a better medicine
(3) the best medicine
(4) No improvement

12. Between hatred and forgiveness, the latter is well.
(1) the latter is better
(2) the letter is later
(3) the latter is gooder
(4) No improvement

13. Anna is beautiful than Rekha.
(1) the most beautiful
(2) more beautiful than
(3) not beautifuller than
(4) No improvement

14. He is taller to me.
(1) tallest
(2) tall
(3) taller than
(4) No improvement

15. Gopal is younger amongst all of us.
(1) the youngest
(2) young
(3) more young
(4) No improvement

16. Seema is the smartest girl in the whole village.
(1) smarter
(2) more smart
(3) most smart
(4) No improvement

17. Cancer is considered as dangerous disease among all diseases.
(1) more dangerous
(2) most dangerous
(3) the most dangerous
(4) No improvement

18. Gandhi stood for simpler lifestyle.
(1) simple
(2) simplest
(3) more simple
(4) No improvement

19. One who completely abstains from liquor is known as
(1) Titotaller
(2) Teetolar
(3) Teatotaller
(4) Teetotaller

20. A person who is hopeful or given to looking to the bright side of life is called a/an
(1) pessimist
(2) rationalist
(3) optimist
(4) optometrist

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  1. I read all questions and understood every thing but one thing I did not understand that the questions from 4 to 10. Can you please clarify me?

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