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SKMU B.Ed Language across the Curriculum Model Question Paper :

Organisation : Sido Kanhu Murmu University
Exam : B.Ed
Document Type : Model Question Paper
Category or Subject : Language across the curriculum
Year : 2016 – 2017

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Set I :
Set II :
Set III :
Set IV :
Set V :

Language Model Question Paper 2016 :

B.Ed 1st Year (2016-2017) :
Subject : Language across the curriculum (Set-I)
Full Marks : 80
Paper : CC4
Time : 03 hours

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Directions :
i. Candidates are required to give your answer in own words and sentences.
ii. All questions contain equal marks. Answer any five out of ten questions.

SET – I :
1. Describe socio-cultural influence in understanding language performance of students.
2. Explain language diversity in classroom.
3. What are the techniques for using oral language in the classroom?

4. Write down meaning, nature and characteristic of bilingualism and multi-lingualism.
5. Explain the similarity and dissimilarity of school language.
6. How the questioning skill of a teacher influning the classroom?

7. What do you understand by Tools of learning? How Tools of learning used in different area of education.
8. Explain ‘Writing to learn and understand’.
9. What is the reading strategies for children?

10. Write short notes of any two
(i) Teacher Control
(ii) Home Language
(iii) Text Structure
(iv) Promotion of Strategies

SET – II :
1. What do you mean by tools of learning? Illustrate with example?
2. How the first language that is mother tongue is germinated in the mind of any student under the socio-cultural influence? Explain

3. Explain the strategies in using the lecture method for enhancing maximum understanding is the cognitive dimension of students.
4. How questioning enhances the learning, interest as well as learning? Write your opinion and describe different types of questioning with example.

5. Which option will be better using single language or multilanguage is teaching of any specific subject for creating maximum understanding? Explain.
6. Owing to the reading habit how the cognative dimension enriches of students?

7. How multilingualism affects teaching pattern give your opinion on bilingualism and multiligualism.
8. Define standard language and home dialects and write down its similarity and dissimilarities.
9. Discuss different modes of discussion.

10. Write short notes of any two
(i) Text Vs Narrative texts
(ii) Transactional Vs Reflexive texts
(iii) Schema theory

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